The Price of Love

How cruel can a community be to deprive a fellow human being of the most basic of emotional needs, to love and be loved. What kind of society would create a law to divide cultures by race and expect them to work and function in this nation as obedient citizens? Only a mind of an insecure fascist would be so ignorant and callous. Imagine yourself as a young Filipino man in your early twenties facing these dilemmas and of the white women who fell in love with them.

Come Dance with Me my Dear

A common bond was built between these young Filipino men and the working class white women at the Taxi Dance Halls. Coming together by fate in pursuit of an American dream knowing that they don't fit the ideal image set by society of an American couple. But for one night and a 10-cent dance they can help each other escape into an evening of music and dance and for that moment to dream as they please.

Imagine the excitement a young man and woman would feel when the big band started playing the Glenn Miller's tune "In the Mood" and everyone started jumping up looking for someone to dance with.
Come dance with me my Dear,
You be my Ginger Rodgers and I'll be your Fred Astaire.
Dance with me and let's escape this life adrift in the sways of our movements.
Dance with me and let the music drown our sorrows and fill our hearts with happiness.
Dance with me and let's dream of a better life even for just this moment.
Still facing the Anti-Miscegenation and enduring the hatred from the local white community mostly by the men, they were still able to work hard and maintain a level of integrity for themselves. Our manongs persevered and continued to fight for the right to live and be equal as an American. Even though they were not citizens yet they put their faith in God and the natural laws of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The same principles this nation was built on.

I take special pride in the sacrifices of the manongs and my father. They were the greatest gift to the next generation of Filipinos. As I am one with that generation the most powerful weapon to combat the hatred of the past is to love and forgive. We have all learned from our history so let's not be doomed to repeat it.

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