Lake Herman road has nothing but abandoned ranches and old utility buildings. There have been stories from people who have traveled the road late at night of a strange mist that hugs the hillside to the left instead of on the right where theres a lake. Some folks who traveled the road have heard strange heavy breathing that seemed to be from a woman in the backseat, and a strange feeling in the car of not being alone.
Some say the lady lives in the lake and has been seen wading in the water suggesting that-that's why there isn't a mist on the water when she appears.
Others say she drowned herself in the lake from a broken heart and was found floating on the water. Who ever she was her restless spirit remains until someone can figure out how to free her soul.
I just moved to Vallejo after accepting a new job in the neighboring town of Benicia. On my own, starting all over again, fresh from a recent divorce. It was hard living by myself dealing with an empty house. Some nights I would wake up wondering where my ex-wife and kids were. The hardest part was sleeping alone at night, I missed the touch of cuddling someone.

Finally settled in, meeting my new neighbors, checking out all the nearby eating places, and familiarizing myself with the roadways, the feeling I get from Vallejo is that of a sleepy little suburban town compared to other places I've lived. Most people work out of town and commute. It's a real bedroom community. Commute, go to work, commute home and go to sleep. I was lucky to find work right next door in the town of Benicia.

Benicia is a quaint little town. Gives me a feeling of a 'Leave it to Beaver' kind of neighborhood, with lots of good eating places downtown, up and down 1st street. I loved eating dinner there after work.

One night, I had dinner at my new found favorite Indian restaurant. I over heard a conversation about property for sale from the next table behind me, between a mother and daughter. She must have been a realtor and had mentioned to her mom about all the abandoned buildings and ranches on Lake Herman road.

"You know that's prime real estate up there and has a lot of potential" she said to her mom. She almost gagged on her food with a, you gotta be kidding me, kind of look on her face. "Don't even think of it" her mom said. "Oh I know all about that Zodiac murder stuff but that's like what, 30 - 35 years ago? Come on that's old news." she smirked at her mom.
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