My Hometown
With a reputation for hi-tech the Silicon Valley continues to amaze the world with creative innovations. Where other parts of the country are known for steel workers, auto workers and so on, the Silicon Valley is known for it's hi-tech culture and attracts some of the brightest tech professionals from around the world. Companies establish businesses here to tap into that resource. It's phenomenal how this valley continues to culture an environment of cutting edge technology.

Living in this culture, you can literally feel the spirit of innovation encompassing the entire San Francisco Bay Area. This inventive curiosity comes from a proud history of entrepreneurial growth. Many of the locals claim it started out of Stanford University with student entrepreneurs like Hewlett & Packard, the Varian brothers, and Jay Watkins of Watkins & Johnson. These entrepreneurs ventured out into the valley starting out of garages and eventually establishing multimillion dollar business campuses. Palo Alto, the city that surrounds Stanford University, boasts about the famous garages where Apple and Google got their start. The Silicon Valley truly is the high-tech capital of the world and I'm glad to have been a part of it.

Native born Californian raised in the Silicon Valley. I'm an accomplished CAD engineering specialist with a background in R&D. Instrumental in developing solutions to complex design problems with many years of success in product development, conceptual design, vendor fabrication, and the manufacturing process. My experience spans from the semiconductor industry, medical systems, bio-tech pharmaceuticals, and military defense. I specialize in overall systems design, reverse engineering, and manufacturing. Have dabbled in Civil Engineering infrastructures, mechanical HVAC, piping and instrumentation Diagrams, P&ID's.

I taught myself to hand code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, including creating this website. I have used these skills at recent companies. I would update their company's websites with new product integrations and updates.

I have the technical skills and experience to quickly understand any situation in the engineering design environment. I add value through innovative thinking and problem solving and comfortable throughout the entire spectrum of the R&D process. My experience spans from initial brainstorming of conceptual ideas, to the manufacturing process to meet industry regulations and codes, and to final release to market and customers.

I'm looking forward to sharing my skills and experience as part of a team or in the capacity of teaching the next generation to continue the Silicon Valley tradition. These are still exciting times. TED


Technical Publications:
July 2019 Moved to the Honolulu Arts District - Chinatown, to pursue my passion for the digital arts as an artist. Was approved by the Hawaiian Arts & Performing Arts committee for rental at the Chinatown Artists lofts and granted by the Board of Directors Kim Taylor Reese for participation in the Mark's Garage art Museum exhibitions and the First Friday Events on Hotel Street. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic everything was put on hold indefinitely.

Freelance Digital Designer, Vallejo California
Every now and then, companies that I have worked for would call me for work on small jobs,
including Medical Artwork, Animated Gifs, Event Flyers, Logos, Clip Art, and Home renovations. Lately I have not been called for work since January of 2020 and I can only presume it's because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a designer at biotech pharmaceutical companies it was my responsibility to create product handling labels to meet industry regulations conforming to FDA and GMPs requirements. I also produced packing and shipping labels to meet international standards of foreign countries.

At manufacturing companies my responsibilities have included creating artwork for product serial number name plates, safety handling, and hazardous materials, to name a few and product labels that direct proper operational use. All to meet company requirements and industrial standards.