The Coconut Grinder

Back in the days growing up in the 60s - 70s therewasn’t a lot of grocery products specializing to the Filipino and Asian tastes so my parents had to improvise with whatever they had. Mom used to love to make biko so my dad made a coconut shredder.

My dad made this heavy wooden device with a serated toothed piece of metal to grindcoconut meat out of the shell. The metal piece was a heavy peice of steel or a large metal spoon with serated teeth cut into it at the end. My dad use to sit on the Igad (Coconut Grinder) by the stove in the kitchen to scrape the coconut meat out of the shell. I knew when my dad was doing this my mom was going to make some special kind of Filipino dessert.

My mom made what they called "tombong tombong". Rice flour dumplings cooked in a sauce made of coconut, brown sugar, coconut milk.

She also made the best biko mixing brown sugar and coconut with rice. I remember how good the house would smell.

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