Bucket of Filipino Crabs

One of the biggest faults that plague the filipino community is Crab Mentality. Simply the selfish act of personal greed without regard for the greater good of the people.

Message to parental CRABS:

The gift of humanity isoften forgotten in the process of selfish advancement. When we as a society neglect to recognize the values of compassion, working together for a greater the good of the people, and generosity we run the risk of losing our humanity. We continually sabotage our culture and pull each other down because of selfish greed.

The least parents can do is pass down stories of the virtues of humanity to the children. Share stories of their culture that teach morals, learn values, and develop principles so that kids will recognize these stories in real life situations.


A story very familiar in my culture is the Philippine crab story and from what I remember it goes something like this:

There were two fisherman with buckets of crabs and one fisherman said to the other that you should cover your bucket or the crabs will get out. The other fisherman told him not to worry because they're Filipino crabs and they'll keep pulling each other down.
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Obviously this story insinuates lack of unity and jealousy with no hope for progress for the crabs so I wrote the following story as a children's tale for parents to share with their kids in hopes that our children will learn the morals and values of working together, and develop strong principles towards humanity and know how to identify the self destructive traits of greed. The story concludes with a happy ending and a message of good to give hope to our children and to have faith in our fellow human crabs.