The Shave Ice - Halo Halo Connection

Why I ask to add Azuki sweet beens on the ice cream in my Shave Ice

Japanese contract workers not only migrated to Hawaii for work they also migrated to the Philippines to help build bridges and roads. To make extra money on the side the Japanese women would make a treat called kakigori made of shaved ice, milk and Azuki Sweet beans. The Filipino kids loved it. They would buy one and mix-n-mix it all up and eat it!

Being in the Philippines with an abundance of tropical fruit it didn’t take long before they added other ingredients like, sweet mango beens, young coconut, jackfruit, ube yam, sweet corn and more, that’s how Halo-Halo was created. Halo Halo means mix-n-mix.

The sweet mongo beens are similar if not the same as Azuki sweet beans. Thats why I add Azuki beens to my Shave Ice. It's a HaloHalo thing.

Cheers to the Japanese contract workers!

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Hawaiian Plate Lunch

The Hawaiian Plate Lunch is American Fusion Food

The evolution of the Hawaiian plate lunch is unique. Many ethnic groups came to the Islands and added their culinary tastes to create these local dishes. Polynesian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Filipino, Korean, Puerto Rican, and mainlanders all contributed to the Hawaiian dishes we love today. The Hawaiian plate lunch symbolizes diversity that represents our culture and stands for the principles this nation was built on. A nation of immigrants coming together and contributing to the American dream.

The Hawaiian Plate Lunch illustrates the creativity of merging cultures, Fusion Food that signifies a trait that has come to define the American way of life.

So when you see new immigrants arriving to our country, greet them with this:

Welcome to Da Kine!
Now eat Poke!
Speak Pidgin!