Filipino Mommy Weapons

The first time my mother brought me to the Philippines I was nine years old and the first thing I noticed was how hot it was. I was miserable, irritated, and being a brat. My mom was the sweatest mom you could meet and would put up with my crankiness. There were some moms there that looked like they wanted to smack me looking at me with a nasty stink eye. If looks could kill I'd already be dead.

As soon as we had the chance to go shopping I noticed there was a lot of cool wood carvings.

to be continued.... bratty kid... stink eye...

Table of Contents
There's always a joke about how quick Filipina moms can take their slipper off and throw it with such precise accuracy when they're upset. I wanted to create a board kinda game to remember this mommy martial arts training technique to pass down to the kiddies. 

I was thinking about a dart board with a hole in the middle to throw the slipper through. Inmartial arts we say "kiyaii! In this slipper martial art training technique we'll say "Neea!" Like our moms used to say when they get upset, removed a slipper, aimed, and fired ! POW! 

I had some aunties I wouldn't mess with. One of them was my auntie Salus. I remember we were playing around with butterfly knives we found in the garage at her house were someone had recently brought it back from the Philippines. We didn't even know how to open and close the knife so my auntie Salus showed us. I'm sure she was concerned about us hurting ourselves so she showed us the right way to handle a balisong. She handled that knife like an expert and I know she probably knew a lot more but just wanted to make sure we didn't cut ourselves. Auntie Salus is Waray from Leyte and there are stories out there about the lore of Waray women. American singers like Ertha Kitt sang about the folklore of Waray women in the song "Waray Waray".