Keeping a Scrapbook

Talking with friends reflecting on the past remembering stories that just keep coming back. Funny memories and interesting tidbits of history that relate to your ethnic background. You know those stories of events and heroes you keep in the back of your mind. They're there for safe keeping and surface when you least expect it. You keep telling yourself you need to write this stuff down so you don't forget.

So many stories have gone untold because someone forgot to write them down. Good stories that are worth passing down to your kids. The kind of stories that teach a lesson and deliver an important message.

With that in mind I decided to create a scrapbook to save those stories from getting lost in time. I think we all have those stories written in the back of our memory somewhere just waiting for the right moment to share. We should all keep a scrapbook and cherish those memories for all time.

Table of Contents

Collecting Stuff

I've been writing down these short stories from time to time of things I wondered about as a kid. Just like many other kids growing up in the U.S. I wondered about my ethnic background, how my parents came to America, and what kind of experiences they faced blending into the social mainstream.

This Scrapbook is a collection of cultural tales, humorous memories, and out-of-the-box type history centered around questions I've asked and that many Filipino kids may have asked about their ethnic culture as they were growing up in America. These are stories a Fil-Am father would share with his kids.

This book is dedicated to my kids just in case I'm not around anymore. These are my Filipino-American stories.