Keeping a Scrapbook

This Scrapbook is a collection of cultural tales, humorous memories, and thought-provoking theories that push the bounderies of possibilities A collection of nostalgic memories that keep triggering in my thoughts when I least expect it. I kept telling myself to write these stories down before I forget them. I imagined tales coming from my dad's farm tools in the backyard tool shed and tales from my mom's footlocker as she migrated and settled in as a home maker in America. This scrapbook is a result of those efforts. The problem is how do I organize this mess into one story book.

I'm really more of an artist than I am a storyteller and would create artwork of my thoughts then write a story around that picture. All the images in the collage on the next page are vectored art on different layers like you see in the ladybug and aphid exploded view. The artwork helps to create an image-story in the reader's thoughts as he or she reads the book. An Artwork Story Book, I like to think of it as the first of its kind.

Table of Contents