Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders

Are we Asian or Pacific Islander?

Been contemplating the argument of whether we are Asian or Pacific Islander, so I sent away for a DNA kit from and was surprised at the results that came back. My DNA came out as 65% southeast Asian and 35% Polynesian. I was surprised but DNA research is always updates with new findings and when my new DNA results came back it changed to 100% Filipino. But what does that mean? It could indicate that the Polynesian DNA has been in the fabric of the Filipino DNA for so long that it is now recognized as part of the makeup of Filipino DNA.

Seafaring for Trade

Many cultures in the Sundaland Peninsula had expert skills in seafaring but it was the Polynesians who had the faith and courage to explore the Pacific Ocean. Early European explorers could not believe that a primitive people, with only sailing canoes and no navigational instruments, could themselves discover and settle the many Pacific islands they occupied. Typical arrogant European thinking. The Polynesians simply used their hands to the stars as navigation tools and signs like the directions of which way the Tern birds were flying.

There is also a theory that the Polynesians discovered the Americas on the west coast before the Europeans landed on the east coast. The Polynesians went to great lengths to find new land and trade with new countries but they were not alone. Many countries joined the exploration by sea for trade. The Chinese for example sent massive expeditions to explore the south east Asian seas and at one time claimed the island of Luzon as a province of China.

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Roosted from the Same Nest

How many cultures are made up of genetically different DNA? People from different genetic makeup's that share a common culture? Well you don't have to look to far to see that the United States is made up of many different ethnic races and share a common culture. So why couldn't that have been the same on the Sundaland peninsula? The Southeast Asians and Polynesians could have occupied this land mass and exchanged cultures, traded goods, and shared the same nation before the region submerged.

I believe there was a spiritual belief, faith, or religion that bonded the people to this culture. A culture that has been lost and left traces throughout Southeast Asian and the Polynesian Kingdom. There may be clues right in front of our faces that yet need to be explained and discovered.

Could this be the legendary kingdom of Atlantis the Greeks talked about? Could this be the theoretical kingdom of Mu? We need more Talk Stories (oral history) and archeological exploration of the region.

A Spiritual Connection

There are a few theories out there and in my opinion, off the record and as a gesture to provoke interest, I believe the Polynesians contributed to the development of the South East Asian region. My DNA is 100% Filipino but my spirituality feels the influence of the Pacific Islander culture. 

There is saying in the Philippines that "the boat (Balangy) is the bridge that connects our soul to the spirit of the ocean." I also found it interesting that the Polynesians were very spiritual towards the ocean and were trained to have superior powers of observation and memory. The Polynesian navigators were priests as well conducting rituals they were trained for and invoking spiritual help on their voyages. I believe that in this spirituality to the ocean we will find our commonality as a culture.