Filipino Soldiers & Sailors of the US Military during WWII (incomplete list)

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* Hawaii
** California
*** Oregon
**** Washington
# Philippines
AUS Army of the United States
BNR Body Not Recovered
BR Body Recovered
DOW Died of Wounds
DSC Distinguished Service Cross (54 recipients)
KIA Killed in Action
MIA Missing in Action
POW Prisoner of War
PA Philippine Army, part of the United States.Armed Forces
PS Philippine Scout, part of the United States Armed Forces
SWA Seriously wounded in action by missile
USAFFE United States Armed Forces of the Far East; organized 12/1941 commanded by General Douglas MacArthur beginning 7/26/1941 
WAS Women’s Auxiliary Service 


List of Filipino Soldiers & Sailors during WWII
(Incomplete List from Maria Embry, Antioch, CA)

Pedro Ababon* born 4/28/1924; died 5/10/1985; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc
Eustaquio Abacan MIA 6/1/1942 Army TEC5
Mamerto Abacan MIA 2/22/1945; Army Cpl
Agustin Abad # born 1919 Philippines; enlistment 12/1/1940 
Alejandro Abad # born Philippines POW 5/7/1942-2/26/1945 
Alfredo C. Abad *
Aurelio E. Abad born 1920 Philippines; enlistment 7/23/1942; brother of Benj & Cresencio
Benjamin E. Abad # Army Med Bn 121st Inf Regt; guerrilla brother of Aurelio & Cresencio
Cerilo C. Abad *
Crescencio E. Abad # Army; born 2/29/1920 San Esteban Ilocos Sur; died 8/5/2008 L. A. Ca.;buried Forest Lawn Cemetery Glendale Ca.; USAFFE; 301 1st Field Artillery; Death March; POW; guerrilla under USFIP-NL; fought Battle of Bessang Pass; joined PS; discharged 1949; became a lawyer; M.P.A. grad;  brother of Benj & Aurelio
Eduardo E. Abad # Army Med Bn 121st Inf Regt; guerrilla
Enrique S. Abad *
Epifanio S. Abad *
Fernando A. Abad born 1917 Philippines; enlistment 7/14/1942 
Florencio Abad # Pvt Army 15th Inf Co I Casualty; died 3/31/1945 from Batac Ilocos Norte
Homero R. Abad # born Philippines POW 5/7/1942-6/12/1942
Jose A. Abad born 1921 Philippines; enlistment 4/17/1941 NY; residence Kings, NY
Jose A. Abad born 1924 Philippines; enlistment 7/25/1942
Matias C. Abad *
Norgerto Abad # 2nd Lt Army
Orlino Vergara Abad * born 7/25/1925 Kahuku, Hawaii 7/25/1925; died 10/18/2001; buried Nat. Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec5; Filipino Inf Regt; postwar: retired Navy Public Works Center mechanical inspector (quote from Winona “Nona”,  daughter of Orlino to M.E.Embry via e-mail dated 11/11/2008 Veterans Day, ” I have just started doing this family genealogy for about a month..I was around my father and his war veteran friends, and use to listen to them talk about the war and the fun they had growing up. It brought joy to see my father with a smile and with laughter as they would share their stories.  I wish I knew back then to help with research) 
Pedro Abad born 1906 Philippines; enlistment 3/2/1945
Pedro Abad # born 1904 Philippines; enlistment 5/27/1941; 
Pedro Abad # born Philippines; POW 5/7/1942-2/26/1945 
Peregrino P Abad # Pvt Casualty died 5/17/1945 121st Inf Co C Army from San Esteban Ilocos Sur
Salvador Astudillo Abad # born 3/18/1920 Philippines; died 12/11 2007 San Francisco California; POW 5/7/1942-4/2/1945; 26th Calvalry (PS)
Serapio Abad # born Philippines POW 5/7/1942-2/1945
Vicente Abad born 1917 Philippines; enlistment 4/13/1945
Victor Abad Lt. Col Bataan guerrilla
Reynaldo Abadiano # 26th Cavalry (PS)
Bienbenido Abadilla * born 4/14/1911 Philippines; died 4/15/1998; Army Pvt
Julio Abadilla # Army 1st Lt 
Ray H. Abadilla ** born 11/26/1908; died 8/6/1998; buried Forest Lawn Mem Parks Cypress Ca
Antonio Abagat * born 1/12/1912; MIA POW died 6/29/1942 Army Cpl
Pablo Abagat MIA 3/15/1946 Army Pvt
Elias P. Abalanzar *
Pedro S. Abalez *
Adriano Jandoc Abalos ** born 4/12/1919 Philippines; died 6/10/1953; buried Golden Gate Nat. Cemetery; Pfc 
Demetrio D. Abalos * born 1922 Philippines; Filipino Regt
Dominador “Domingo” Abalos, Sr * born 3/26/1925 Philippines; died 1/11/2006 Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital; buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery; Army Pvt; postwar: field attendant
Guillermo Aban # Army 2nd Lt 14th Inf G Co Platoon Leader
Jaime B. Aban born 3/10/1922; died 1/23/2008; buried Ligao Cemetery Albay, Philippines; Army Air Forces
Jose M. Aban MIA 6/6/1942; Army Pvt
Vivencio M. Aban MIA 4/13/1942; Army Pvt
Leopoldo Abang # Navy; Steward
Francisco Abanid *
Domingo Abanzado *
Fortunato Abanzado *
George Abarqiez * born 1908 Philippines; enlistment 7/28/1942
Jaime Abasolo # Army Cpl Casualty died 6/18/1945 14th Inf Hq & Sy Co; from Tayug Pangasinan
Alejandro Abat Pvt Army Casualty; died 2/22/1945; Co B 121st Inf 
Santos S. Abat # Army Pvt
Domingo Abaya # Army 2nd Lt
Francisco Abaya *
Frank A. Abaya born 12/17/1905; died 8/28/1974; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery California; Army Pfc
Gavino Antolin Abaya Army Sgt born 4/11/1908 Philippines; died 5/2/1996; buried Catholic Cemetery Cordon Isabela Philippines Sgt Army
Leopoldo R. Abaya *
Macario Abaya # Army Pfc
Rafael Abaya # Army Cpt
Silvestre S. Abaya *
Victorino Guia Abaya born 3/16/1897 Candon, Philippines; died 8/8/1942 Solano County California; ship cook2c USN; buried Golden Gate Cemetery California (Notes from “arr via George Washington 12/8/1921 "stowaway" "address in U.S. National Navy Club 15 41st St NY NY"; notes for wife Rosa also in ellis island tripod website by M.E. Embry)
Salvador Abcede # Lt Col PA (PS) assigned to Negros resistance efforts; Award: Distinguished Medal Cross (for 7/8/1943 to 3/23/1945)
Diosdado Abe *
Mariano Abe *
Jose Abella Navy KIA; Steward’s Mate 1c; from Altaves, Capiz, Philippines
Sento C. Abella *
Arcenio Abellana, Jr * born 6/29/ 1926 Honolulu Hawaii died 12/28/1994; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific S2 Navy
Arcenio C. Abellana Sr * born 9/14/1898 Daet Philippines; died 7/21/1972; buried Willamette National Cemetery Portland Oregon; Army Pvt. also WW1 veteran (3/3/1918-1/27/1919 residing @ Paia, Hawaii) Corporal Co H 2nd Inf Hawaii NG
Antonio Abellanosa *
Precioso F. Abellanosa *
Antonio D. Abellera # TSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Bauang La Union Philippines
Juan Abellera # Army 2nd Lt
Lucio Macavinta Abello ** died 6/16/1946; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Navy SD1
Valeriano Abello Scout Master from San Roque, Tolosa, Leyte
Nicanor B. Abenan *
Fernando A. Abendano
Cipriano Abenes *
Florentino Abenes # Army Pvt
Victor Abenglar # Army Pfc
Herminigildo T. Abenoja # Army Pvt
Juan Q. Abenoja # Army 2nd Lt
Manuel Abenoja 1st Lt. CO Co F 121st Inf
Crispin Abenojar Cpl 14th Inf Hq & Sy Co died 4/28/1945 from Tayug Pangasinan
Aberin Pvt 57th Inf Hq Co PS driver for Col Edmund J Lilly
Mathias Abes Pvt 11th Inf Co D died 2/6/1945 from Utokan Bauko Mt. Prov
Anastacio Abiang *
Sotero Abida one of the 12 Pilipino stewards assigned to the Presidential yacht, then later to Shangri-La (1942) before & during WW11 Source:
 ”With the presidential yacht out-of-commission during the war, the navy dispatched to Shangri-La a team of twelve Filipino stewards formerly assigned to the yacht. The crew, overseen by Sotero Abida, who remained in the Thurmont area long after his service to FDR, worked to put final touches on the retreat” (Notes FDR-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Shangri-La presidential retreat in Catoctin Mountain Park Maryland; meeting location for Pres Roseevelt & Prime Minister Winston Churchill)
Diego Abila # Army USAFEE 11/1940-2/1945
Ulpiano C. Abila # Army; Death March survivor; SSgt 12th Ordnance Co (PS) from Rosales, Pangasinan
Ponciano Abiles # Army Battery A 91st Coast Artillery; Death March; POW
Charles Abing * born 9/9/1922; died 1/16/1990; buried National Memorial of the Pacific; Army Pvt.
Manuel Abing Pvt 121st Inf Cop I died 7/8/1945 from Sagada Bontoc Mt/ Province
Eduardo “Edward”Abinsay # born 1920 Philippines; SSgt 92nd Coast Artillery Battery A PS POW
Domingo Felipe Abiva Pvt 15th Inf Co G died 2/20/1945 from San Nicolas Ilocos Norte 
Jose Ablang 2nd Lt 2nd in command, Combat Co 14th Inf
Roberto Ablasa Pvt 66th Inf Co K Casualty 7/1/1945; from Sapid Mankayan, Benguet
Lorencio B. Abon *
Ramon Abong * born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 11/11/1944
Enrique Abono Navy Seaman 1c; died 8/10/1942 POW Casualty from 115 Rizal Interior Iloilo
Tripon B. Abordo *
Manuel Abrantes *
Pedro Abrajano of San Narciso Zambales Navy Steward 3c Casualty
Epitacio Abrenica * born 1925 Hawaii; Filipino Regt
Desiderio Abreo
Manuel Abrigas * Filipino Regt
Tiwe Abrigo Pfc 63rd Quartermaster Co PS “New Scout”
Clemente Abuan # Sgt 121st Inf Co D Casualty 2/17/1945 from Bauang La Union
Mauro B. Abuan Pvt 121st Inf Co C Casualty 4/30/1945 from Naguilian La Union
Pedro O. Abubo born 4/16/1916; died 5/18/2000; buried Arlington Section 59 Site 36
    Military service: WW11 (8/22/1946-7/13/1947) 2nd Lt. US Army
Ricardo F. Abubo born 1917 Philippines enlistment 7/7/1945 POW 5/7/1942 Army Corps of Engineers Pvt
Vicente Acosta Abubo ** born 1/22/1898 died 8/23/1992 buried Riverside Ca. Nat Cemetery Navy MUC military also WW1 & Korean War veteran; military service 12/21/1919-3/30/1951
Francisco Ulep Abuluyan #  born 10/5/1924 San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, Philippines; died 4/7/2005; buried Mililani Memorial Park; Army; post-war retired maintenance man & security guard
Manuel Abunda *
Valentin B. Abunda * Army; Bataan; Corregidor 12/20/1941-1946
Delfin Oamil Acab ** born 12/21/1907 Philippines died 10/6/1966 buried Tulare Ca
Bernaldo Academia * Filipino Regiments 
Dominador “Domie” Luardo Acain * born 11/8/1923 Paia Maui Hawaii; died 10/6/2003; enlistment 10/12/1944; brother of Patricio; postwar: Kekaha Sugar Plantation retiree
Patricio Acain * born 3/15/1928 Honolulu; died 6/17/2006 Queen’s Medical Center; buried Kauai Veteran’s Cemetery Tec5 Army; brother of Dominador; post war: dairy worker
Placido Augustin Acain * born 9/15/1909; died 4/11/1906; buried National Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Pfc Army
Alberto Acay Pvt 66th Inf Co H Casualty 2/7/1945 from Tuding Itogon Benguet
Alban Acdang Pvt 121st Inf Co K Casualty 6/13/1945 from Bosao Bontoc Mt. Province
Jacob T. Acdang Pvt 121st Inf Co Casualty 6/10/1945 from Bauko Bontoc Mt. Province
Joseph Aceba *
Ricardo Lachica Achaval ** born 2/7/1898 Manila Philippines; resident of Berkeley; died 5/15/1975; buried Los Angeles Nat Cemetery; Army Pfc
Mariano Achaver 2nd Lt. JO I Co 11th Inf
Alfredo Pascua Acierto born 10/10/1903 Candon Ilocos Sur; died 2/29/2008; buried Rosehill Cemetery Chicago, Illinois; Navy; civilian: sakada in Hawaii, then in California farms before moving to Chicago Illinois
Antonio Acierto Navy Casualty Cook1c from 352 Calabash Rd Interior 7 Sampaloc Manila
Joaquin Acierto ** born 8/20/1906; died 3/3/1999; buried Ft Rosecrans Nat. Cemetery Navy SDGC
Ricardo F. Acierto # born 1917 Philippines; died 1997; buried Ruby Memorial Park San Felipe, Zambales; Army Pvt
Calixto Aciong Pvt 121st Inf Co B Casualty 6/25/1945 from San Emilio Ilocos Sur
Geronimo M. Aclan pilot; 3Lt PAAC, 6th Pursuit Squadron
Henry Acmor 2nd Lt. 2nd Bn 11th Inf
Andres Acnam Sgt 15th Inf Co I Casualty 3/19/1945; from Nueva Era Ilocos Norte
Eugenio Acnam Pvt 15th Inf Co F Casualty 6/11/1945
Felicisimo Acoba *
Frederico Acoba * born 7/2/1924; died 6/22/1961; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Army; also Korean War “separated for disability” injured 9/4/1950 South Korea Pfc Army Co H 5th Inf Regt
Gerardo Acoba Pvt 14th Inf Co D Casualty 5/6/1945
Domingo Aconia Pvt 11th Inf Co H Casualty 6/22/1945 from Bago Pamplona Cagayan
Alberto Acop Pvt 66th Inf Co B; Casualty 4/14/1945; from Payquec Kapangan Benguet
Marcelo C. Acopan born 5/20/1922; died11/19/1994; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; STM2 Navy
Ambrocio M. Acosta Pfc 121st Inf Co C Casualty 4/13/1945 from Cervantes Ilocos Sur
Catalino Acosta Pvt 121st Inf Co A Casualty 5/2/1945; from Bauang La Union
Damaso Acosta Pvt 66th Inf Co E. Casualty 5/15/1945 from Libtong Tagudin Ilocos Sur
Edicio Acosta 2nd Lt Pltn Ldr F Co 14th Inf
Ernesto Acosta 1st Lt/ asst. Bn Surgeon !st Bn 121st Inf
Galileo C. Acosta
Genero Acosta STM1c Navy Casualty; from Tatug Pangasinan
Julio Acosta 1st Lt. Co I Co, 15th Inf
Maximo Acosta 2nd Lt JO Eng Bn A Co
Melchor Acosta 2nd Lt !st Bn 15th Inf
Pablo Acosta Pvt 121st Inf K Co Casualty 4/24/1945 from Tagudin Ilocso Sur
Telesforo (George) M. Acosta 2nd Filipino Regt
Cerilo Coamo Acuning Merchant Marine; Pantryman; died 12/9/1942; Casualty; from Panitan Capiz Philippines
Fraxiso B. Adajar Echo Co 2nd Bn 43rd Inf (PS)
Daniel B. Adea 
Luis Adea
Isidro M. Addepa *
Eleuterio L. Adevoso (also known as Terry Magtanggol) PMA cadet, later guerrilla leader; Jerry Adevoso, his son was appointed in 2003 by Pres Gloria Arroyo as the Phil Veterans Adm. rep to U.S. 
Diosdado C. Adji *
Emiliano Adlawan # died 5/12/1942 Casualty; MIA Army PS; Pfc
Aniceto Adona # Pvt Det QMC PS
Baltazar Adona 3rd Lt Army (PS); KIA Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 12/10/1941-12/16/1941; posthumous)
Florentino A. Adona ** born 6/7/1910; died 8/4/2004; buried North Kern Cemetery, Delano Ca; Army Filipino Inf
David C. Adongay *
 Delfin C. Adongay *
Peter Aquino Aduja * born 1920 Salindig Vigan, Philippines;died 3/29/2007; Army 1st Filipino Regt 3rd Bn Hdqtrs Co. ; Tec4 postwar: 1st  Filipino-American elected to U.S. public office; member Hawaii House of Rep; Attorney General; father of former Hawaii State Senator-Melodie Aduja
Marcelo Adduru Maj; Cagayan governor; founder of Cagayan-Apayao Force guerrilla 12/10/1941; POW 4/1943; paroled 10/1943; revived the Cagayan Force; re-captured 7/5/1944 
Alejo Afable *
John Afalla born 1924 Philippines; Filipino Regt 
Antonio Afo Navy Coxswain Casualty 12/10/1941; from 381 Launa Tondo Manila
Mario Agag # born 1/19/1896; died 6/1969 Philippines; buried Philippines; POW; Pvt Co B 57th Inf
Alfredo Agamao *
Jose G. Agamao *
Douglas Agan born 1924 Hawaii; Filipino Regt
Maximo Agan born 1925 Hawaii; Filipino Regt
Cleto Porte Aganon * born 1/1/1910; died 1/14/1972; buried Nat Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Army, also Korean veteran
Manuel Agao * born 12/23/1926; died 12/15/1993; buried Hawaii State Cemetery; Army TEC5
Sotero B. Agaran** born 4/27/1927; died 12/2/2001; buried Reedley Ca Cemetery; Army RCT
Primitivo Villanueva Agas born 11/8/1904; died 9/19/1970; buried Long Island NY Nat Cemetery; Army Cpl
Antonio E. Agbayani born 1/16/1901 Philippines; died 5/1/1992; buried Riverside Nat. Cemetery; Army Pvt
Emiliano Agbayani born 9/10/1909; died 1/26/1990; buried Massachusetts National Cemetery; Navy ST1
Felipe Tunae Agbayani born 9/13/2002; died 5/4/1974; buried Los Angeles Nat. Cemetery; Pvt Army
Fernando Andres Agbayani born 11/26/1908; died 8/19/1970; buried Long Island NY Nat. Cemetery; Army T4
James Garcia Agbayani Sgt 8311 Hawaiian Ord Depot
Isidro Agbayani *
Manuel Agbayani born 1/10/1910; died 3/29/1985; buried Calverton NY National Cemetery; Navy ST3
Rizal U. Agbayani * born 9/5/1920; died 9/11/1997 Fairfax Hosp VA; buried Philippines; tribute paid by Cong. Bob Filner U.S. House of Rep 105th Congress 9/18/1997
Singson Agbayani *
Domingo Agbolos * born 1852 Philippines; enlistment 6/21/1944 resident of Hawaii
Domingo Campilla Agbolos * born 11/16/1912; died 2/6/2004; buried Camiling Mem Park, Tarlac Philippines; Army Pvt
Louis Agbulus * Filipino Regt
Carlomagno B. Agcaoile *
Eulogio B. Agcaoile *
Amando Quevedo Agcaoili ** born 2/6/1913 Philippines; died 3/28/1997 ; buried Riverside Nat Cemetery; Navy S3
Antonio A. Agcaoili born 1/17/1911; died 8/19/1970; buried Mount Hope Cemetery Mattapan, Ma; SDC Coast Guard; also a Korean Veteran
Emilio Agcaoili ** born 5/15/1904; died 5/31/1982; buried Riverside Nat Cemetery; Army Pvt
Eustaquio E. Agcaoili *   
Fredolin Medina Agcaoili ** born 11/15/1920 Philippines; died 1/19/1995; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Ponciano Lucas Agcaoili ** born 11/19/1882; died 9/14/1961; buried Los Angeles Nat Cemetery; Army Pvt
Raymundo E. Agcaoili born 3/15/1905; died 3/26/2007; buried Calverton NY Nat Cemetery; Army SSgt
Rosalio Agcaoili born 1910 Philippines; Casualty
Leon Agda born 1926 Philippines; guerilla
Silvino L. Agdaca * Waipahu Hawaii
Jose M. Aglian *
Bernardo R. Aglugob *
Fernando Aglugob *
Agustin A. Agno *
Felix G. Agonoy * born 6/1/1918; died 6/25/2006; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pvt
Martin Dalida Agoo born 1/22/1905; died 12/14/1988; buried Nat. Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
Rodrigo Obado Agor born 11/20/1926 Kekaha Kauai; died 9/20/2004; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Sfc, also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran
Lucas B. Agpaoa *
Vicente G. Agparisio *
Gregorio Agpoon *
Alfredo Agra Pfc Co H 45th Inf Regt (PS) Army KIA Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 2/12/1942)
Venancio Agricola * born Hawaii 1920; enlistment 11/14/1941
Manuel B. Agricula 7/5/1923; died 5/5/1994; Filipino Regt
Mariano Agricula * born 8/15/1921 Hawaii; died 3/16/1969; buried Nat Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc; Filipino Regt 
Alfredo R. Agron # Sanchez Mira Cagayan Phil, TSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Conrado Sison”Conrad” Aguado; born 11/26/1913 Philippines; died 12/8/1993 California;PA 2nd Lt;  one of the four former PA officers to receive commissions in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in 12/1942; held a Chief Mate’s license
Juan Aguas # PA
Toribio P. Aguda *
Fidencio V. Aguerre # born 11/16/1917 Philippines; died 6/25/1995; buried Garden of Memories Mem Park Pateros Philippines; Army Pfc
Daniel Aguiar born 1916 Hawaii; enlistment 11/16/1941
Florentino B. Aguila 
Asuero Aguilar *
Jose Aguilar Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from 16 J Jimenez San Antonio Cavite
Peter B. Aguilar Msgt 1st Reconn Bn 
Raymond Aguilar Alamo Scouts
Rufo V. Aguilar Alamo Scouts
Alfred Aguillion * born 1919 Hawaii; enlistment11/14/1941
Adriano Caldito Aguinaldo ** born 5/17/1927 Philippines; died 9/6/1997; buried Glen Abbey Memorial Park Bonita Ca; Navy SHC, also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran 
Antonio Aguinaldo *
Benjamin Aguinaldo born 7/13/1924; died 11/25/1982; buried Calverton Nat. Cemetery; Army SSgt
Bernaldo R. Aguinaldo * Army Tec5
Crispin Zales Aguinaldo ** born 1/7/1903; died 8/16/1963; buried Los Angeles Nat Cemetery; Army Sgt
Domingo Aguinaldo born 1918 Philippines; enlistment 7/7/1945
Lorenzo G. Aguinaldo *
Maurice Ibalio Aguinaldo ** born 9/22/1909 Philippines; died 11/25/1980; buried Riverside (CA) Nat Cemetery; Army SSgt
Max Ibalio Aguinaldo ** born 5/21/1904 Philippines; died 9/27/1948; buried Golden Gate Nat Cemetery; Army Pvt
Richard Aguinaldo # born 6/10/1911 Philippines; died 12/1/1988 Lebanon, Nebraska; POW; postwar: moved with wife to Lebanon, Nebraska in 1960
Robert Aguinaldo Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. operated ships WW11 died in W.D. Anderson, a tanker captained by Albert B. Walters sailing from Texas to Philidelphia that was attacked by a German Submarine U-504, 12 miles NE of Jupiter Inlet Florida; 35 crew, including  the captain, perished w/ one survivor; also see Alexandro Matinog
Alexander “Alex” R. Aguinid ** born 1926 California; Awards for WW11 (1st Filipino Regt Army Cpl) & Korean War (Air Force SSgt tailgunner): 18 ribbons, (2) Bronze Stars; from Salinas Valley California; postwar: mechanic McLellan Air Force Base
Agno A. Agustin *
Alfredo Villa Agustin Army from Victoria, Tarlac
Apolino Agustin *
Demetrio Lopez Agustin born 1925 Hawaii; enlistment 11/11/1944
Inocencio Calaycay Agustin born 12/25/1910 Philippines; died 5/16/2001; buried Seven Fleet Mem Park Rosario, Cavite, Philippines; Army Maj.
Juan M. Agustin born 11/24/1904 Philippines; died 1/23/2003; buried Sta Iganacia Mun Cem.; Tarlac Philippines; Army Sgt
Marcos Villa Agustin (founder of Marking guerrillas) Brg Gen; pre-war cab driver & boxer
Pedro P. Agustin # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Munoz Nueva Ecija Phil
Romeo Agustin *
Romero S. Agustin *
Severino Cariaga Agustin # born 1/1/1898 Philippines; died 4/25/1998; buried Camiling Municipal Cemetery Tarlac Philippines; PS
Solano Agustin *
Pafuncio T. Ajoc *
Florentino (Tino) Akiaten * born 1896 Dimiao Bohol; died 1967; buried Cavalry Cemetery LA CA; Navy Chief Steward; shipwreck survivor of Munger T.  Ball /Chilsco 5/4/1942, also with the Merchant Marine; WW1 Army Veteran; a sakada in Hawaii; a professional chef (Chef certificate @ LA Trade Technical College) and father of the Hollywood Akiatens  Source: research by Maria Elizabeth Embry & some info given by Tino’s daughter-Shirley Akiaten Chrisman via e- mail
Sebastian Alamares Shipfitter1c; Navy Casualty 12/10/1941; from 21 Don Jacinto Caridad Cavite
Epifanio G. Alamilo *
Nestor B. Alampay # born 2/17/1920 Manila Cpt, Hunters; ROTC Guerillas post-war SC Associate Justice (1985-86)
John A. Alanano * born 1915 Hawaii enlistment 4/27/1944
Gumirsindo Alanio *
H. Alano Lt from Bohol
Zoilo Alao* born 1924 Filipino Regt
Julian Orale Alayon  USAFFE, Bataan Defense, Death March, POW, guerrilla, Philippine Army; also Korean War w/ 8th U.S. Army; Awards: POW Medal; WW11 Victory, American Defense Service Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, Philippine Islands Defense Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon & Philippine Independence Ribbon 
Alfredo L. Albano *
Constantino S. Albano born 4/24/1909 Ilocos Nortedied 8/29/1979; 64th Quatermaster Srv Co Saipan 3/26/1947-12/10/1948; also 76th Ordnance Ammunition Co (PS) enlisted 3/15/1946; 
Dominador Albano *
Alfredo A. Alberto # M/Sgt Army arr. Mindoro via the 1st submarine to surface in the Philippines-the USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943 (w/ Capt Ricardo Galang, 1st Lt. R.F. Songco; Sgts Vicente Pinuela,Benjamin Harder, Ramon Vitorio & Arcangel Baniares
Fausto Alberto Col. Bulacan guerrillas
Rosendo S. Alberto born 1918 Philippines enlisted 12/29/1945
Domingo Alborao * KIA Army Pfc; resident of Maui Hawaii  
Atanacio Laborte Alcala ** born 1903 Philippines; Cpl 978th Signal Corps 1st Filipino Infantry Radio/Teletype operator GHQ 
Antonio S. Alcantara *
Domingo Alcantara *
Jesus S. Alcantara # from Manila, Philippines
Narcy A. Alcaraz guerrilla
Ramon A. “Monching” Alcaraz # USAFFE Cpt promoted to 1st Lt. POW 4/10/1942-9/1942; Regt Commander Kakarong Guerrilla; Award: Silver Star for 1/1942; PMA 1940 grad; from Quingua, Bulacan, postwar: Rear Admiral Phil Navy, wrote a war diary that was used for the documentary in 2002 “Bataan:  The Last Defense”; Orange, Ca. real estate investor; 2008 Legacy Award from Filipino Veterans Foundation (FVF) 
Domingo A. Alcasid
Emilio Sensano Alcon * born 1/27/1926 Hawaii; died 9/29/1995; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; SSgt Filipino Regt; post war: Hawaii State Representative and Hawaii Cabinet member
Illuminador L. “Larry” Alcosiba* born 1923 Hawaii; Filipino Regt enlistment 1/10/1945
Andres Buendia Aldaba born1923 Philippines; died 5/18/1942 Camp O’Donnell while POW from dysentery; Army; Defense of Bataan & Corregidor; Death March; from Malolos, Bulacan 
Alvaro Alegado born 6/15/1912; died 4/2/2002; buried San Antonio Municipal Cemetery Castillanos Zambales; Navy SD3
Emilio R. Alegar # Army stationed in occupation of Okinawa & Japan; from Mabini, Batangas
Felipe F. Alegre *
Petronilo Alehaga * born 1925 Hawaii; Filipino Inf Reg
Casto Alejandrino Hukbalahap leader
Igmidio I. Alejandro # Army Defense of Bataan; escaped & joined guerrillas; from Lubao, Pampanga
Guillermo Alejo *
Frank F. Alensonorin * born 1924 Hawaii enlistment 1/3/1946
Hipolito F. Alensonorin * born 1926 Hawaii;  Filipino Regt
Custodio P. Alerta # Cpl 1st Reconn Bn of Janiuay Iloilo Philippines
Amado Aleta Lt; lawyer
Gaudencio Alexandra 57th Inf (PS); from Abuyog Leyte
Orlando Alfabeto # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn
Casimiro Alfafara * born 2/4/1897 Carcar Cebu; died 5/1/1959 buried National Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy Steward 2c also a WW1 Veteran 2nd Hawaiian Inf (11/1/1915 to 1/18/1918)
Eleuterio Alfarara # born Philippines POW 5/7/1942
Gaspar Enanoria Alfafara born 1/6/1898 Philippines; died 3/30/1956; buried @ Long Island Cemetery NY; Army CSG1/c; naturalized @ Massachusetts Sources: 1920 U.S. Military & Naval Forces census, resident of Suffolk Massachusetts; 
Raymond Alferes * Filipino Regt
Albert Feliciano “Sonny” Alfonso* born 8/5/1925 Honolulu; died 1/15/2006 Waipahu buried Nat. Mem. Cemetery of the Pacific, Army, also Korean & Vietnam (Colonel) Wars veteran
Alfred “Opu” Alfonso * died 9/11/2006 TSgt 2nd Filipino Regt & Alamo Scout NELLIST Team; with the troops that liberated POWs in Cabanatuan Prison Camp 1/1945; also Korean & Vietnam wars veteran; from Puunene Maui
Porferio Alforque 57th Inf (PS)
Dionisio Esabida “Duning” Alia * born 8/12/1922 Ewa, Hawaii died 1/15/2003 buried: Hawaii State Nat. Cemetery Pfc Army
Crisostomo Aliado *
Bonifacio L. Alibang *
Pedro B. Alibang *
Benito S. Alibcab*
Jesse Jesus Alicuben born 6/2/1917 Maui Hawaii; died 4/18/203 Hilo Hawaii; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; Army Sgt
Avelino Alido born 1922 Philippines
Benjamin Alido * born 1925 Hawaii; enlistment 4/27/1944
Geronimo Alidon * born 1926 Hawaii Filipino Regt
Carnelio Aligado born 6/15/1912; died 1/16/1990; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc
Alberto S. Alimboyoguen Sr. * born 8/14/1928 Kauai Hawaii; died 2/18/2003 Las Vegas NV buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery Army, Pvt
Trespolo Alimboyoguen * born 1926 Hawaii Filipino Regt
Eracleo Alimpolo born 4/22/1898 Isabela Philippines; died 10/2/2002 Seattle Washington; buried Sunset Hills Memorial Park Seattle Wash; enlisted Coast Guard (12/17/1928-10/1/1957) Chief Steward; Awards: American Defense Service Medal; American Campaign Medal, WW11 Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal; also enlisted & served as Navy Steward (1916-1920); Civilian occupation: retiree from Boeing Aircraft (1957-1970’s); also WW1 veteran; SS# 531-32-4777 issued Washington
Eustaquio Alingcomot * born 9/20/1893 Philippines; died 1/8/1966 buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Sgt
Benito L. Alisago * born 7/19/1897 Philippines; KIA 6/24/1942 POW Navy Officer’s Steward 3c; from Nabua Camarines Sur 
Sahibad Alisobar # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn 
Marcelino Alison Jr * born 1/9/1918; died 4/29/1994 Honolulu; buried Hawaii State Vet Cemetery Army, also Korean War veteran
Pedro "Pete" Alisuag born 4/29/1923 Philippines died 2/8/2005 Washington Hospital Sgt USAFFE C Company 1st Battalion 49th Hunters-ROTC Guerrilla Unit attached to the US 147th Field Artillery war: elementary school teacher
Suficio Alkain *
Hospicio P. Alkino *
Emilio B. Aller # Army 57th Inf from Alegria Cebu
Monico Almachar # 57th Inf (PS) 2nd BN H Co Army; from Vigan
Thomas S. Almadin * born 1919 Philippines; Filipino Regt 
Celestino Almeda born 1917 Philippines; activist Filvets for equity fight w/ Guillermo Rumingan & the late Joaquin Tejada
Teodorico Almoila *
Julian Almonte # Sgt 26th Cavalry Troop G PS
Pio Alocija *
Aurillano Alonso # Army; from Oran Samar
Avelino P. Alonso # PS; Bataan; Death March escaped; guerrilla; from Oran Samar 
Federico T. Alonzo *
Francisco Alonso 57th Inf (PS); from San Joaquin Leyte
Valeriano Alonzo *
Pablo Alora # Col. guerrilla
Ali Al-Rashid # guerrilla
Agripino A. Altabano *
Bernardo Alvarado *
Benjamin S. Alvarez # Army; from Cavite
Silverio B. Alvarez *
Beato C. Alvez # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Baulayan Cebu Philippines
Celestisio A. Amado *
William “Willie, Bill” H. Amamalin * born 11/9/1925 Kealia Kauai; died 2/27/1998 Kaiser Hospital; buried Hawaiian State Vet. Cemetery; Army Tec5; postwar: Pearl Harbor Naval Base Police Force retiree
Eugenio B. Amante #Army 
Tito P. Amasol # born 1/4/1907 Philippines; died 10/18/1981; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Army Pfc PS Death March; also Korean War veteran TSgt Air Force
Generoso Ambat * born 7/17/1902; KIA12/10/1941; Navy Ship’s cook 2c residence: Bartola St. Caridad Cavite, Philippines 
Nicasio P. Ambos *
Delfin C. Ambrocio *
Manuel Ambrocio *
Marcelino C. Ambrocio *
Irineo Ames # 1st Lt. 1st Reconn Bn
Victor Amis * born 1923; Filipino Regt
Simeon “Sonny”Amor Jr. born 4/24/1924; died 3/29/2005 Honolulu, Hawaii; 1st Filipino Inf Regt; Actg 1st Sgt Regimental HQ Co; was in Dulag Leyte & San Antonio Samar; post-war: project historian for the movie “An Untold Triumph”
William Amor born 1890 Philippines; enlistment 3/21/1945 Army
Jesus G. Amores *
Marcelo Amoroso # Army from Dumaguete
Benjamin Quinones Ampong * born 4/19/1925; died 5/14/1991; buried Maui Veterans Cemetery Army SFC
Teofilo M. Amutan 26th Cavalry Troop A Cpl
Juanito R. Anacion *
Vicente H. Anacleto # from Baybay Leyte Philippines, Sgt 1st Reconn Bn
Celestino A. Anada *
Eleno D Anaguey # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Sison Pangasinan Philippines
Aurelio R. Anaque born 1912 Philippines; enlistment 2/8/1945
Fructoso Anayon *
Fortunato Ancheta * Filipino Regt
Lorenzo S. Ancheta *
Vicente Ancheta # Sr. Army
Deogracias Andaya # Army from Lingayen, Pangasinan
Henry A. Andrada # Army Air Forces 
Jose V. Andrada # Col. USNA grad; Army from Iuisan, Capiz
Carlos Agnas Andrade 9/12/1942 Casualty; ship- Patrick J. Hurley Merchant Marine; Cook from Capiz Philippines
Alex C. Andres, Sr 
Florencio S. Andres *
Francisco M. Andres *
Sebastian Andres *
Trinidad Andres born 1900 Philippines; died 7/20/1942 POW Casualty; Navy Officer’s Steward 1c; from 1342 Misericordia St. Santa Cruz Manila 
Ernesto Ang # Capt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Sotero B. Angaangan ** born 4/22/1905 Philippines died 11/1/1977 buried St. Anne’s cemetery Tulare Ca.
Anecito Angana* born 1/1/1901 Philippines; died 4/18/1962; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; (alsoWW1 veteran Pvt Co H 2nd Hawaiian Inf 7/1/1918-2/4/1919; resident of Hana Maui Hawaii)
Eduardo Angeles # Fort McKinley Army 
Perfecto Anghag * born 1916 Hawaii; enlistment 6/21/1944
Hilario Aniasco #
Alejandro Anoos *
Antonio Anselmo # Army from Banayoyo Ilocos Sur 
Alfeo S. Antang # Army from Iriga Philippines
Esteban Antes * born 9/2 1909; died 12/10/1941 Casualty; Navy Steward’s Mate 1c from San Marcio, Zambales Philippines
Alberto C. Antonio *
Anselmo C. Antonio Army
Bobby Antonio * Filipino Regt
Cenon E. Antonio Army
Crisanto Antonio died 11/18/2007
Gaudencio V. Antonio *
Miguel C. Antonio *
Sofronio M. Antonio Army
Zacarias Antonio * born 1910 Philippines; 1st Filipino Regt
Jacinto C. Aparicio *
Mariano C. Apelano *
Jimmy C. Aperido ** Filipino Regt
Guillermo B. Apolinario Navy
Jose Apolinario *
Mariano Apollanes *
Bonifacio S. Apongol *
Eugenio Apostol Casualty (survived sinking of Sculpin SS-191 sunk north of Groluk Is near Truk11/19/1943, but died 12/19/1943 when being transported from Truk to Japan via INJ Chuyo that was sunk by USS Sailfish); Navy Cook 1c; from Palauig, Zambales
Pedro Apostol Navy
Silvestre Apostol Army
Dionisio Apsay * born 10/9/1905; died 4/3/1943 (5/6/1943) Casualty; Navy Cook 2c; Operations Specialist 2nd Class USS Pickerel SS-177( with 74 men lost @ sea off Shiramuka, presumably attacked by Fukuei Maru) residence: 1167 Interior 5, Singalong, Manila, Philippines
Jose O. Aquilino *
Ambrocio Aquino Navy Casualty STM1 5/6/1942
Antonio U. Aquino # 3rd Lt. son of Speaker Benigno Aquino Sr
Claudio G. Aquino *
Domingo Aquino Casualty Navy 5/6/1942 STM1
Elpidio U. Aquino * born 1926 Hawaii; 1st Filipino Regt
Eusebio Aquino # Mt. Arayat Hukbalahap guerrilla
Frank Aquino ** born Salinas California, Lt Filipino Regt; medical officer
Gabriel Aquino Navy
George Aquino 
Joe E. Aquino Army  
Jose M Aquino
Jose Sison Aquino born 9/10/1916; died 8/24/2007 South San Francisco California; 1st Lt. Battery G 92nd Coast Artillery (PS)
Manuel “Manny” Aquino born 8/13/1917 Philippines; died 8/5/2008; USAFFE Death March; post-war: Phil Army (Peftok Korean War veteran sent by the Republic of the Philippines); later served in the Philippine Navy until retirement
Morris A. Aquino *
Perfecto L. Aquino Sr *
Richard Aquino *
Salvador M. Aquino *
Teodoro G. Aquino born 1913 Philippines; 1st Filipino Regt 
Timoteo A. Aquino Jr from Piddig Ilocos Norte; Army
Timoteo A. Aquino Jr from Montalban Rizal, Army
Zoilo Aquino Navy Casualty 12/7/1941 STM1
Quirino Aquisando *
Patricio Arabos *
Dionisio Aragon Alamo Scouts
Federico G. Aranas # Army
Marcelino P. Aranas *
Gervacio Aranca *
Alberto Aranda * born 5/31/1925 Honolulu; died 10/19/2003 Aiea, Hawaii; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Pvt Army
Bruno V. Arangca *
Alberto S. Aranzaso born Philippines; pilot PAAC, 6th PS; died 6/5/1942 boat capsized after escaping from Corregidor Casualty; Award: Silver Star
Theodolfo Arao * Filipino Regt
Gerbacio Arangca
Francisco B. Arbillon Army
Ricardo T. Arca ** born 2/7/1910; died 9/26/1950 Korea; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army 2nd Filipino Inf Bn; then assigned to the 1st C.A.D. Hg, 6th Army also was assigned to 521th Recon Bn stationed in Australia (Source: Richard Arca, son’s response  to M.E. Embry’s e-mail 5/2008 that per military records: his father was assigned to Training Group USAFFE, 5217 Recon BN (PS) bet 4/1944 & 6/1944); post-WW11: Korean War Casualty Army Maj. 2nd Inf Div Artillery Hqrts Battery KIA near Hyopchon Korea; from Santa Clara California
Benjamin D. Arcamo born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 7/15/1944
Isidro M. Arcano *
Bert Arcaya # born 1922 Philippines captured by Japanese Forces in Mindanao
Avelino V. Arce *
Jovellano S. Arcebal # Army from Santa Lucia Ilocos Sur
Arciago Pvt 57th Inf Co D PS
Bienvenido A. Arcilla # born 1925 Bamban Tarlac 26th Cavalry Signal Bn
Cesar A. Arcilla # born Bamban Tarlac Army 
Irineo Arenas Sr. born 6/18/1907; was in Bataan escaped Death March; medic (PS)
Rafael A. Arengo Cpt; born 12/19/1913; died 1/5/1993 Windsor Mill Baltimore Maryland; buried Arlington National Cemetery; POW; CO 76th Ord Ammo Co. (PS) Saipan 1947-1948; also Korean War veteran; SS# issued California
Alfredo Ares # 1st Sergeant 206th Guerrilla Battalion (LGAF) Ind. commanded by Captain Dionco, 
 post war:enlisted in the Armed Forces of the Philippines on October 8, 1948 and retired on July 16, 1971. 
Silvestre C. Ares Army; from Umingan Pangasinan
Eliseo Arevalo # PS Mispah Intelligence Unit; died 12/2000 composer; wrote words & music of Col. Ramsey Guerrilla March later taught @ NRMC Paniqui, Tarlac (e-mail bet. Prof. Arevalo’s daughter & M.E. Embry)
Manuel Argate *
Federico Arguilla born Philippines; Navy Coxswain; died 8/6/1942 POW Casualty; from 16 G. Reyes, San Roque, Cavite
Manuel Estabillo Arguilla # born 1911 Barrio Nagrebcan Bauang La Union; died 10/1944 Ft. Santiago executed; Casualty; POW; guerrilla unit organizer; well-known writer; married to Lydia Villaneuva, another well-known writer
Restituto J. Arias *
Ruben Eduardo Arias Sr Navy; from Samar Philippines
Clemente Mapili Aringay # La Union Philippines SSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Alberto P. Arino, Sr.  # Army
Jose Ariola *
Loreto P. Ariston *
Teodoro V. Arizado *
Carmelito F. Arkangel born 1919 Philippines; Filipino Regt; enlistment 5/31/1944
George Sads Arlantico born 5/24/1904; died 6/15/1987; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy SDC
Wenceslao F. Armada *
Victor Armaso 5/24/1943 Casualty Stanvac Manila Merchant Marine O.S. residence Brooklyn NY
Crispulo Armendes *
Pulong Arpa # from Sulu mentioned in Comdr Ramon Alcaraz diary
Lazaro Arquero SSgt 1st Reconn Bn; 1st Filipino Regt 
Santiago B. Arquisola* born 1923 Hawaii; enlistment 9/15/1944 
Mar G. Arradaza # Army
George A. Arreola * born 1905; enlistment 8/27/1942 
Jose M Artiaga
Maurice “Baby” Artiago Filipino Regt, Recon Bn
J. Artillaga Lt. 
Eulalio Arzaga 26th Calvalry (PS)
Mamerto Ascu * born 1928; enlistment 9/25/1945 Hawaii
Zoilo S. Ascueta # Cabugao Ilocos Sur Phil.TSgt 1st Recon Bn.
Manuel Asejo died 7/1/1942 POW Casualty; Navy Seaman 1c; from Antique Panay
Jose Asentista born 1926; 1st Filipino Regt
Henry E. Asera ** born 4/24/1920 Hawaii; died 7/28/1999 Vallejo; son of Lorenzo, WW1 veteran & sakada in Hawaii &  father of former California Deputy Sect of State Larry Asera 
Crestituto Asinas *
Felix S. Asinas * born 1909 Hawaii; enlistment 11/12/1942
Sabas Asis * Alamo Scouts (Rafael Ileto Team); died 3/10/2006
Alejandro M. Asprer *
Frank O. Aspuria *** born 12/3/1904 Philippines died 8/29/1970 Medford Oregon Pfc Army
Sotiro B. Aspuria ** born 4/22/1908 Philippines died 7/15/1973 SF Ca
Astete Lt.
Agustin P. Asuncion # born Philippines; POW; Casualty died 1942 Ft McKinley
Alberto Asuncion # born Philippines; POW
Anastacio Asuncion # born Philippines; POW
Arturo C. Asuncion # Casualty  died 1942 Ft McKinley
Bienvenido P. Asuncion *
Calixto Q. Asuncion *
Demetrio Asuncion # Casualty died 1942 Ft McKinley
Fernando Asuncion # Cpt
Fidel Asuncion # born Philippines; POW
Francisco P. Asuncion # born Philippines; POW
Gervacio M. Asuncion # born Philippines; POW
Honorato Asuncion # born Philippines; POW
Isaac Asuncion # born Philippines; POW
Jack Asuncion *
Juanito R. Asuncion *
Julian Asuncion# Casualty died 1942 Ft McKinley
Julio Asuncion Casualty died 1945 Ft McKinley
Mariano Asuncion * Filipino Regt
Nicasio Asuncion # born Philippines; POW
Nicolas Asuncion Casualty # died 1942 Ft McKinley
Pedro Asuncion # born 11/22/1919 Philippines; died 7/20/2000; buried Olongapo Memorial Park Zambales; POW; Army Pfc
Pelagio B. Asuncion # died Ft McKinley 1942 Casualty
Quinciano Asuncion born 6/16/1922; died 10/10/1992; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery 
Simproso M. Asuncion *
Hipolito R. Atabay * born 1923 Philippines 1st Filipino Regt; enlistment 2/8/1945
Gumersindo Atanis *
Angelo Atilano born 1911 Philippines; died 2002 Stanford Medical Center; buried Alta Mesa Memorial Park; 1st Filipino Regt; Awards Asian Pacific Campaign Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with Bronze Star; post-war: Menlo Park Courthouse retired custodian, resident since 1932
Jack P. Atillo * born 1921 Hawaii; enlistment 8/15/1944
William B. Atiz * born 1924; Filipino Regt; enlistment 9/18/1944
Mercedita Atas guerrilla spy  
Marcos Villa Augustin (Marking) guerrilla; pre-war cab driver & boxer
Leon Aureus guerrilla captain in Bicol; father of Leonor Aureus Briscoe, writer based in Hawaii
Mariano Aureus #
Alfredo Aurio born 1922 Hawaii; Filipino Regt
Henry A. Aurio born 1926; Filipino Regt 
Ben Austria 12th Medical PS; post-war: resident of San Antonio Tx
Clement G. Austria # born 11/23/1923 Tiaong Quezon; died 11/1986 Ohio guerilla while a medical student @ U.S.T.; post-war: became a physician; father of U.S. Congressman Stephen Austria of Ohio, 7th District (Republican)
Romulo Austria # 1927 Philippines guerilla postwar: PhD Engineering University of Rome 1958; Bechtel nuclear engineer; father-in-law of Atty Rodel Rodis 
Marcelino Jacalme Avecilla M.D.#  born 12/21/1912 San Juan La Union, Philippines; died 8/31/1999 St. Francis hospital Hawaii; buried @ Nuuanu Mem. Park; father of Dr Zenaida (Sadorra) & Dr. Rebecca (Lucero)
Jose V. Aventino 2nd Bn 57th Inf Regt (PS); died 9/9/1990
Rufino C. Avelino born 1912 Philippines; Filipino Regt 
David Aventurado Sr Army
Luciano C. Awid Army
Benjamin Ayesa born 1904 Barcelona Spain; became a Philippine naturalized citizen in 1937; PA Cpt; one of the four former PA officers to receive commissions in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in 12/1942; LT; commanded USS LST-202 in 4/9/1943
Alfredo Ayson # PS
Faustino Imperial Ayson ** born 7/24/1906 Philippines; died 7/19/1976 buried Tulare Ca
Jose Ayson born 11/22/1903; died 5/29/1942 Army Pfc; POW/MIA
Pablo Ayson ** born 8/8/1902 Philippines; died 12/14/1968 buried Tulare Ca
Melquides Aytona Navy Casualty 12/19/1941 SC1
Alfred F. Baang * born 1921 Hawaii; enlistment 7/15/1944
Baban from the Ibaloi tribe
Leon Babaniag * born 1924 Philippines 
Simplicio Babao Jr. 92nd Coast Artillery Reg. (PS) Battery D
Theo F. Babar Army
Servillano V. Bacal born 4/20/1917; died 1/19/1999; buried Roman Catholic Cemetery Calaca Batangas Philippines Army (PS)
Alberto S. “Bert” Bacani born 1/24/1911 Isabela Army; POW 
Cornello Bacani KIA Navy Steward’s Mate 1c; from Bacoor Cavite
Estanislao Bacat * Alamo Scouts (Rafael Ileto Team)
Eutiquio V. "Vic" Bacho, served in Europe
Uldarico Baclagon Lt
Graciano Baclig born 12/18/1907 Philippines; died 10/7/1971 buried Culpeper Va. Nat. Cemetery Army T/5
Faustino “Peping” Baclig born 1922 Philippines; Death March; guerrilla; postwar: resident of Whittier California
Benny G. Bacnat born 1912; died 2/21/2005 2nd Filipino Inf Regt @ Camp Cook California 
Ted Bacon * born 1924 Philippines; enlistment 4/12/1945; Filipino Inf Regt
William L. Bacoro * born 1926 Hawaii; enlistment 6/15/1945; 1st Filipino Inf Regt
Andres Bacos * born 11/30/1922 Hawaii; died 12/29/1982 Kihei Maui Hawaii; buried Maui Vterans Cem; enlistment 4/13/1945; Filipino Inf Regt Tec5
Jose Bacos died 1942 Casualty Ft McKinley Philippines
Benjamin R. Bacosa Army
Jesus B. Bactad Army
Ernest Badayos born 2/20/1920; died 3/3/1995; buried National Mem cemetery of the Pacific; ST3 Coast Guard
Manuel A. Badayos * born 1927 Hawaii; enlistment 6/15/1945; Filipino Inf Regt
Gerardo B. Badiola Army Air Forces
Lorenzo Badiola WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine 
Felotio Badua * born 1912 Philippines; enlistment 12/15/1945 Filipino Inf Regt
Pedro A. Badua born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 3/12/1945; Filipino Inf Regt
Daniel Baduria, Sr MIA; died 6/23/1943 Fort McKinley Philippines; SSgt Band 25th Div; Award: Purple Heart
Victor Baffo ** POW Navy chief watertender from 265 Kasarinlan St Santa Ana Manila
Felix Bagacina Army
Alfredo T. Bagaindoc Army
Amado Bagalay Cpl PC, later guerrilla 
Ramon D. Bagatsing # Battle of Bataan, Cpl later Mayor
Dominador Ancheta Baggao Army
Aniceto I. Bagley CWO4 76th Ordnance Ammunition Co (PS) “New Scout”
Moises “Ben” Bagnas Navy
Flabio S. Bagor born 1925 Hawaii; enlistment 6/15/1945 Filipino Inf Regt
Leonard E. Bague born 1/2/1925; died 1/6/2000; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery; Navy MOMM2
Demetrio B. Baguio * 1/11/1945 Casualty; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Army SSgt 411th Inf 103rd Div Award: Purple Heart; Bronze StarSoldier’s Medal
Domingo Baguio * born 11/21/1926; died 11/17/1997; buried Hawaii Veteran’s Cemetry; Army Cpl
Pete Bagulu * Filipino Inf Regt
Sotero Bailado * born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 11/9/1944 Filipino Inf Regt
Santiago Bailado born 7/25/1926; died 3/29/1991; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; SSgt Army
Nadjula Bairulla # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn
Sabtal Bairulla # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn
Gregorio Bakiano * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 11/9/1944
Sotero Bailado * Filipino Inf Regt
Herman Baladay * Filipino Inf Regt
Manuel B. Balagtas Army
Bacillio A. Balalong born 6/14/1924 Makaweli; died 6/8/2005; buried Hawaii State Veterans CemeteryArmy Sp2, also Korean War veteran; post-war: retired truck driver for Hicks Homes
Frederico Balambao * Alamo Scouts (Rafael Ileto Team)
Leoncio “Leo Balan born 2/15/1899 Mabini Pangasinan; died 4/10/2003 @ 104 yrs old in Kapiolani Med Center Pali Moli Hawaii; buried Schofield Post Cemetery; predeceased by wife & children; also served WW1 discharged from the Army; joined & later retired USN; member Wahiawa Post American Legion; resident of Wahiawa Hawaii; 
Lauriano A Balanag born 7/4/1904; died 1/9/1984; buried Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery; Navy CK1
Marcelo A. Balanag ** born 1909; died 4/29/1951 S. Korea DOW/SWA( Sfc Army Armored 5th Cav Regt 1st Cav Div Inf Regt Korean war casualty); also WW11 veteran
Clemente S. Balanay born 11/23/1906 Philippines; died 9/27/1987 Santa Barbara California; buried Riverside California National Cemetery
Herman L.Balanay born 10/23/1913 Philippines; died 7/2/1998; buried Olivet (Daly City California) Memorial Park; Army Pfc; enlistment 3/12/1945; SS issued Hawaii
Jose V. Balanay born 1909 Philippines; enlistment 3/12/1945; Filipino Inf Regt
Vicente D. Balanay born 1918 Philippines; enlistment 7/14/1942
Fred F. Balancio * born 1911 Philippines; enlisted @ Los Angeles Ca 12/23/1943
Paul Angeles Balanga Cpt Army 45th Inf (PS)
Eusebio Balanon born California; Casualty
O. Balanon born Philippines POW 5/7/1942
Rosendo Balanon born 1901; enlisted 10/31/1942; resident of San Luis Obispo California
Tiburcio Balanon Casualty
Flaxiano Balantong Ssgt 57th Inf PS Hq Co accidentally shot by F.A. sentry; taken to San Fernando Pampanga & later was missing Source:
Edward P. Balasbas * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 8/17/1944
Joseph Balbirona * Filipino Inf Regt
Isidro P. Baldado Army
Alejandro Balderan # Kangleon’s guerrilla in Leyte
Juanito Balderas * Filipino Inf Regt
Andres Baldimas Cpl Army 42d Field Artillery (PS); KIA Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/9/1942)
Felix Baldisarro * Filipino Inf Regt
Regalado Baldonado; post-war: member Board of the Veterans Equity Center
Saturnino Foronda Baldonado born 11/29/1909 Philippines; died 10/20/1983 San Mateo California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery California; Navy Ck2
Valentin Baldonado Army Pvt Co K 57th Inf Regt (PS) Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/11/1942-1/12/1942)
Bias Baldonro Filipino Inf Regt
Abraham Agmata Bali * also known as Buddy born 7/23/1927 Kauai; died 11/21/1996 St. Francis Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Tec5; post-war: retired maintenance worker for Waikiki condominiums; also U.S. Army postal clerk
Alfredo J. “Frenchy” Baligad * born 1924 Hawaii; died 5/26/1996 Hilo Hospital; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; post-war Hilo Coast Processing retired utility truck driver; enlistment 11/11/1944; Filipino Inf Regt
Thomas Balios * Filipino Inf Regt
Floretino D. “Primo” Balisbisana born 10/23/1925 Eleele Kauai; died 11/21/2002; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Merchant Marine; post-war: Tripler Army Medical Center retired electrician 
Gregorio Bordon Balite Navy Casualty 3/1/1942 ST3; from Mabini Pangasinan
Ali Benti Balladier 8/15/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine A.B. from Sulu Is Philippines
Gregorio B. Balleser Army
Francisco F. Ballesteros Navy
Norberto Ballesteros Sgt 3rd Bn 45th Inf PS
Jose Balmores * Filipino Inf Regt
Domingo Balod Army
Alipio Solomon Balolong born 8/15/1922; died 10/1/2003; buried Eternal Garden Cemetery Dagupan Pangasinan; Navy
Oseas Lipata Baloyot * born 12/1/1921 Makaweli Kauai; died 2/21/2007; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Sfc (Ret) Army; also Vietnam War veteran Pfc Army; post-war: retired heavy equipment operator
E. Baltazar Lt
Fernando Baltazar Army
Hermogenes Baltazar * born 1920 Philippines; enlistment 7/25/1942
Jesse Mallares Baltazar Air Force Major, Ret, Defense of Bataan, Death March (from Mariveles to Bagac); POW post-retirement: State Dept employee; from Manila Philippines
Paulino G. Baltazar Army
Alfonso Baluyot # born Philippines POW
Alfonso Dionoso Baluyot ** born 1/23/1921 Philippines; died 5/14/1923; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Sgt
Aquilino Baluyot # born Philippines POW
Bienvenido Ramirez Baluyot, Sr. born 1921; died 2003; buried Mountain View (Lakewood Wash) Memorial Park; Army; also Korean War Veteran
Eustaquio Baluyot # born Philippines POW
Eustaquio Baluyot ** born 9/24/1914; died 1/20/1999; buried Holy Cross (Colma Daly City Ca) Cemetery; Army
Floyd E. Baluyot born 11/7/1922; died 10/18/2002; buried Orion Bataan Catholic Cemetery; Navy SD1, also Korean & Vietnam Wars Veteran
Luis Tria Baluyot ** born 6/21/1908 Philippines; died 4/13/1995 LA Ca; buried Riverside National Cemetery; Army Tec5
Ramon A. Baluyot Army
Rustico Baluyot # born Philippines POW
Wilson Docuyanan Baluyot born 1/9/1926; died 8/20/2001; buried Ft. Richardson (Alaska) National Cemetery; Navy MM3; also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran
Bienvenido Baluyut # born Philippines POW
Enrique Baluyut # born Philippines POW
Anacleto Bambico * Filipino Inf Regt
Go Ban Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Se Ban Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Sy Ban Capt “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Jose Banal (also known as Jose Poblete) Maj.Pampanga Hukbalahap
Lino Banares Sgt. Co D 57th Inf Regt (PS) Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/14/1942-1/18/1942) arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943
Hua Bang Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Estanislao D. Bangi Navy
Emilio Bangiban born 2/28/1897 Philippines; died 5/6/1942 (12/1945) Casualty Navy Machinist’s Mate 3c; resident of Carles Iloilo; SS# issued Hawaii
Simplicio A. Banglos * born 1923 Hawaii; enlistment 10/13/1944 Filipino Inf Regt
Mariano Bangui * born 11/13/1895 “Amalong“; died 5/14/1974 San Francisco Ca; buried Willamette National Cemetery; SDC Navy; also WW1 veteran (Pvt Co F 1st Hawaiian Inf 7/15/1918-7/12/1919; resident of Waiakea Quarry Hilo Hawaii)
Arcangel Baniares # T/Sgt Army arr. Mindoro via the 1st submarine to surface in the Philippines-the USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943 (w/ Capt Ricardo Galang, 1st Lt. R.F. Songco; Sgts Vicente Pinuela, Alfredo Alberto; Ramon Vitorio & Benjamin Harder
Mariano Banis born 1922 Philippines; enlistment 7/15/1944
Vitoliono Bantiles (PS) “New Scout”
Dominador Baralea Col guerrilla & spy mission
Fernando Barberan
C. Barbero
Maximo Barbon Army
Orlino Bareng * Filipino Inf Regt
Robert Bareng *  born 4/9/1911 Laoag Ilocos Norte died 1/22/2007; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc; post-war retired security guard
Emiliano Pacana Baring Army
Raymond Baroman * Filipino Inf Regt
Emilio Barot * born 1913 Philippines; enlistment 6/21/1944
Jose Y. Barredo Army
Maximo Barrera died 12/3/1943; Casualty (survived sinking of Sculpin SS-191 sunk north of Groluk Is near Truk11/19/1943, but died when being transported from Truk to Japan via INJ Chuyo that was sunk by USS Sailfish 12/3/1943); Navy; Cook 1c; from Tinajero Bacolor Pampanga
Rouel Barrientos * born 1907 Hawaii; enlistment 8/26/1942
Russell Barrios Maj. Bicol guerrilla
Feliciano Barroga, Jr born 1925 Philippines
Haime Barroga * Filipino Inf Regt
Pablo Barros
Timoteo G. Barruga born 1/24/1900; died 8/23/2002; buried Glorious Ressurrection Memorial Park Tagum City Davao del Norte Philippines; (also a WW1 veteran Pvt Army)
Leon Bartolome * Filipino Inf Regt
Raymond Bartolome * Filipino Inf Regt
Henry H. Bartram * born 1920 Georgia; enlistment 9/29/1942 from Hawaii “Race: Filipino, citizen”
Cesar Fernando Basa # born 1915 Philippines; died 12/12/1941 KIA Batangas Phil 3Lt. Philippine Army Air Corps Award: Silver Star (posthumous) Basa Airbase in Floridablanca, Pampanga named in his honor 
Elias Guzman Basa born 1/1/1918 Philippines; also Korean War Casualty; died while MIA 12/2/1950 North Korea; buried San Francisco National Cemetery; 1LT-02 H Co 38 Inf Rgt 2 Inf Div
Fermin Basan born 1922 Philippines; enlistment 7/19/1943
Ramon Basan # born 1912 Philippines; enlistment 7/19/1943
Damaso Basco # born 1912 Philippines; Death March moved to Pittsburg California in 1950s; 26th Calvalry (PS)
Gene Basibasi * born 1921 Hawaii; enlistment 9/9/1944
Jose B. Basilio Army
Jose P. Batas Army
Philip Torres Batis born 3/21/1927; died 11/14/1957; buried Golden Gate California National Cemetery; Navy Utilities Man 2
Erasto R. Batongmalaque born 7/26/1905 Philippines; died 3/9/1995 Riverside Ca; Cpt 21st Inf Div; from Bataan; wrote “My Road Back”, an autobiography, father of Dr. Jenny Batongmalaque, pres of Filipino Veterans Foundation (FVF) 
Marcelo Salva Batoon SSgt Army; born 1/16/1916 Philippines; died 1/14/1985 Los Angeles California; buried Riverside National Cemetery
Paulino G. “Paul” Batoon born 6/19/1912 Philippines; died 5/26/2000; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pvt; post-war electrician employed by the federal gov’t
Amado Bautista Col Corps of Engr. Commanding Officer 11th Eng Bn. (PS); Award: Distinguished Services Cross (for 12/21/1941 @ San Juan La Union; 12/23/1941 @ Klondykes & Camp One Pangasinan; 12/28/1941 @ Concepcion Tarlac; 1/3/1942-1/4/1942 @ Guagua & Lubao Pampanga & @ other times & places, then Cpt)
Antonio Bautista guerrilla; Casualty; executed
Arturo S. Bautista Army
Edward Bautista A Co 45th Inf (PS)
Francisco A. Bautista born 1928; Col; Army; from Mabini Batangas
Mario Pociano Bautista, MD born 7/28/1917 Manila Philippines; died 1/28/1994 Army 37th Div 2/1945-11/1945; prewar: medical degree U.S.T. 1943; postwar: med license Hawaii 1958; president United Filipino council of Hawaii 1971
Justo Alcantara Bautista Coast Guard Troop Transport USS Wakefield Awards: American Area Campaign Medal, European- Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, WW11 Victory Medal, American Defense Medal; from Aringay Philippines
Benjamin F. Bauzon Army
Aurelio Bayangos died 1942 Casualty Philippines
Pablo Bayangos born Philippines; KIA 1942; Awards: Distinguished Service Cross (posthumous), Purple Heart (2) Army Cpl Co L, 57th Inf Regt PS
Melchor V. Bayani Army
Alfred S. Baylon # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Camiling Tarlac Philippines
Modesto Bayna Navy
Peter Pedro G. Bayogo Army
Vicente Berenguer Bayona Army
Eleuterio T. Baysa * Casualty; Army Air Forces;  Maui Hawaii resident & from Ilocos Norte
Pedro Fontanilla Baysa submarine crew Casualty USS Scamp (SS-277) 11/9/1944; Navy ST2; resident of Waialua Hawaii
Prudente Ferrer Baysic Navy
Ubaldo A. Beato Army
Vincent Bedoya * Filipino Inf Regt
Ruperto V. Belarmino Army
Angel D. Belcar Army
Cleto S. Bello # TSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Claveria Cagayan Philippines
Marcelino R. Bello born 7/10/1898 Philippines; died 1/9/1983 Honolulu Hawaii; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; US Navy Cook; Steward; listed 1920 Honolulu Hawaii Census; also WW1 veteran; Source:
Telesforo Teves Belloso Sr Army Esteban Beloncio guerrilla; Cpt from Calapan Mindoro prewar: public school principal 
Esteban Beloncio guerrilla; Cpt from Calapan Mindoro prewar: public school principal 
Stan B. Beloy Army
Leonides Beltran Sr army
Manuel J. Beltran Army
Santiago Beltrano Navy
Felipe T. Benabaye Army
Julian Benac Army
Braulio Y. Bendebel Army Air Forces
Gerardo P. Benedicto Army
George C. Benefiel Army
James Benjamin * Filipino Inf Regt
Johnny Benjamin * Filipino Inf Regt
Justiniano B. Benton 57th Inf (PS) A Co
Alfonso Beralas * Filipino Inf Regt
Marcelino Taclob Bergado 1/10/1943 Casualty USS Argonaut SS-166 sunk near Rabaul; MA1
Juan Berganio Alamo Scouts
Jesus Bergante Navy Casualty 2/21/1945 ST2 from Janiuay Iloilo
G. Berino Army
Michael Bermudes * born 1910 Hawaii; enlistment 6/8/1942
Florentino E. Bermudo born 2/24/1906 Philippines; died 10/1944 MIA Pvt MG Troop 26th Cavalry
Batelino C. Bernades * born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 9/15/1944
Jose Bautista Bernardino Army
Mabini Bernardo Navy Casualty 7/28/1942 S2c; from Barlan St Caridad Cavite
Mariano A. Berona Sfc 12th Medical (PS)
Justo Berzabal # born 9/14/1897 died 10/5/1971 buried East Union Cemetery San Joaquin Ca. Army Pvt
Eugene Beter * Filipino Inf Regt
Ernest Betita * Filipino Inf Regt
Justiniano B. Betorin 57th Inf Co A (PS); from Malabon
Pablo Bibilone * Filipino Inf Regt
Bernaldo Daniel Bicoy born 1923 Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii; a lawyer; member Hawaii House of Representatives in Territorial (1958-59) & State (1968-69); also Korean war veteran
Enimicio H. Bicoy born 12/19/1921; died 3/27/1978; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy S1
Tommy Bicoy born 4/5/1926 Ahukini Kauai; died 6/4/2004 St Francis West Hospice; buried Schofield Post Cemetery; also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran; retired Air Force SMSgt; civilian: retired from post office
Bruno Bidar * born 1908 Philippines * enlistment 1944; prewar: McBryde Plantation employee
Abdulwahid A. Bidin # born 4/7/1925 Sibutu, Tawi-tawi; veteran 1944-1946 post-war: SC Associate Justice (1987-1997)
Victor Bigno * Filipino Inf Regt
Richard Elicrio Bihag born 1/4/1926 Honolulu; died 9/10/2006 Pahoa Hawaii; buried East Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc; Filipino Inf Regt; post-war: Honolulu City & County employee
Lao Bio Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Domingo Bisente born 12/17/1896 Philippines; died 2/1942 WW11 Casualty; Navy watertender 2c; resident of 89 Dra Salamanea St San Roque Cavite; also WW1 veteran: 5/31/1918-7/14/1919 Army Pfc Co G 1st & 2nd Hawaiian Inf resident of Puunene Hawaii during WW1 enlistment
Kablayan Bismani * Filipino Inf Regt
Labjabeto Bitong * Filipino Inf Regt
Bernardo Ababao Bitoon born 9/12/1900 Philippines; died 5/5/1981; buried San Francisco National Cemetery; Navy Steward 1c, also Korean War veteran
Joseph Bitte * Filipino Inf Regt
Pacita Bobadilla (see Pacita Todtod)
Angel Bocareli Bobiles born 3/1/1919; died 6/22/1993; buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery; Army Tec5
Jose Bokuiron Navy Casualty 3/1/1942 STM1c Navy; from Iriga Camarines Sur
Jes Bolante * born 1910 Hawaii; enlistment 9/21/1942
Tomas Boleta
Bernardo L. Bolibol **born 7/8/1905 Philippines died 2/1972 SF Ca Army Pvt; enlistment 10/7/1942
Urbano Rivera Bolibol born 5/24/1914; died 3/1/1989; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec4
Philip Bolilan * Filipino Inf Regt
Benny Bolivar * Filipino Inf Regt
Fausto Bolo
Bonifacio “Johnny” Bolongan born 5/14/1921 Philippines; died 1/17/2007 Waianae; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Sgt; post-war: retired Schofield Barracks maintenance man
Domingo Orque “Sandy” Bolosan born 3/25/1928 Makaweli Kauai; died 12/24/2002 Waipahu; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Cpl Army, also Korean War veteran; post-war: Schofield Barracks Entomology Dept. retiree
Mauricio Orque Bolosan born 9/22/1926; died 4/14/2003; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Cpl; post-war: retired deputy chief Dept of Agriculture
Raymondo Bolosan enlistment
Simeon E. Bolosan # died 1941 MIA Philippines; Cpl Troop F 26th Cavalry PS
Reyno Boltiador * Filipino Inf Regt
Federico C. Bolusan
Tan Bon Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
William Bonachita * born 1924 Hawaii; enlistment 10/12/1944; Filipino Inf Regt
Gomersindo Bondad
Elias Bongabong born 1914 Philippines POW Davao; moved to U.S. 1996
Miguel N. Bongato
Francisco Bongcak WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine
Floyd E. Bongolan Army Air Forces
Fernando Bonifacio * born 1901 Philippines; enlistment 9/8/1940
Avelino Bonilla
Tomas Bonita
William Bonkishio * born 1925 Hawaii; enlistment 4/27/1944
Antonio Bonoan Army
Louis Bonoan * born 1920; enlistment 5/6/1944
Patricio Bontog * Filipino Inf Regt
Alfonso G. Borja Army
Vicente & Matea (Sadava) Borja CIVILIAN Casualties; parents of Sfc Domingo Borja (only child) who was himself a North Korean POW & KIA/MIA/NBR in Vietnam war & a DSC recipient Re:
Abenir Bornales Lt
Vicente C. Borneo Army
Exequiel Algas Botictic brother of Gavino and Simeon, Kangleon’s guerrilla in Leyte
Gavino Algas Botictic brother of Exequiel and Simeon, Kangleon’s guerrilla in Leyte
Simeon Algas Botictic brother of Gavino and Exequiel, Kangleon’s guerrilla in Leyte
Silvino Bracamonte born Philippines; POW
Manuel B. Braga
Tomas Braga
Peter Bragair
Nicasio B. Bravo
Ramon I. Brazil
Conrado Boes Brillantes born 6/11/1911 Philippines; died 4/25/1985 Los Angeles California; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery; Army Pvt
Mike Bello Brillantes born 4/3/1912 Philippines; died 7/15/2004 Philippines; buried Nabaccayan Cemetery Gattaran Cagayan Philippines Army Tec5
Pedro C. Brillantes
Lauriano Bringas born 1/3/1912; died 6/15/1982; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec4
Feliciano Brion Casualty 3/1/1942 S2c Navy; from 1351 Pedro Guevarra St Santa Cruz Manila
Larry Saavedra Brown Army
Manuel Biteng Buaken ** born 4/16/1903 Philippines died 5/1973 San Diego Ca 1st Filipino Inf Regt
Jose D. Buan enlistment
Martin L Buan POW; born 11/11/1917; died 5/14/1997; buried Pili Catholic Cemetery Camarines Sur; enlisted
Oliver C. Buan born 11/10/1921; died 12/6/2005; buried Long Bridge Lutheran Cemetery Little Sauk, Long Prairie Minnesota; Army Tec5
Josefino Buccat
Felix B. Budiao** born 3/8/1907 Philippines died 3/6/1998 Watsonville Ca Pfc Infantry; enlistment 5/17/1946 LA Ca
Luis F. Buenafe
Philip Buencamino
Dewy B. Bueno
Francisco T. Bueno
George B. Bueno * born 1904 Hawaii enlistment 8/5/1942
Guillermo R.  Bueno * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 11/9/1944
Leonardo Bueno
Ellis Bugarin * born 1915 Philippines; enlistment 12/5/1945
Ely Manglicmot Bugarin Navy
Feliciano Todias Bugarin; died 12/7/1941 Pearl Harbor Casualty Navy OC2c; memorial USS Utah Pearl Harbor; 
(Notes by M.E. Embry: Feliciano Bugarin Army serial # 3551470; born 4/6/1893 Santo Domingo Ilocos Philippines; Cpl Co B 2nd Hawaii Inf 4/8/1917-2/6/1919; resident of Pahoa Hawaii -same person or a namesake? )
Freddy E. Bugarin
Mariano Buison Army
Manuel “Manny” Bulahan born 1919 Philippines # 2ndLt.
Meliton Bulan Lt
Ananias Bulanon Army
Ben “Doc” Bulatao ** SSgt
Justin Bulawan Army
Faustino Bulawit * Filipino Inf Regt
Vincent Sagon Bulosan ** born 4/7/1901 Philippines died 1/22/1966 buried Golden Gate Nat Cemetery Pvt, 2nd  
Filipino Inf Co F
Jesus T. Bulquerin Army
Agustin C. Bumanglag born 4/22/1913; died 9/1/2001; buried Bangui Ilocos Norte Public Cemetery; Sgt Army POW
Guillermo Bumanlag Casualty; died
Placido Bumanglag born 10/8/1900 Philippines; died 12/15/2000; buried Pasuquin Municipal Cemetery Ilocos Norte; Army POW
Santiago Bumanlag listed Navy Aircraft Muster Rolls
Susano Crisostomo Bumanglag born 7/28/1912 Philippines; died 8/20/1996 San Mateo California; buried golden Gate Cemetery; Army Sgt
Elpidio A. Bumanlag Army
Pedro Balanay Bumanglag born 9/16/1901 Philippines; died 3/22/1999; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; Tec 4 Army
Candido Bumatay born 10/7/1908 Philippines; died 3/3/1996 San Mateo California buried San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery Pfc
Fulgencio C. Buna Navy
Diego M. Bunag born Philippines POW
Jose P. Bunag POW
Marcelo Bunag POW
Romeo Bunag * born 4/17/1922; died 12/21/1987; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy SD2, also Korean & Vietnam Wars Veteran
Santiago D. “Sandy” Bunda born 1927 San Nicolas Ilocos Norte; drafted 1945; also a Korean Veteran 5th RCT went to Pusan 7/25/1950; father of Hawaii Legislature Sen. Pres. Robert “Bobby” Bunda; Korean Award: Silver Star MSgt Army
Enrique M. Bungag Army
Isabelo Bunuan born 6/21/1907; died 10/14/2001; buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery; Navy SDSC, also Korean War; military service 11/15/1926-1/1/1956
Zosimo Bunuan born 1919; enlistment 2/15/1941
Abelardo Buraga * born 5/26/1907 Philippines; died 9/1/1942 Casualty; POW Navy Officer’s Steward 3c; from Cabagan Isabela; SS# issued Hawaii
Alfred “Fred” X. Burgos Sgt 
Federico J. Burgos Army
Jose A. Bustamante Army
Dominador D. Bustos died 1942 Ft. McKinley; Casualty
Felipe Bustos born Philippines POW 
Gregorio Bustos POW; died Ft McKinley Philippines
Prudencio D. Bustos 1942 Ft. McKinley Casualty
Macario Butron # PA Sgt; guerrilla; from Leyte
Marcelino S. Buyco, Sr. Army
Benigno Caabay * CIVILIAN Casualty Pearl Harbor attack; Source:
Ray Cabacar
Remigio Abrajano Cabacar Navy
Genaro L. Cabacongan; born 5/9/1908; died 8/2/1997; buried Mililani Memorial Park; Army Pfc
Guillermo Ramos Cabacongan born 10/13/1911 Philippines; died 10/24 1996; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Merchant Marine; residence: Concord California; 1930 census resident of Honokaa Hawaii
Johnny Cantero Cabacongan born 2/8/1909 Philippines; died 9/25/2006; buried Narvacan (Ilocos Sur) Public Cemetery; Army Pvt; enlistment residence @ San Joaquin Co. California
Alfred Cabacungan * born 12/5/1924; died 4/6/2007; buried Maui Memorial Park; Army Tec5; Filipino Inf Regt
Estelito Cabading Navy Officer’s Cook 2c; Casualty 9/30/1942; from Pura, Tarlac  
Manual Cabading # born 1919 Philippines; died 11/23/2004 57th Inf Co M, POW, Phil Constabulary, moved to U. S. 1947; also Korean War Veteran, Army & Army Civilian retiree
Alejandro Cabael * Filipino Inf Regt
Eutiquio G. Cabais ** MSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Montano Cabales Army
Leon Z. Cabalhin Col.Laguna & Rizal guerrilla
Dodong Caballero #
Benvenido “Ben” Caballes * born 12/7/1922 Pulehu Maui; died 11/7/1999; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Air Force Cpl; civilian: retired machinist from Pearl Harbor Shop #38
Daniel C. Cabalo, Sr. * born 7/24/1923 Narvacan Ilocos Sur Philippines; died 5/3/2005; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army; civilian: retired fr. Freeman Guards, Inc
Gervacio Cabanatan died 9/24/1944 Ft. McKinley Philippines; Casualty
Ireneo Cabanatan * born 1923 Hawaii; enlistment 10/14/1944; Filipino Infantry Regt; also Korean War veteran
Juan Cabanatan born 6/15/1896; died 5/15/1942 Ft McKinley Philippines; Casualty
Bartolome “Bart” Cabangbang # Cpt guerrilla
Alfredo Cabanilla * 
Lorenzo Panem Cabanilla * born 1913 Bantay Abut Narvacan Ilocos Sur Philippines; died 8/4/2004; buried Mililani Cemetery; post-war: Schofiled Barracks retired maintenance man
William Cabanlit * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 9/15/1944
Juan Malate Cabantoy Pfc Army; born 8/15/1908; died 12/26/1992; buried Willamete National Cemetery Portland Oregon; enlisted 7/15/1943; Filipino 1st Inf Regt
Marcelino Claridad Cabasa # born 4/26/1926 Narvacan Ilocos Sur; died 4/29/2004; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery Army post-war: Hilo Coast Processing Sugar Co. retired crane operator 
Vincente A. Cabasag ** born 9/8/1897; died 5/17/1973; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery; Army Pvt
William A. Cabasag * born 7/2/1923; died 5/30/1994; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; SSgt Army also, Korea & Vietnam Veteran
Feliseo Cabaddu died 5/5/2006; “New Scouts” medical support unit; enlisted 1946 d/cd 1949
Mariano L. Cabel Army
Teofilo C. Cabellon Army
Alberto Cabigas MIA Army Pvt 7/24/1942
Fabian M. Cabigas born 1/27/1906; died 2/19/1997; buried Calverton (NY) National Cemetery; Army Tec4
Florencio B. Cabigas MIA 1/29/1942; Army Pvt
Saturnino Ramos Cabigas # born 11/29/1913; died 10/13/1998; buried Narvacan Ilocos Sur Catholic Church Cemetery; 26th Cavalry Troop E; command of Cpt John Z. Wheeler Award: Bronze Star
Sotero V. Cabigas Casualty Merchant Marine ship- Cynthia Olson 12/7/1941 F/W
Fabian A. Cabilao Army
Bill Cabillo 26th Calvalry (PS)
Pedro Flores Cabiluna born 8/1/1920 Philippines; died 12/10/1987; buriedSan Francisco National Cemetery; Army 2nd Lt.
Telesforo Cachola Cablay * born 1/5/1927 Narvacan Ilocos Sur; died 3/7/2006; buried Hawaii State Veterans; Army Pvt; post-war: food preparer retiree from Tripler Officers Club
Severino Peralta Cablayan born 12/31/1913; died 8/14/1990; buried Riverside (California) National Cemetery; Army SP3 
Mariano B. Cabotaje born 7/18/1902; died 11/20/1963; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc
Nelson R. Cabrales born 12/19/1912; died 5/7/1997 Seattle Wash; 1st Filipino Regt: post-war: Army retiree SSgt, also Korean War 1950-1952 MP; Awards: Bronze Star; Combat Infantrymen’s Badge, Good Conduct Medal w/ 3 knots
Ambrosio Gines Cabrara born 12/7/1913 Narvacan Ilocos Sur; died 7/11/2002; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Navy S1c; also Merchant Marine for Fed govt.; formerly of Seattle, Wash
Catalino F. “Lino” Cabreros born 4/28/1913 Philippines; died 8/6/1999; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec5; post-war: Pearl Harbor Naval Supply Center retired truck driver
John Isaac Abella Cabreros Sr born 6/24/1911 Narvacan Ilocos Sur; died 3/10/2007; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec 5; post-war: retired cook & barber
Lodivico C. Cabreros born 5/11/1911; died 11/2/1982; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc
Hugo Caguyong Cabudlay Navy Cook 1c Casualty from Ormoc Leyte
Paul B. Cabudol # born 5/10/1909 Philippines died 4/15/1999 buried San Joaquin Valley Nat. Cemetery Army Pvt also a long-time railroad employee
Quintin Cabulong born 10/31/1889; died 8/17/1962; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; military 3/31/1941; 5/31/194; SSgt Army Band 19th Inf
Roberto Cabulong * born 11/14/1923 Manila Philippines; died 2/10/2003 Aberdeen MD; buried Arlington Cemetery; also Korean War Army Cpt; civilian occupation: Department of Army employee
Johnny Caburnay Navy
Marcello E.  Cabus ** born 1909 San Esteban, Phil; died 12/7/1991 car accident Filipino Inf SSgt, medic
Pablo Dupilas Cacal # born 8/12/1912 Philippines; died 9/20/2001; buried Paniqui Tarlac, Philippines; Army
Buddy O. Cacatian Pvt born 8/10/1910; died 2/5/1977; buried Long Island National Cemetery
Teodorico C. Cacatian born 8/8/1906; died 7/7/1999; buried St. Joseph’s Cemetery Keyport NJ
Anastacio Cacayorin Army
Pedro C. Cachola ** born 2/17/1907 Philippines; died 10/20/2002 LA Ca; enlisted 4/4/1945 California 
Apolonio Cacitoit 5/24/1943 Merchant Marine Casualty F/W Stanvac Manila
Ernesto Cadabes Navy
Felipe Burguita Cadabes Navy
Oscar Gonabe Cadabes Navy
Manuel Busa Caddawan Army
Liberato B. Cadiz* born 1912 also in Korean War died 9/3/1950 Chindong-ni, S. Korea KIA Army Cpl Company L, 3rd Battalion, 5th Infantry Regimental Combat Team, Awards the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation, the Republic of Korea War Service Medal
Jose “Joe” Cagalawan * born 3/22/1923 Eleele, Kauai; died 3/24/2001 Pearl City; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Pfc Filipino Infantry Regt; post-war: retired from 14th Naval District Navmag Lualualei, a merchant marine & Pacific Machinery employee; Filipino Inf Regt
Perfecto Cahilig * Filipino Inf Regt
Rufino Reyes Cahilig Casualty Merchant Marine 3/10/1943 ship- Andrea F. Luckenbach A.B; resident of Brooklyn NY
Fulhencio Caig Navy Casualty 2/16/1943 MM1 from 908 Rizal Ave Manila
Pablo C. Caigoy Army
Mariano Cauilan born 11/7/1907 Tuguegarao Cagayan; died 12/11/2008 Pleasnt Hill California; PS during WW2 & over 25 years w/ U.S. Army & post-war over 10 yrs as federal employee
Francisco Asistores Caimol Army
Francisco B. Caingoy Army
Arsenio Caiquep Casualty 8/3/1944 OST1c Navy; from San Narciso Zambales
Arcadio V. Calabas Army Cmdr; Death March survivor
Leo Calabio * born 6/4/1914 Amauulu Hawaii; died 6/16/1999; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery Army Pfc
Aldred A. Calambro # born 4/25/1912 Iloilo, Philippines; died 9/18/1925; buried Arlington Section 64 Site 6546; enlisted 1932; WW11 POW & Bataan Death March survivor; Korean War (1951-53) retired a Cpt on 4/1/1959
Cirilo S. Calambro Army
Orencio Calapini Sr # from Banguia, Ilocos Norte,a Philippine Scout; his grdson Thomas died in Iraq War
Teddy A. Calaramo Philippines* born 1905; enlistment 9/10/1942
Dan Calcidan
David Calderon born Philippines; died 9/21/1942; Navy 2c POW from Caridad Cavite
Jose Calderon ** born 3/10/1905 Philippines died 7/15/1942 POW; Casualty; Navy Coxswain; form Santa Rita Olongapo; SS# issued California
Art Caleda born 1926 Philippines; Intelligence Service Company, 11th InfRegt, USAFFE
Lorenzo G. Calica ** born 11/8/1903; died 10/13/1998 SF Ca Filipino Inf Band; musician played w/ the Manila Serenaders
Frank Calija * born 1906 Philippines; enlistment 6/6/1942
Cypriano Calio * Filipino Inf Regt
Pascual M. Calix # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn from Natividad Pangasinan Philippines 
Pablo Callado Casualty 12/10/1941 Navy Fireman 2c; from Damilisan Miagao Iloilo
Jaime S. Callanta # 6/20/1942 MIA; died Ft Mckinley; Army Cpl 57th Infantry Rgt Observation Award: Bronze Star Medal
Artemio “Art” Calleda * born 1923 Philippines; post war Vice Pres WW11 FilAm Veterans Hawaii chapter
Fortunato Callejo Casualty 6/23/1942 OC2c Navy; from 50 Loreto St Sampaloc Manila
Joseph J. Calligaro Army
Filemon C. Calopez Army
Pablo Calpito * Filipino Inf Regt
Jose Calugas, Sr # Mess Sgt Army; 88th Field Artillery Battery B, PS; Medal of Honor for heroism on 9/16/1942 @ Culis Bataan from Barrio Tagsing; buried Mountain View Memorial Park Cemetery Tacoma Washington
Fernando T. Calumpit * born 5/6/1908 Philippines; died 2/4/1986 buried Riverside National Cemetery; Navy STM1
Frederico Caluya * Filipino Inf Regt
Juan Calvo Cpt resistance movement; famous Spanish aviator who made the 1st solo flight from Manila to Madrid
Lorenzo Santillan Camacho Army
Gene Cabamongan Cambe born 4/8/1911 Philippines; died 9/8/1998 Honolulu; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc; civilian: retired barber
Nicolas Camello
Benigno Camino Army
Henry Caminos * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 8/15/1944; Filipino Inf Regt
Henry Celestial Campit Coast Guard
Abraham C. “Abe” Campo Army Lt
Dixon Campos 1st Filipino Regt
Francisco Camus Navy
Andres Canales born 2/10/1893 San Fernando Philippines; died 9/9/1963; buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery (San Diego Ca); Cs1 Navy ; resident of San Diego Ca; also WW1 veteran: Cpl  Co H 1st Hawaiian Inf 9/9/1917-7/17/1919; resident of Waipahu, Hawaii  
Buenaventura B. Canares Army
Leonardo Magaspac Cancio # born 7/31/1907 Philippines died 10/6/1989 Monterey Ca POW
Francisco Canedo Army Air Forces
Estelito Canete Filipino Inf Regt
Lucio Eduaba Canete Navy OC1c; Casualty from Clarin Bohol
Matio Canilanza Navy Fireman 1c Casualty from San Fernando Cebu
Ramon B. Cano Navy Casualty 5/6/1942; S2c; from 156 Pampanga Tondo
Andrew Canon * Filipino Infantry Regt
Felix Emon Canonigo * born Philippines; enlistment
Daniel V. Canonizado * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 9/15/1944
Clarence Cantil * Filipino Inf Regt
Canuto Lt “King Canuto”
Nick Casabuena
Joe Castillo Capacillo ** born 11 22/1911 Philippines died 10/2/1972 buried Tulare Ca; enlistment Los Angeles Ca
Donato Alcansaren Caparino Navy Seaman 2c; died 8/6/1942; POW; Casualty; from Dao Antique, Panay
Auero Capili Army (PS) 3rd Lt Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 2/7/1942-2/17/1942)
Esperidion H. Capili Army
Graciano H. Capili Navy
Maximino Rodriguez Capili born 5/9/1921; died 12/26/2007; buried Catholic Cemetery Pampanga; Army Pvt
Pedro Pauig Capili born 6/7/1917; died 3/2/2002; buried Mission Memorial Park Seaside California; Army Sfc, also Korean War veteran
Mateo Capinpin # Brig General born 4/22/1887 Morong Rizal Philippines; died 12/28/1958 Binan Laguna Philippines; Death March POW survivor; prewar: Phil Scouts1906-1918, returned 1919; 1st Lt. Phil National Guard 1918-1919; commander of Phil Army 21st Div1934; postwar: retired Adj Gen AFP Awards: Distinguished Service Cross
Jose Capio * Filipino Infantry Regt
Mario Capiral Army
Capistrano 1st Filipino Regt Co H & 1st Recon Bn (Special)
David Capobres Army
Rudolfo Capobres Army
Tranquilino Capobres Army
Agapito Capol born 8/10/1903; died 7/18/1983 Waipahu; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Army Pfc
Wenceslao “Ben” Capol born 9/28/1928 Ewa; died 8/5/2001 Hauula; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Cpl Army, also Korean War veteran; post-war: retired custodian Helemano Elementary School
Manuel Carabal * Filipino Inf Regt
Clemente Carandang 1942 Navy; Officer’s Cook 1c POW; Casualty; from San Jose San Luis Batangas 
Eriberto Caranto born 1917; died 12/7/2003 Huntsville Alabama; Death March; post war: retired 32 yrs Army; civil service until 1989
Manuel Carabal * Filipino Inf Regt
Angeles Carbon Army
Feliciano L. Carbon Army
Francisco C. Carbon Army
Jesus Carbon Army
Jesusimo Carbon Army
Ludovico C. Carbon Army
Carl Constancio Cargado *** born 12/20/1923; died 12/15/2003; buried Willamette Portland Oregon; Navy SN
Pedro F. Cariaga # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn
Andres N. Cariaso Army
Patrocinio Carillo # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Solano Nueva Vizcaya Philippines
Demetrio M. Carino Army 
Eddie M. Carpio Army
Federico Carpio * born 1/2/1896; died 12/15/1945 Casualty; Navy Cook 1c resident of 761 Velasques St Manila Philippines SS issued Hawaii
Jose P. Carpio # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn; from Paoay Ilocos Norte
William Carpio * born 1919 Hawaii; enlistment 4/27/1944
Benjamin Carreon 3/12/1942 Casualty John D. Gill-ship; Merchant Marine messman from Octon Philippines
Godofredo Carreon Col
Marino Casiano Navy Officer’s Cook1c Casualty 8/9/1942; from San Antonio Zambales
Ned Caspe #
Conrado Caspillo born 8/12/1913; died 1/1975; enlistment; Army Pvt; 1920 Kauai Census
Augustin Bunacruz Castaneda, Sr. Navy
Domingo Castaneda born 1916 Philippines; Casualty 11/14/1942 ship-Scapa Flow; Merchant Marine Radio Officer
Floriano Castaneda 45th Inf (PS) Intelligence Section
Felix Castellano * born 1922 Hawaii; enlistment 7/15/1944
Alehandro Samonte Castillo * born 12/16/1921 Kukuihaele Hawaii; died 8/20/2003; enlistment 4/27/1944
Ambrocio Castillo born Philippines POW
Andres Castillo born 1910 Philippines; enlistment 1/4/1946 Army Pfc
Bernardo Castillo 2/6/1942 Casualty; Merchant Marine Bosun; ship-Major Wheeler; from Manila Philippines
Bernardo Castillo * Filipino Inf Regt
Cornelio Castillo * born 2/2/1907 Philippines; died 9/15/1942 POW Casualty; Navy Coxswain; resident of 13 Pescadores, Guimbal, Iloilo Philippines SS# issued Hawaii
Crescencio T. Castillo born Philippines POW
Danny S. Castillo Army
Diego Castillo born Philippines POW
Eddy S. Castillo * born 6/17/1925 Samar Philippines; died 12/12/1996 Castle Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Platoon Sgt Army also, Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran; civilian: deputy marshall U.S. Depatment of Justice
Eustaquio Castillo born Philippines POW
Florentino M. Castillo Army
Godofredo Corpuz Castillo born 8/3/1924 Alcala Pangasinan, member of East Central Luzon Guerilla Area (ECLGA); Pvt Hq 3rd Bn 1st Pangasinan Regt Alcala Pangasinan under 1st Lt. Tomas Daladar on 6/1/1943; Guerilla B 3rd Bn 1st Pangasinan Regt as Rifleman (6/2/1943); unit was attached to 161st Inf 25th Div US Army (4/10/1945-6/1945); unit was attached to 126th Inf 32nd Division, U.S. Army (6/26/1945 to 9/24/1945) all under Cpt B. Asuncion; then unit was attached to USAFIP-NL (9/25/1945 to 1/7/1946); received honorable discharge 2/6/1946
Info provided by Dr. Gigi Castillo, his widow who is interested in getting in contact w/ her late husband’s comrades since she is planning to write a book about his military wartime experience. Any contact with Dr. Castillo will be forwarded to her by our website-notes by Maria Elizabeth Embry
Gregorio Castillo born Philippines POW
Irineo S. Castillo born Philippines POW
Marcelo “Middy” S. Castillo USNA grad
Maximo Castillo, Jr. * born 1917; enlistment 4/27/1944
Ricardo H. “Ricky” Castillo, Sr born 2/28/1928; died 2/23/2006 Honolulu; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc; post-war: retired rigger for the Federal government @ Pearl Harbor
Sonito Castillo born Philippines POW
Tana Castillo Casualty
Teodoro Castillo 7/5/1942 POW; released; ship Carlton in Murmansk Run; Merchant Marine; Steward; resident Capiz Philippines
Valintin Castillo * born 7/4/1912 Bacnotan La Union; died 10/21/2002 Wahiawa; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; also Korean War veteran; post-war: retired heavy equipment operator @ Schofield Barracks
Venancio Castillo born Philippines POW
Vicente Castillo born Philippines POW
Wallace "Wally" Castillo born 8/4/1920 Hawaii; died 10/1981 Kapaa Kauai Hawaii. Capt. 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment & did counter-intelligence work personally for Gen Douglas MacArthur; father of Stephanie J. Castillo, journalist @ Honolulu Star Bulletin, also writer, director, producer & owner of Olena Media. Emmy awardee had produced or co-produced documentaries about: 1st & 2nd Filipino Inf WW11("An Untold Triumph"), Domingo Los Banos, VFW Chaplain ("Remember the Boys"), history of leprosy in Hawaii ("Simple Courage"), coming of her mother Norma to America as a war bride ("Strange Land") history of Hawaiian royalties & annexation of Hawaii to U.S.("Kuu Aina Aloha"),etc.
Tom Castro # 26th Cavalry Ps Supply Sgt
Bienvenido R. Castro WW11 guerrilla, also Korean War 2nd Lt. 20th BCT Peftok born 1924 died of leukemia 8/17/2007 Philippines Vice President of International Federation of Korean War Veterans Associations (IFKWVA); also Vietnam War (Philcag) veteran; Brig Gen
Lawrence Castro 14th Engrs Bn (PS)
Miguel A Castro, Sr Army
Conrado V. Castroverde Army
Felipe Casuga KIA Distinguished Service Cross (posthumous for 1943-1944) Cpt Co A 121st Inf Regt
Galicano C. Casuga born 6/12/1913; died 9/17/2002; buried Lingsat Cemetery San Fernando La Union; Army
Gavino A. Casuga born 2/14/1907; died 7/12/1994; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Honolulu Hawaii; Army Tec 5
George Flores Casuga born 7/27/1906 Philippines; died 2/16/1979 San Francisco California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery California; Army Pvt
Lucino M. Casuga Pfc 1st Filipino Inf Regt (5/1942-5/1946)
Luis Casumpong
Patricio Casuncad 
Sylvio Casuncad
Tiberio Catabay
Pedro Y. Catahan Army
Eugenio E. Catalina Pvt 1st Reconn Bn
Leonard Catanes, Sr Army
Bautista Catchela
Donald Catli * Filipino Inf Regt
Ernesto Arcadio Rayray Catura Army
Mariano Cauilan 57th Inf (PS) Service Co.
Vicente C. Cauntay born Philippines POW
Florencio Calvo Causin # born 11/7/1916 Philippines; died 8/28/2008 Philippines; Death March; PMA 1940 grad
Leonardo L. Causing
Victor Cauton * Filipino Inf Regt
Lazaro Cawagas head of guerilla movement in San Narciso Zambales
Pantaleon Cawagas born 12/8/1917 Candelaria Zambales; died 3/5/2005 San Diego California; buried San Diego California; Death March, POW @ Capas Tarlac until 7/4/1942; reported back to USAFFE 11/1945; Battery F Coast Artillery 1st Regt.joined USAFFE 12/23/1941; honorable dischargedas Tech Sgt; post-war: teacher 1946-1970 in San Narciso; immigrated to San Diego 11/1984; son of Lazaro. Source: obituary by Rodel J. Ramos Balita USA message 471
Wenceslao Lanigan Cayabas Army
Edilberto Mejia Cayabyab born 2/25/1922; died 1/16/2003; buried Eternal Gardens Dagupan Pangasinan Philippines also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran; Navy
Eustaquio M. Cayabyab ** born 9/20/1910; died 4/8/1998; buried All Souls Cemetery Vallejo Ca; Filipino Regt
George Cayabyab
Felipe Dela Vega Cayabyab Army
Gaudencio G. Cayabyab ** born 12/8/1911 died 12/14/1999; buried San Joaquin Catholic Cemetery; Navy STM1
Ludovico Aquino Cayabyab Navy
Raymundo Austria Cayabyab, Jr. Navy
Bennie Sandal Cayanan 7/5/1942 POW; released; ship-Carlton I Murmask Run Merchant Marine Messman; resident of Philadelphia Pa
Bernardo E. Cayub
William Penalosa Cazar 57th Inf (PS) F Co; from Ormoc
Amadio P. Cegana
Maximo Celes * Filipino Inf Regt
Domingo R. Celis Army
Victor R. Celis Army
Mathias Celmar 57th Inf (PS); from San Joaquin Leyte
Jacinto Cenica Navy MM3c; from San Isidro General Trias Cavite
Geronimo Cenizal born 9/30/1905 Philippines; died 1/20/1981 SF Ca; 7th MP Bn (PS) Inf SSgt; also played in the band
E. Cepeda Maj USMA grad 1932; POW escaped
Andres Ceriaco
Ponciano J. Cerrano
Bernardino L. Cervantes born 1/8/1961 California; 2nd Filipino Inf Bn
Leopoldo Cespedes * born 1924; enlistment 6/29/1943
Tiu Chieng Chao # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Edward E. Chavez # SSgt Army 515th CA Med; Hokkaido POW; captured in the Philippines
YuOng Chaw # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Ricardo Cheng  # Sgt.  “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Cecilio A. Chenilla
Marcelo C. Cheung Army
Huang Chieh # Manila guerrilla
Go Sy Chiong # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Coronacion Chiva Hukbalahap “Kumander Walingwaling,” 
Gregorio P. Chua * born 1/4/1918; died SF California 11/1/1992 buried Golden Gate Nat. Cemetery; Major; a Medical Doctor 1st Filipino Regt USS Mactan, serve in the Pacific (summer 1943); also a Korean War veteran
Ong Chua # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Tuan Chua # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Julian Q. Chua # Army (PS) 3rd Lt. (for 1/6/1942) Award: Distinguished Service Cross 
Sy Chuy # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Mario Cid Sgt 14th Engrs Bn (PS)
Celestino Cimatu
Atilano Cinco # Captain; Leyte guerrillas; postwar: Congressman
Ernesto Cinco
Pablo E. Cinense
Estiban Baturan Clabite Navy Casualty ST1c; from Bilbor Bohol
Epifanio Clamor Casualty 12/10/1941 Navy ST1; from Gen Trias Cavite
Manuel Clarabal * Filipino Infantry Regt
Jeffrey Clarabal * Filipino Infantry Regt
Juan J. Clarito Army
Aquino G. Claudio
Richard Clavecillas * Filipino Inf Regt
Emilio B. Cletario
Manuel Colayco Captain
Frank Colcol served 1940-1946
Jose Bethoil M. Colcol Army
Modesto D. Colcol born 6/15/1907; died 11/3/1986; buried Calverton NY National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Conrado C. Colico Army
Francisco Alejar Colina born 7/4/1917 Philippines; died 5/6/1942 (12/1945) Casualty Navy S1c; from 8 Gen. P. Alvarez Noveleta Cavite
Escolastico Collado Sgt Army Co K 57th Inf Regt (PS) Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/1/1942)
Lorenzo V. Collado, Sr.
Joseph Cololario * enlistment
Elias Coloma born Philippines POW MIA Army; from Nueva Ecija
Fructuoso M. Coloma born Philippines POW
Saturnino P. Coloma
Joseph P. Colotario born 1916; enlistment 11/15/1941
Protacio Combes
Narzal V. Concepcion
Inocencio Conception WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine
Fordelino Conde Army
Francisco Conde * born 1/16/1899 Philippines; died 8/29/1942 Casualty; Navy (STM1) Mess Attendant 1c; resident of Cabusao Camarines Sur; SS# issued Hawaii
Manuel Conde # pilot 3Lt PAAC 6th Pursuit Squadron
Tomas Confesor guerrilla in Panay
George Consas * born 1923; enlistment 8/3/1944; Filipino Inf Regt
Antero M. Consolacion
John R. Constantino # Bacarra Ilocos Norte TSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Saturnino Ballesteros Coquia # born 6/3/1916 Philippines; died 3/9/2006; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army SSgt; post war retired Philippine govt employment; later resided in Ewa Beach Hawaii
Egmedio L. Corado, Sr. Navy
R. Corbilla # artillery officer
Mateo A. Cordero # born 12/25/1910 Philippines; died 2/11/1995 Hawaii; buried Valley of the Temples Memorial Park; post-war retired (40 yrs) operator of Kaneohe Hawaii Faytone Barber Shop
Mike E. Cordero
Ernie Cordova # recruited for the Navy in 1944 w/ 4 other guerrillas;
Faustino Cordova
Eutropio Z. Coretana Army
Teodorico C. Coria
Hostillo Cornelio Army
Juan Corpus, 1st Filipino Inf Regt. Army TSgt, Drill Instructor
Max Corpuz
Marcelo Corpuz
Placido Corpuz # guerrilla
Ray Corpuz Alamo Scouts
Robert F. Corpuz Army
Sebastian Corpuz * Filipino Inf Regt
Sosimo Corpuz * Filipino Inf Regt
Valentin L. Corpuz
Juan A. Corrales
Florencio M. Cortado
Eleuterio Magaso Cortes Navy Casualty 12/10/1941 S1c; from 521 Union Paso Manila
Frederick Cortez WW11 POW, Merchant Marine
Jose Reyes Cortez 2/7/1943 Casualty Merchant Marine O.S. ship- Robert E. Hopkins; from San Carlos Negros Occidental 
Leonardo G. Cortez
Louis Cortez TSgt 1st Reconn Bn of 5535 Blackstone Ave Chicago Illinois
Primo P. Cortez
Oscar Coscolluela
Cenon Cosme * born 12/8/1920 Philippines; died 5/6/1942 Casualty; Navy Seaman 1c; SS# issued Hawaii; from Rizal Philippines
Manuel Marzan Costales * born 6/14/1905 Naguillian La Union; died 12/5/2003 LA California 2st Filipino Inf; immigrated in 1924; father of Luella Costales of the Hawaiian Intl Film Festival & executive Director of the Waipahu Hawaii Filipino Community Center
Pablo Covarubias Navy Casualty 5/6/1942 MuS2; from 21 Santa Maria Castillejos Zambales
Toribio Crespo # 2nd Lt 1st Reconn Bn 
Bienvenido S. Crisologo Army
Carlos Crisostomo Maj. Guerrilla
Erineo Crisostomo born 2/8/1899 Philippines; died 11/17/1973; buried Ft Rosecrans (San Diego Ca) National Cemetery; Navy MMc, also WW1 veteran
Felipe Santa Teresa Crisostomo born 5/1/1894 Philippines; died 6/1/1953; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery
Gerardo Crisostomo born Philippines; enlisted Army
Jaime Crisostomo Navy Casualty 6/26/1942 S1c; from Capiz
Manuel Malate Crisostomo born 12/25/1910; died 12/17/1957; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Pvt
Santiago Crisostomo born Philippines; enlisted Army
Serafin Salazar “Serry” Crisostomo born 1/21/1924 Corregidor Philippines; died 4/8/1998; buried Tacoma (Wash) Cemetery; Battery E 91st Coast Artillery (PS) Death March POW Capas; also in Korean & Vietnam Wars & Okinawa Army CW3
Pedro O. Crisostomo Army
Rosalio Llanillo Crisostomo born 8/6/1910; died 8/10/1960; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery Army Pfc
Vidal L. Crisostomo
Alberto Cristobal * 1st Filipino Regt
Bill B. Cristobal born 11/27/1912 Philippines; died 2/8/1999 Honolulu; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Navy
Adolfo C. Cruz
Bartolome Cruz
Benito Cruz
Cesar E. Cruz Army
Emigdio C. Cruz # born Arayat Pampanga; Major, PA later guerrilla; aboard submarine Thresher that secretly landed in 7/9//1943 Negros Phil; awards: Distinguished Service Cross (for 6/18/1943-2/18/1944); Congressional Medal of Valor (Philippines); physician of Pres. Manuel Quezon
Feliciano L. Cruz Army Air Forces
Fidel Cruz
George V. Cruz Army
Jack A. Cruz
Jose Benito “Ben” Cruz born 1925; died 1978; Award: Purple Heart
Martin B. Cruz Navy
Paulino Cruz
Pelagio Cruz Cpt Silver Star
Phil Cruz
Antonio Cruzano
Richard Cua * Filipino Inf Regt
Francisco Cuanang Cpl 1st Reconn Bn
Eulogio Cuaresma
Esperato R. Cuartero
Timoteo “Timothy” Lagura Cubero born 1/16/1907; died 3/5/1988 Waipahu; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy PHM2; H
Emiliano Cubillo * Filipino Inf Regt
Uribe Cuchapin
Ceferino G. Cudal
Cristina Magsaysay Cuenca Civilian; lead the Malolos Women’s club that aided POWs
Primitivo Alcala Cuenca 57th Inf (PS) Hq Co
Manuel G. Cuepo Army
Mariano Cueva
Raymundo Cuizon
Felipe Culala (also known as Dayang-Dayang) a female Hukbalahap guerrilla in Pampanga
Tomas Culanag
Eusebio Cumagun born 8/16/1887 Tuguegarao Cagayan; MIA Casualty; Army Sgt 
Lorenzo Cumagun MIA Casualty
Sol A. Aragon Cunha Army
Francisco E. Cuntapay
Ramon M. Curaming
Jorge C. Curammeng ** born 4/23/1911; died 1/1/2001; buried North Kern (California) Cemetery; Army SSgt
Florencio P. Curimao
Emil U. Curtado # Cpl 1st Reconn Bn of Sinait Ilocos Sur Philippines
Emilio Melendes Custodio Cpl Army; born 5/25/1908 Philippines; died 12/13/1992 Ventura County California; buried Riverside National Cemetery
Jacinto Cutaran # Sgt Army
Reynaldo S. Cuyugan Army
Eulogio Dabin * Filipino Inf Regt
Abelardo Dabu # Pampanga Hukbalahap guerrilla
Fidel De Leon Dabu Navy 
Isidoro D. Dacquel ** MSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Marciano R. Daelto # Tsgt 1st Reconn Bn of Paoay Ilocos norte Philippines
Gregorio Dahilig # POW Civilian Source:
Juan Dahilig * Filipino Inf Regt
Buenaventura B. Dalao ** born 1898 Philippines; enlisted 7/16/1942; resident of Los Angeles Ca
Vicente Buado Dalao ** born 9/16/1896 Agoo La Union Philippines; died 12/10/1960; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery military 10/5/1942-5/6/1943 also, a WW1 veteran Pfc 21 Prov Co 1st Hawaiian Inf 7/1/1918-6/21/1919
Theodore A. Daligdig Jr, Navy (Ret. Army Captain);  father of Col (Ret) Theodore “Ted” Daligdig, 3rd Director State of Hawaii Education & Health Programs
Thomas Daleno Daligdig born 7/31/1906; died 7/11/1948; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; SSgt Army
Eliseo Justo Dalipe Army
Juan Dalipe Army
Conrado Damasco
Eddie C. Damaso born 4/22/1912 Morong Rizal Philippines; died 4/27/2003 Mercy Medical Center; buried Linwood Cemetey Dubuque Iowa Army 1st Filipino Infantry post-war: retired (1977) chef California Tech Institute
Bartolome Reyes Dampitan Navy; S2c Casualty; from General P. Alvarez Noveleta Cavite
Antonio Dana Filipino Inf Regt 
Virgilio Danao
Clodoaldo F. Villasenor Danding Army
Sergio S. Danganan Army
Dante # Commander Bulacan & Pampanga Hukbalahap guerrilla
Consuelo Daog * Filipino Inf Regt
Bibiano Dapulang born 1901 Philippines; died 4/7/1942; MIA KIA; Distinguished Service Cross (for 10/10/1942); Army Pfc Co E 57th Inf Regt (PS); SS# issued Hawaii
Placido Dapulang born 4/4/1894 Philippines; MIA died 6/10/1942 Army Tec5; SS# issued Hawaii
Macario Darusin Navy Casualty STM2c; from Botolan Zambales
Angel Dasig Army
Jose Pinco David Navy Casualty 12/19/1941; S2c; from Naic Cavite
Rudolph B. Davila born 4/27/1916 El Paso, Texas; died 1/26/2002 Vista California; buried Arlington Cemetery; Military Service: 5/20/1944-5/17/1950 Army 1st Lt. Military Awards: Purple Heart, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, American Campaign Medal, WW11 Victory Medal, Combat Infanryman Badge, Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) for extraordinary heroism in action by saving 130 U.S. soldiers on 5/28/1944 near Artena, Italy when he was a SSgt 7th Infantry Division Co H; also received a chest wound & right arm was paralyzed in another incident in Vosges Mountains, France while storming a German tank; Medal of Honor (6/2000) after Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka secured a Congressional mandated review of records for Asian- Americans who had earned DSC Civilian career: Master’s Degree USC, LA; retired teacher Parents: Pilipina mother; Spanish father Source of some of the info:
Alfred Dayacos * Filipino Inf Regt
Ignacio Daylo * enlistment
Simplicio De Castro Cpt Silver Star
Vicente De Castro OS3c Navy Casualty 12/7/1941 from Batangas
Abelardo de Dios Col. Pampanga guerrilla
Potenciano Dee
Gregorio De Gracia KIA USAFFE 3rd Lt. Distinguished Service Cross (posthumous)
Juanito De Gracia * Filipino Inf Regt
Simeon De Jesus # Brig Gen Chief of the Military Intelligence Service USAFFE; guerrilla; arrested & imprisoned in Ft Santiago1944; executed
Leonardo Dela Cerna
Antonio Dela Concepcion Army
Horacio De la Costa, Rev. Father, S.J.  (CIVILIAN) born 5/9/1916 Mauban Quezon; died 3/20/1977; buried Jesuit Novitiate Compound, Novaliches, Quezon City; POW @ Ft. Santiago for 2 months for assisting the resistance movement against Japanese occupation by bringing food to the Pilipino & American guerrillas, prewar: ordained 3/24/1924; Ph.D. History Harvard University 1951; postwar: Medal of Freedom award, 1946 (U.S. highest civilian award, now known as the Presidential Medal of Freedom); Philippines Provincial Superior S.J. 1965-1970; Father General Assistant in Rome 1975; taught @ Ateneo, Sacred Heart, University of London; author of Philippine history books; Hall in Ateneo named in his honor
Celestino Dela Cruz
Eugenio Dela Cruz
Filomeno Dela Cruz
Florencio Dela Cruz Casualty 3/1/1942 Navy Cook 1c resident of 901 Buendia Tondo Manila
Jose Dela Cruz
Nick Dela Cruz # CWO 26th Cavalry PS “wounded and lost his horse during the charge; p/u by a chaplain on the way to Bataan”  msg #45 by Maj. Fred Foz
Pablo Dela Cruz 1/18/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine Messman ship- Norvana; from Manila Philippines
 Salvador Dela Cruz * Filipino Inf Regt
Vic Dela Cruz Sgt Maj 57th Inf (PS)
Vincent Dela Cruz * Filipino Inf Regt
Napoleon Dela Cuesta
Jose J. Dela Paz Army
Mariano Dela Pena Navy Casualty 6/27/1942; Signalman 1c from Caridad Cavite
Rodrigo Dela Pena * Filipino Inf Regt
Anacleto Dela Rama 5/29/1942 POW Casualty; Navy Steward 3c from Daraga Albay
Carmelo Delaries * Filipino Inf Regt
Alfonso De la Rosa # commander Manila Hukbalahap guerrilla
Arcenio Del Castillo born Philippines POW
Jose Del Castillo born Philippines POW
Joel Del Cordero
Graciano Elizalde Delda Army
Fred De Leon
Isaac De Leon born 1928 Philippines 2nd Battalion 121st  Infantry PA
Jose "Dimasalang" De Leon # Nueva Ecija Hukbalahap guerrilla
Jose Seoane De Leon Army
Gregorio A. Del Espiritu Santo Army
Balerico G. Delfin Army
Manuel V. Delfin Army
Fortunato Delgado died 7/9/1942; POW KIA; Navy Fireman 1c from 75 David Rizal Phil
Francisco Delos Reyes Navy Officer’s Steward 3c POW from Palma Lucena Tayabas Philippines
Alfonso Delos Santos born 1914
Anselmo Delos Santos ST2c Navy Casualty from 6 Gen Luna St Nagcarlan Laguna
Ceferino S. Delos Santos Jr. Army
Agapito Del Rosario POW Ft Santiago; executed 1942 for refusal to swear allegiance to Japanese flag; pre-war Mayor Angeles Pampanga
Aurelio Del Rosario * Filipino Inf Regt
Eugenio B. Del Rosario Army
Tito Del Valle died 8/2/1942 Ft McKinley Philippines; Casualty
Timoteo P. Demen Army
Carlos Madrid Demetrio Army
Jesus C. Demorito Army
Calixto Deocampo ** born 1/21/1900; Casualty 5/6/1942; Navy Steward 3c; from Subic Zambales
Emmanuel De Ocampo Col 
Jorge R. Deperio Army
Isidro Derain STM2c Navy Casualty 3/1/1942; from Manila Blvd Caridad Cavite
Boleriano Desuacido* Filipino Inf Regt
Elpidio M. De Vega born Philippines Casualty 5/24/1943 ship- Stanvac Manila Merchant Marine Cook 
Robert Campos Devera ** born 6/25/1962 Philippines died 6/30/1962 buried Tulare Ca
Ricardo Devilla 91st Coast Artillery (PS) Command Sgt Maj;post war: resident of Dupont Washington
William Diama * Filipino Inf Regt
Antonio Diamo * Filipino Inf Regt
Alfredo Diaz # born 1917 Philippines
Joe C. Diaz # Cpl 1st Reconn Bn of Paoay Ilocos Norte Philippines
Juan Diaz born 5/6/1910 Philippines; died 3/1/1942 Casualty Navy Steward’s Mate 1c; resident of Tayug Pangasinan; SS# issued Hawaii
Marcelo Diaz born 1/11/1896 Philippines; died 5/51942 Casualty; Navy Officer’s Steward 3c; resident of Minglanilla, Cebu Philippines; SS# issued Hawaii
Ramon Diaz member intelligence cell; was tortured by the Japanese
Lucio Dimaano
Placido C. Dimaano Ck3c Navy; Casualty 2/28/1945 from Antipolo
Sosimo Dimalanta* Filipino Inf Regt
Leoncio Villa Dimaola Ck2c Navy Casualty 12/10/1941; from Indang Cavite
Julius Directo * Filipino Inf Regt
Amando Domael OCk3c Navy Casualty 9/15/1942; from Villabe Leyte
Tomas Domaoal C/S 41st Division of Gen Lim
Alexander Domdoma * Filipino Inf Regt
Baldwin Domingo* born 1926 Maui, Hawaii; Air Force Intelligence officer post war 3-termer State Representative New Hampshire, District 5 Strafford County; College professor; Education: University of the Philippines, 1956; Ohio University, 1965; University of New Hampshire, 1970
Emilio Domingo * Filipino Inf Regt
Francisco Domingo died 11/4/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine Utility; ship-William Clark; from Manila Philippines
Ricardo Dones born Philippines; died 6/2/1942 Casualty POW Navy Seaman 2c; from Tanza Cavite
Antonio Duaman Ck3c Navy Casualty; from Barraca St. Villasis Pangasinan
Antonio Umel Ducusin STM3c Navy; Casualty; from Caba, La Union
Dominador Duena born Philippines; died 1942; POW Casualty; Navy Fireman 1c; from Dumangas, Iloilo
Magdaleno Duenas
Manuel Capati Duff died 6/15/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine; Messman ship-Tillie Lykes; from San Pedro Makati, Philippines
Pedro Duguran * Filipino Inf Regt
George Dulay * Filipino Inf Regt
Felix Samaco Dulog OCk3c Navy Casualty; from &P Burgos Cavite
Jesus Dulumpinis * Filipino Inf Regt
Serapin Dumaneus * Filipino Inf Regt
Ben Dumaran * Filipino Inf Regt
Tranquilino Dogomio Dumdum STM1c Navy Casualty from Toboso Escalante Occidental Negros
Agaton Dumlao # died 12/31/1944 Casualty Ft McKinley Philippines
Amador L Dumlao born 11/2/1914; died 11/8/1968; buried Rock Is Illinois Natioanl Cemetery Cpl Army Air forces
Arturo R. Dumlao # Casualty Ft Wm McKinley Philippines
August D. Dumlao ** born 1911; enlistment 2/18/1943 LA Ca
Braulio D. Dumlao born 1910 Philippines; enlistment 7/23/1942
Casimiro Dumlao ** born Philippines; enlistment 3/10/1945 Belmont Ca
Catalino F. Dumlao # POW 5/7/1942; 4/23/1945
Cesario F. Dumlao # Casualty; died 3/4/1942 Ft McKinley Philippines
Crispin Dumlao born 1901 Philippines; enlistment 6/30/1945
Delfin Dumlao born Philippines Casualty; MM2c Navy; from San Narciso Zambales 
Ernesto D. Dumlao born 1920 Philippines; enlistment 2/28/1945
Florencio C. Dumlao ** born 1910; enlistment 7/29/1942 LA Ca
Francisco E. Dumlao *** born 1900; enlistment 10/15/1942; from Lincoln Oregon
Francisco Manuel Dumlao ** born 8/19/1908 Philippines; died 6/15/1993 San Diego Ca; enlistment 10/20/1943
Frank P Dumlao ** born 1904; died 12/28/1989 Los Angeles Ca; enlistment 10/7/1942 Los Angeles Ca; Pvt Army
George G. Dumlao* born 1921; enlistment 12/15/1945; residence Hawaii
Gregorio D. Dumlao # POW 5/7/1942; 1/24/1945
Harold F. Dumlao born 1913; enlistment 3/10/1942; residence Cook Illinois
Jorge M. Dumlao *** born 1904; enlisted 10/26/1942; resided Multnomah Oregon
Jose Peralta Dumlao ** born 4/3/1904; died 9/19/1985; buried Riverside Ca National Cemetery; Army Pvt
Joseph Garcia Dumlao * born 6/15/1924; died 4/24/007; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery, also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran; Army SSgt
Justo D. Dumlao # born 1915 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 3/26/1945
Leonardo Dumlao # born 1900; died 6/22/1942 Casualty Ft. McKinley Philippines
Lopez Dumlao # born Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 2/25/1945
Manuel D. Dumlao ** born 1907 Philippines; died 11/30/1981; enlisted 7/7/1942; resident of Los Angeles Ca
Martin B. Dumlao # born Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 1/20/1945
Miguel P. Dumlao # born 1900; POW 5/7/1942; 5/14/1945
Pablo Butorio Dumlao ** born 8/9/1898 Philippines; died 1/24/1965; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Navy Chief Musician
Pablo D. Dumlao born 1918 Navy Aircraft Muster Roll 
Patricio Dumlao
Rufino D. Dumlao born 7/10/1898 Philippines; died 12/23/1957; buried Los Angeles Ca; Army Cpl, alsoWW1
Saturnino Dumlao # died 3/4/1945 Casualty Ft. McKinley Philippines
Silvino R. Dumlao ** born 2/17/1899; died 4/7/1961; buried Los Angeles Ca National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Simon Baroga Dumlao ** born 10/28/1912 Philippines; died 12/23/1992 San Diego Ca; enlistment 4/24/1945
Trinidad Dumlao born 1918; Navy Aircraft Carrier Muster Roll
Vicente Fadera Dumlao born 7/19/1920; died 1/18/2007; buried Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery; SDC Navy, also Korean & Vietnam wars
Vidal T. Dumlao born 1916 Philippines POW 5/7/1942; 5/16/1945
Tiburcio Dupio * Filipino Inf Regt
E. Duque
Chua Dy # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Bonifacio Ebanez * Filipino Inf Regt
Florencio Echaluce ST2c Navy Casualty 3/1/1942 from Libag Albay
Candido Edrozo born Philippines; Army Sgt. Co H 45th Inf Regt; KIA; Distinguished Service Cross ( for 2/12/1942; posthumous)
Francis Eharis * Filipino Inf Regt
John Eharis * Filipino Inf Regt
Paulino Ejaype OST1c Navy Casualty 12/15/1942 USS Shark; from 31 C. Mapa St Iloilo
Esteban Elgario Officer’s Chief Cook Navy Casualty from Nabua Camarines Sur
Jose Eliares # PS
Juan Elizalde guerilla; from family of the wealthy Elizaldes of Manila
Feliciano Elvina POW; Casualty died Navy Officer’s Steward 3c from 1219 Leveriza Malate Manila; (formerly survivor of USS Squalus SS-192 on 5/23/1939 Navy Matt 1c)
Benjamin “Ben” Valdez Embry # Death March, POW was born in  1924, the second son of Valentina Valdez and 2nd Lt. Thomas Embry. His father was a US Army veteran of Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars. On February 21, 1941 when he was 16 years & 4 ½ months old, Benjamin enlisted with the 26th Cavalry Troop C PS thru the complicity of the U.S. military recruiter in the the absence of his parent’s consent (and knowledge) simply because he wanted to ride a horse with the cavalry, don cool military uniforms, wristwatch and boots with a gun etc. Well, Benjamin got what he prayed for-King (#5250) was his horse’s name and more… like, play soldier with real men in a real (Duh!) war. His military enlistment record was appropriately noted in the following manner:” Civil Occupation-Actor (Motion picture actor) or Director, Motion Picture (Motion picture director) or Entertainer”. His date of birth was also appropriately altered- October 7, 1920. Child labor law was conveniently suspended by the recruiter, not only for Benjamin’s sake, but also for other recruits. Benjamin’s term of enlistment is one year of military service.
 Now, what to do when you find yourself in the midst of a real war? Well, play the role of a soldier, of course, like they do in the movies and more. When the Japanese landed in the Philippines, Pvt. Benjamin Embry was sent to the Cagayan Valley on a military mission with five other (older?) soldiers. Benjamin’s recollection of their names… Figeroa, Maliklik or Maliksi, Laksima? However, the group got lost on the way to Isabela and so they decided to look for their comrades in a place like Bataan. Now, talk about someone who would be in the wrong place at the wrong time! But then again, this is my father, whose intrepidity or ability to get in to unusual circumstances is rather legendary amongst his peers. Additionally, like most of his generation, Benjamin has an unshakable faith in the United States military might and power. The defeat of the U.S. colonial Philippine government, the Death March, the Japanese Occupation are not in the horizon. Gen MacArthur’s proclamation that “Help is on the way from the United States. Thousands of troops and hundreds of planes are being dispatched, etc.” is biblical truth to Pilipinos and Americans soldiers alike. Anyways, on Jan 2, 1942 Benjamin arrived in Bataan by boat and joined PS 26th Cavalry Troop B. Benjamin’s recollection of this event-Captain Cunningham dying in Bataan; 1st Sgt Brower, Charlie Patton, William, a large black soldier, etc.. The rest, like they say is history and hell and hell and pure hell. Two hundred fifty 26th Cavalry horses and forty eight pack mules went down in military saga and lore as slaughtered and eaten by the Pilipino and American soldiers during the late period of starvation, after all other methods of food forages had been exhausted in Bataan. In the Philippines the realities of a war, more brutal and devastating than in any other place in the world, begin to unfold. Miraculously, Benjamin, albeit in a weakened condition, survived the horrors of the Siege of Bataan and the Bataan Death March when he was just seventeen and a half years old. On April 9, 1942, Benjamin was also miraculously kept at the Camp O’Donnel Prisoners of War Concentration Camp instead of being sent to the more horrifying hellholes in Cabanatuan or University of Santo Tomas, after convincing the Japanese that he is of Spanish and not of American descent. On July 29, 1942 he was paroled, ill with malaria and bronchitis, after his Spanish mestiza mother vouched to the Japanese that Benjamin is of Spanish and not of American descent. The Spanish, the colonial ruler of the Philippines before the United States, were favored by the Japanese, simply because of the old adage that “your enemy is my friend” 
On October 20, 1944 Gen MacArthur did return as he had promised to the Pilipinos, the loyalty and devotion of most of his soldiers undiminished. The Philippines subsequently was liberated from the Japanese military rule and occupation. Until he was honorably discharge from U.S. military service on February 28, 1945, Benjamin served with Co D 2nd MP Battalion PS in Buenlag, Calasiao, Pangasinan. Thomas Embry died on September 18, 1948, his death hastened by difficulties suffered during the war. The Embrys are grateful to the residents of Paniqui for not revealing Thomas hiding place to the Japanese military, although the war impoverished townspeople could significantly profit financially from giving such information. 
What about Benjamin’s post war life and career? No, he did not become a movie actor or director, but he became an amateur boxer, Paniqui police officer, and security chief at the sugar mills & plantation of the Estrella-Cojuangcos. He also went with his young family and tended his in-laws homestead abaca (Manila hemp) & fruit plantation in Kidapawan, Cotobato for three years. Significantly, Benjamin from two marriages and two relationships became the father of four boys and twelve girls, an event probably more turbulent than his experiences as a Death March and POW survivor combined.
Patricio Emi # Major Cavite & Mindoro guerrilla
Victor Encarnado Coxswain Navy Casualty 12/10/1941 from Bacoor Cavite
Manuel P. Enriquez Maj
Nicholas Enriquez Alamo Scouts 
Manuel Enriquiez Cpt guerrilla, took over after Lt. Col Nakar was captured & executed
Pedro Enriquez MM2c Navy Casualty 12/10/1941 from 39 J Ocampo Bacoor Cavite
Romy Entac born 1919 Philippines; 57th Inf (PS) G Co Machine Gun Platoon; Death March survivor; Award: Purple Heart
Pedro Entera Mess Attendant Navy Casualty; from Cebu
Alfredo Erece * Filipino Inf Regt
Julio “Jay” Ereneta, born 1/2/1902 in Iloilo, Philippines; at age 17 signed on as pantry boy aboard the Danish ship Selandia for a trip w/ Philippine Gov. General Francis B. Harrison; arr Ellis Island on 2/2/1919; enlisted 2/18/1919 in the Navy; served in the USS Eider (Minesweeper #17) in the WW1 North Sea minefields. He went to Navy Radio School and became an Aviation Squadrons air crewman during WW11 & a Chief Warrant Officer in 1943; Solomon Island Campaign (1942-1944); Philippine Visayan Liberation (1945). A flyweight boxer in Naval Boxing competitions, he retired in 1949. He had a remarkable trend-setting career path and when he died 4/15/2005 @ 103 yrs old in San Diego, California he had outlive his contemporaries. buried Mount Hope Cemetery San Diego; Awards: WW1 Victory Medal, WW1 75th Anniversary Medal. (plenty of online photos; I’ve listed some weblinks here notes by M.E.Embry
Sources: by Nestor Palugod Enriquez, Pilipino online historian  (website has several photos) 
also honored @ Mount Soledad Memorial La Jolla California located @ wall E  Facing East  Row 2  Plaque 50  
Theopilo Ermetano * Filipino Inf Regt
Anheal Escalante * Filipino Inf Regt
Leocadio Escalona, SSGT, came to the US in 1929. He was in the 1st & 2nd Filipino Regiments from 1942 to 1946, and then retired from the US Army in 1962, born December 9, 1912; died April 15, 2010; buried at the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno
William Escalona *
Eulalio Escobedo Mess attendant 1c Navy Casualty 9/15/1942; from Gubat Sorsogon
Antonio Escoda # Col; Casualty; POW @ Ft. Santiago by Japanese Forces 6/1944; beheaded w/ Brg Gen Vicente Lim in 1945; Josefa, his wife was also arrested & was never seen again after 1/6/1945
Dionisio Escuro STM1c Navy Casualty 3/1/1942; from Navua Camarines Sur
Procopio Esguerra # PS
Salvador Espalana * Filipino Inf Regt
Elpidio Espejo OCk1c Navy Casualty; from Mayantoc Tarlac
Pio P. Espeso born 7/11/1919; died 10/18/2007; SS issued Michigan
Romeo Espino Col. post-war: Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
Daniel Espiritu STM1c Navy Casualty 12/10/1941; from Santa Rita Olongapo Zambales
Dionisio Esquirra * Filipino Inf Regt
Catalino M. Estabillo ** born 2/6/1904 Phil; died 4/23/1985 buried East Union Cemetery San Joaquin Ca. Pfc Army
Mauro Estabillo Gunner’s Mate 1c Navy Casualty 6/4/1942 from Aliaga Nueva Ecija
Norman Estabillo * Filipino Inf Regt
Leon Estares # commander Nueva Ecija Hukbalahap guerrilla
George Esteban * Filipino Inf Regt
Faustino Estigoy Filipino Regt
Enrique Estrada PS, also Korean War veteran Source Joseph Embry
Mateo Estrada born Philippines; died 1942 POW Casualty Navy Fireman 1c from Agoo, La Union
Leon Estares # commander Nueva Ecija Hukbalahap guerrilla
Alvin Estrella * Filipino Inf Regt
Justiniano Estrella guerrilla
Pedro Euperio Army Pfc Co E. 26th Cavalry Regt (PS); Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for1/16/1942) 
Vincente Eustacio # guerrilla 
Alfred Evangelista * Filipino Inf Regt
Juan Evangelista OST3c Navy Casualty 1/16/1942; from 7 Castellar St San Roque Cavite
Agapito Fabra born 3/24/1903 Philippines; died 2/11/1942 Shark (SS-174) sunk east of Menado, Celebes; Casualty Navy Officer’s Steward 3c; resident of San Narciso Zambales; SS# issued Hawaii
Alex De Leon Fabros, Sr ** born 11/13/1903 Bayambang Pangasinan died 11/22/1999 Salinas California 1st  Filipino Regt Public Info Officer; Philippine Civil Affairs Team #3 (landed in Leyte 10/20/1944, then combat action in the Philippines) retired 1962 US Army; retired 1984 Civil Service, a journalist & labor activist  
Miguel L. Fajarado born Philippines; died 7/11/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine; Oiler; ship-Stanvac Palembang
Albino Fajardo born 12/15/1906 Philippines; died 12/1941; a war Casualty Navy Steward 1c; resident of Nabua Camarines Sur
Alejo Placido “Alex” Fajotina, Sr. * Navy Ck3; POW survivor of USS Perch SS 176; born 7/17/1909 San Felipe Zambales died 4/29/1997 Tripler Hospital Hawaii; buried Mililani Memorial Park  
Lucio Farinas *
Alfredo Rosario Feliz Navy Casualty Cook2c; resident of Hermuza Bayambang Pangasinan
Ambrosio Fernandez died 5/12/1944; Casualty Gudgeon (SS-211) sunk off Saipan; Navy; Steward’s Mate 2c from Baliwasen St. Zamboanga
Candido Fernandez Navy Machinist’s Mate 2c POW from Tolentino-Osmena Sts. San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City Philippines
Felipe Fernandez Sgt 26th Calvalry (PS); later Cpt Award: Silver Star
Jose Fernandez #
Primo Fernandez * Filipino Inf Regt
Felipe Ferrer Navy Casualty Steward3c from Oroqueta Blumenrit Manila
Juanito Ferrer PMA, later guerrilla
Manuel Ferrer Navy Casualty Officer’s Cook 1c; from Tagudin Mountain Prov
Figeroa # 26th Cavalry Troop 
Dan Figuracion Sfc 26th Calvalry (PS)
Alfredo Filart Lt
Alejo P. Filomeno Filipino Inf Regt
Guillermo Flores # Brig Gen Casualty; died
Jose Flores * Filipino Inf Regt 
Pedro Flores Navy Casualty Cook 1c from Indang Cavite
Santiago Flores born Philippines; died 5/24/1943 Casualty Merchant Marine Steward
Felicisimo Florese Navy Casualty Steward’s 2c from Nabua Camarines Sur
Marcelo P. Fontanoz # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Naguilian La Union Philippines
Basilio Fontillas born 6/13/1909 Castillejos Zambales Philippines; died 5/28/2003 Daly City California; PS defense of Corregidor; also Korean War veteran; 31 yrs military service; retired 1973 after 40 yrs government service
Emilio Fortuno * 1st Filipino Inf
Fred Foz # 45th Inf Regt Bataan Defense
Antonio Fragio * Filipino Inf Regt
Amos Francia # Cpt., PMA grad from Bulacan; w/ Panay guerillas; Signal
Antonio Francisco guerrilla in Zambales
Esteban Mateo Francisco ** born 8/1/1905; died 9/25/1951 buried Golden Gate Nat Cemetery, Army Pvt
Felipe Francisco # Lt Hq Troop 26th Calvalry (PS)
Guillermo B. Francisco # Maj Gen commander 2nd Inf Div
Jose Francisco Maj
Guillermo B. Francisco # Brig Gen
Urbano Mateo Francisco **  born 5/25/1907 died 6/10/1964 buried Golden Gate Nat Cemetery  Sgt. Army, 1st Reconn Bn,  composer of the Regimental song “On to Bataan” also Korean War Veteran
Jesus R. Franco # born 3/16/1920 Intramuros Manila died 7/17/2006 Vallejo California Colonel. 26th Cavalry PS Death March, POW escapee, Guerilla Awards: Silver Star, DSC, Medal for Honorable Service while POW, (3) Purple Hearts Medal, later Vallejo California resident Source: Juni Ranillo Ang Panahon 11/11/2004 page
Lorenzo Frias Pvt
Jaime Fuerte * Filipino Inf Regt
 Ben Fulion * Filipino Inf Regt
Furagganan Lt. executed @ Muntinlupa 2/4/1945
Victor Gabat Navy Casualty Radioman from 1109 Tennessee St. Malate Manila
Mateo M. Gabaton * born Philippines; died 11/16/1943 Casualty; buried Nat. Mem Cem of the Pacific; Merchant Marine
Philip Gaboya * Filipino Inf Regt
George Gabriel SSgt 1st Filipino Inf Reg
Espedito Gacer ** born 4/11/1911 Philippines; died 10/4/1996 LA Ca; buried Forest Lawn Memorial Park LA CA; Army Pfc  
Melchor Baligad Gadiane * born 1/6/1929 Philippines; died 6/15/1997 SF Ca; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Navy Sk1; SS issued Hawaii; also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran
August G. Gadiano ** born 3/7/1907 Philippines; died 10/10/1996 LA Ca; buried Riverside Nat. Cemetery; Army Pvt.
Rosendo Gaduang # Pvt 26th Cavalry Troop C PS
.Celestino Gorgulis Galabasa ** born 4/16/1916 Philippines; died 5/21/2004 Vacaville Ca
Ricardo C. Galang # born 1/22/1907 Pampanga; died 1/27/2006 Philippines; Cpt AUS; Colonel; escaped; arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943 w/ Sgt Benjamin Harder & Sgt Vicente Pinuela; undercover agent as a Bilibid Prison guard 3/26/1944-5/9/1944; spy & various guerrilla activities; post-war dean grad school; author: “Hammer & Anvil” “Secret Missions to the Philippines”
Moses Galbiso * Filipino Inf Regt
Sidoro Galindo born Philippines; died 9/12/1942 Casualty; ship-Stanvac Melbourne Merchant Marine A.B.
William Galisa *Filipino Inf Regt
Leo Galiste Filipino Regt
John Gallarde 
Restituto Gallarde *
Juan B. Galo born 5/5/1925; died 8/15/2002; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Sgt; post-war: retired forester Philippines Dept of Environment & Natural Resources
Alberto Galtza born 8/7/1913 Philippines; died 4/23/1994 Savannah Georgia, also a resident of Baltimore Maryland; Awards: Mariner’s Medal; Merchant Marine Distinguished Service Medal for heroism beyond the line of duty in saving the lives of two one-legged shipmates on two separate incidents. On 5/4/1942 Galtza was a boatswain on torpedoed SS Delisle, when he saved Robert Jones, 3rd mate a one legged shipmate, despite being injured himself. SS Delisle was repaired & on 10/19/1943 was hit & sunk again while on another rescue mission. Galtza rescued seriously injured ship’s captain William W. Clendaniel, another one-legged Mariner!
photo appeared in Who’s Who in the Maritime Industry
Note by M.E. Embry. Pls. read Alberto Galtza’s incredible story of heroism! It is also about the Mariners he rescued who would not quit serving despite their disabilities and also a ship coming back to serve again & again! The loyalty & devotion of a Mariner to his mates & his ship!
Paul Galut * Filipino Inf Regt
Basilio Galvan Navy Casualty Steward 1c from Ibajay Capiz
Peniales Galvan * Filipino Inf Regt
Glicerio P. Gamboa born Philippines; died 11/26/1944 Casualty; buried Cambridge National Cemetery, Massachusetts; Merchant Marine
Mariano Gana Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from 1214 Carolina St Malate Manila
Patrick Ganio, Sr. born 1921 Battle of Bataan Award: Purple Heart; advocate for PhilAm Veterans Equity Rights
Dionicio “Denny” L. Ganioco # born 5/8/1914 Philippines; died 1/29/2007 Los Angeles Ca; Cpl POW 26th Cavalry;12th QM Regt (PS)
Gerardo “Jerry” Gapol * Filipino Inf Regt
Maximo Alfonso “Ponso” Gapol born 3/5/1917 Hakalau; died 1/18/2003; buried Hawaiian Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc; post-war: retired journeyman welder # Puna Sugar Co.
Amadeo S. Garcia # 1st Lt Commander of Battery James 91st Coast Artillery Regt
Bonifacio R. Garcia born Batangas; Lt. 45th Inf Regt L Co
Cecilio A. Garcia Army, 3rd Lt (PA) Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/6/1942)
Dominador Garcia *
Eduardo Manoy “Verchez” Garcia, movie actor: Eddie Garcia born 5/2/1921 Sorsogon; Philippine Scout
Emeterio Garcia Navy Casualty Seaman 1c from General Trias Cavite
Feliciano J Garcia * Filipino Inf Regt, born 6/8/1911; died 8/27/2007
Fernando L. Garcia born 5/30/1927; died 3/27/2007
Joseph Garcia * Filipino Inf Regt
Julian Villarba Garcia* also WW1 Navy Musician 1st Class
Napoleon Thomas Garcia # born 5/22/1927 Paranaque, Rizal Philippines; POW @ 15yrs of age; rescued by guerillas Postwar: 11/21/1945 enlisted w/ the Navy; 18 yrs of Naval service until he became a Casualty on 4/10/1963 sinking of USS Thresher SS-593 submarine caused likely by mechanical failure off New England coast, Chief Steward; Awards: Navy’s Good Conduct Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Theater Medal, a letter of commendation from the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Diablo (SS 479), and a letter of commendation from the commanding officer of the 4 U.S. Naval Air Station at Anacostia; silver dolphins when he became qualified as a submariner; resident of Washington D.C
Nestor Garcia
Ricardo E. Garcia ** born 1923 Philippines; enlistment 12/13/1945 LA Ca; served Camp Roberts Ca.
Lorenzo Garena Navy Casualty Steward’s Mate 1c from 406 Leveriza Pasay Rizal
Juan Rojo Garfin Navy Casualty Boatswain’s Mate1c from Sibalon Antique Panay
Vicente Cruz Garrido born 1/18/1895 Philippines; died 1/18/1942; POW, Casualty; Navy Ship’s Cook 1c; resident of 36 G. Reyes San Roque, Cavite SS# issued Hawaii
Rufino G. Gasatan
Geronimo Gascon born 9/30/1905 Philippines; died 6/1942 POW Casualty; Navy Machinist’s Mate 3c; resident of 708 Dewey St. Olongapo; SS issued Hawaii
Bienvenido Gasmin
Antero Gaspin
Alfonso Gatcho
Ruben Gatos
Pio Gaurana Merchant Marine; oiler; POW after Wm F. Humphrey ship sunk 7/16/1942-; released;  from Manila 
Manuel Gavino # born 1922 Philippines; PS; Death March
Agapito Gayanilo Sgt 45th Inf Co E (PS) Award: Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal
Joe P. Gayato
Saturnino Gelera born Philippines POW Casualty; Navy Officer’s Steward 3c; from Imus Cavite
Dalmacio Gelia *  born 9/24/1897 Argao Cebu; died 1/16/1978 Bronx NY; buried Long Island (NY) National Cemetery Cst Navy ; also WW1 veteran: Cpl 6/16/1918-2/2/1919 Co E 2nd Hawaiian Inf resident of 489 Queen St. Honolulu Hawaii
Jose Gelina Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 1c from Oras Samar
Cyrus D. Geneblazo
Constantino Calupad Gelle Army POW; born 4/22/1917; died 9/17/2006; buried Dasmarinas Cavite Public Cemetery
Rufino Vina Gelle USAFFE Inf POW; guerrilla; brother of Serafin
Serafin Gelle guerrilla; brother of Rufino
Ramon Gelvezon
Jose P. Genito # born 1922 Philippines
Simeon Gerrana
George Gersaba * Filipino Inf Regt
Bernardino Gildo Navy Casualty Steward 1c from Macrohon Leyte
Ceferino Gile
Pedro Giminez died 2/11/1942 Casualty USS Shark SS-174 sunk East of Menado Celebes; Navy, Ship’s Cook 1c; Award: Purple Heart; from Balongao Pangasinan Philippines
Marion Ginelza # born 7/5/1921 died 8/7/2004; buried Paradise Memorial Gardens Nevada; postwar: starred in the Apl Song video, uncle of Patricio Ginelza, a writer & director
Edward Manuel Giner Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 3c from San Narciso Zambales
Ginobiagon Felipe # Sgt 1st Reconn BN
Leovigildo “Leo” Miguel  Giron **  born 8/20/1911 Bayambang  Pangasinan  Phil  worked for: 2nd Filipino Inf  Regt,  978th Signal Group, Allied Intelligence Bureau (secret operative) Sgt. Awards: Bronze Star Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, American Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal; post war occupation Martial Artist founded the Bahala Na Martial Arts Association
Loreto Gironella ** born 12/10/1897 Philippines died 12/11/1975 buried Golden Gate National Cemetery Navy Cook 1c; military service 8/17/1942-12/8/1944
Gregorio Glariada * Filipino Inf Regt
Norberto Fortaliza Gison Navy Casualty Officer’s Chief Steward from Arevalo Iloilo
Polin G. Gloriane
Dominador F. Gobaleza # Subic Zambales Philippines; Sgt 1st Reconn Bn
Victorio V. Godoy
Ernesto P. Golez, Col. born 1921
Nick Golla Cpt 57th Inf (PS) E Co
Pvt Gollaba # 26th Cavalry Troop C (PS)
Richard F. Gomes Pfc Army Co K 31st Infantry Regt (PS); MIA-KIA; Award: Bronze Star; Purple Hearts (2); Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/24/1942 @ Abucay Hacienda; posthumous)
Domingo Gomez
Francisco Mata Gomez guerrilla, son-in-law of Claro M. Recto
Godofredo Gomez # born 1923 Philippines; died 10/1/2006 Kaiser Hosp SSF; USAFFE, guerrilla post war: Phil Dept of Tourism; Veterans Affairs Commission SF
Juan Gomez born Philippines; died 5/4/1945 Casualty; buried Manila Nat. Cemetery; Merchant Marine
Manuel Gomez Lt
Mauricio Gomez born Philippines; POW Navy Fireman 3c; from Dao Antique Panay
Rufino Gomez * Filipino Inf Regt
Fedencio V. Gomeyeng
Luis Gonong * born 1906 Philippines; enlistment 5/29/1944
Agustin Gonzales
Arcadio Gonzales
Estanislao E. Gonzales died 1942 POW; Casualty Navy Yeoman 2c; from Kawit, Cavite
Higino F. Gonzales
Jesus P. Gonzales
Jose P. Gonzales
Joe Gonzales * born 1924; post-war: WW11 Filipino- American Veterans Hawaii Chapter
Julian Gonzales
Pacifico A. Gonzales
Joe Gonzalez born 1925 Philippines
Luis De Leon Gonzalez # 6/21/1911 Lingayen, Pangasinan-12/9/2004 Pittsburg California joined 26th Cavalry PS 1933-1963 Death March Award: Purple Heart, also in Korean War
Modesto Gorgonio * Filipino Inf Regt
Guillermo Gorospe * Filipino Inf Regt
Pastor Gorospe Navy Casualty Steward 3c from San Fernando La Union
Vicente Gorospe
Jose P. Gozar pilot Lt PAAC 6th Pursuit Squadron
Andres Gallenero Grandea, Sr # born 2/4/1905 Bacolod, Philippines; died 12/1972 Baltimore Maryland; buried Arlington 
Cpt POW served Army 30 yrs
Jerry Grant # recruited for the Navy in 1944 w/ 4 other guerrillas
Federico C. Gregorio
Marcelo C. Gregorio
Mamerto B. Guadio
Ngo Guan # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Lodovico Guanzon 
Zosimo V. Guiang 86th Field Artillery (PS); Death March survivor; POW
Justiniano G. Guico POW submarine USS Grenadier (SS-210) STM1
Clemente A. Guillermo
Dominador R. Guillermo
Mariano M. Guillermo
Nemy P. Guillermo
Felix Guerpo * Filipino Inf Regt
Jesus Guerra born Philippines; died 8/3/1943 Casualty ship- Yankee Arrow; buried Manila National Cemetery Merchant Marine O.S; resident of Brooklyn N.Y. Award: MM
Ramon Guerra Merchant Marine Casualty 8/22/1945; resident of NY
Guerrero # female Commander Pampanga Hukbalahap guerrilla
Honorio K. Guerrero Col
Josefina “Joey” V. Guerrero CIVILIAN recipient of U.S. highest civilian award. Medal of Freedom (1948) for acting as a spy for the Allied forces in the Philippines; she was able to go past Japanese sentry because of leprosy ailment as her cover. Josephina’s story was told in the Time Magazine 7/19/1948 edition
L.M. Guerrero Lt
Jerry Guerzon * Filipino Inf Regt
Alfredo Guevara, Born 1905; Died 1988; Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy, WW II Pacific - Retired after 20+ years service.
Dominador Guevara 57th Inf (PS) anti-Tank Co
Santiago Guevarra Lt. Col
Justiniano Garcia Guico died 2/2/1945 of acute pneumonia in the POW camp, captured after USS Grenadier SS 210 submarine sunk near Penang on 4/22/1943; Navy Steward’s Mate 1c; Award: POW Medal from 20 Sol St. Manaoag Pangasinan Philippines
Pedro T. Guico # born 1919 Philippines; died 8/27/1942 Casualty Ft. McKinley, Manila
Felix F. Guida Casualty 10/12/1943; EM2 ship- Dorado (SS-248) sunk in Western Atlantic, possibly near Cuba
Melecio Antonio Guillermo ** 2nd Regt; wounded Leyte Landing; SF Ca .resident since 1931
Vibencio Guivarra Navy Casualty Electrician’s Mate from San Antonio Cavite
Manuel Gunsalvez * Filipino Inf Regt
Gil Gutierrez 12th Medical (PS)
Larry O. Guzman ** MSgt 1st Reconn Bn 
Dulcesimo Habal Sgt Army; Hdqtrs Co 57th Inf Regt (PS); Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/9/1942)
Ong Hai Maj. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Adolpho Rula Haime * Navy SD1C also WW1 Cpl Hawaiian Inf
Walter Hamile * Filipino Inf Regt
Benjamin Harder Army Sgt arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943 w/ Cpt Ricardo C. Galang & Sgt Vicente Pinuela
Crisostomo Hatico * Filipino Inf Regt
Caraciolo Hayan # head of guerilla movement Tolosa Leyte
Chan Heng Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Chan Heng Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Co Heng Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Al Hernandez Lt. 1st Reconn; Award: Legion of Merit
Raymond Hesapene * Filipino Inf Regt
Tanacio Hesapene * Filipino Inf Regt
Chua Hian Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
John Hidalgo Alamo Scouts
Anthony Hierro * Filipino Inf Regt
Manuel Hilario Navy Casualty Machinist Mate from Bago Imus Cavite
Tek Him Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Benjamin Himalaya * Filipino Inf Regt
Larry Himalaya * Filipino Inf Regt
Mateo Hinaut * Navy Cook 1/c; also WW1 Cpl Hawaiian Inf
Jose Hipolito* birth: 6/23/1895 Philippines, Navy 1st Steward, also WW1 Veteran 
Rufino Holland born Philippines; died 5/4/1944 Casualty; buried Cambridge Nat. Cemetery Massachusetts; Merchant Marine
Chua Pue Hong Sgt.  “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Chua Hu Capt “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Sotero Huertas born Philippines; died 1944 POW; Casualty; Navy Storekeeper 3c; from 310 Quiricada Santa Cruz Manila
Petronio Huerto # 1st Lt 1st Reconn Bn
Ramon Huesly Navy Casualty Electrician’s Mate 1c from Caloocan Rizal
Angel Miguel Ibanez * born 9/3/1924 Pahau Hawaii; died 4/15/2004 Kaiser Hospital; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Sgt; Filipino Inf Regt; civilian: retired supervisor supply system analyst @ Lualualei Ammunition Depot; federal civil employee
Deogracias Ibanez born Philippines; Casualty
Fruto Ibanez # born 1919 Philippines; died 3/31/1946 Fort MCkinley Philippines
Sabiniano Ibanez born 1911 Philippines; enlistment 12/1/1945
Artemio Bermudes Ibarra born 6/13/1908 Philippines; died 1/28/1996; buried Ft. Rosecrans (SD CA) National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Egmedio N. Ibarra ** born Phil 1912; enlisted 7/22/1942 SF Ca
Ernesto Reyes Ibarra born 9/2/1922 Philippines; died 3/17/2008; buried Himlayang Memorial Philippines; Army TSgt
Francisco R. Ibarra born Philippines; POW
Jose F. Ibarra died 1942 Ft. McKinley Casualty
Pedro D. Ibarra died 1942 Ft. McKinley Casualty
Perfecto Ibarra born Philippines; enlistment
George Atigora Ibay born 6/25/1903 Philippines; died 7/31/1997; buried El Camino Memerial Park San Diego California; Navy SDC
Deogracias Icallia * Filipino Inf Regt
Jose L. Icaza born Philippines; Casualty Navy Seaman 2c from Binakayan Kawit Cavite
Lawrence B. Idica born 3/10/1911; died 1/24/1986; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc
Gabriel Adzura Idnay born Badoc Ilocos Norte; died 7/15/2004; buried Maui Hawaii Memorial Park; post-war: retired school teacher in the Philippines
Catalino “Iggy” Ignacio # born 12/9/1919 Nueva Ecija, Philippines; died 7/7/2005 in Carson Ca; buried Green Hills Memorial Park @ Palos Verdes Ca;  PS, Death March, POW, also a Korean War veteran; retired fr. Military 1968 as a 1st Lt. postwar: volleyball referee (1968 Olympic Games; 1977 World Cup, etc.) inducted Volleyball Hall of Fame 1991
Julian Aniciete Ignacio, Sr. # born 1/20/1921 Philippines died 10/18/2006 John Muir Medical Center Concord Ca; buried @ Holy Cross Cemetery Antioch Ca;  Death March survivor; post war occupation: an attorney & educator in the Philippines; moved to Pittsburg Ca. in 1967
Remigio Quezon Ignacio born 8/13/1922; died 11/23/1998; buried Houston Tx National Cemetery; Merchant Marine
Ricardo Bautista Ignacio born 6/9/1919 Philippines; died 10/31/1982; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Cpt Army; also Korean War veteran
Rodolfo C. Ignacio Lt # w/ Villamor (PRS) Philippine Regional Section; 1st Reconn Bn
Pekelino Ihan * Filipino Inf Regt
Hemernis Norman Ilac* Filipino Inf Regt
Bonifacio Paulo Ilao ** born 6/5/1893 Santa Cruz Laguna Phil; died 1/12/1966 Sf Ca.buried Golden Gate National Cemetery, 2nd Filipino Inf Co K Pvt also WW1 Co G Hawaiian Inf Pvt 
Roman Papasin Ilao born 3/8/1925 Philippines; died 7/14/1995; buried San Joaquin Valley Ca National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Rafael Ileto # Alamo Scouts Ileto Team; postwar: Philippines Defense Secretary; died 11/2003; buried Libingan Ng Mga Bayani, Taguig, MM Philippines
Pedro P. Illastron # born Iloilo Philippines; died 6/27/1999 Wilcox Hosp Hawaii; Army served in the Philippines & Okinawa; post-war retired Philippine Congressional Clerk
Valentin Imotan Navy Casualty Baker from #4 F.B. Harrison Pasay Rizal
Guillermo Infante Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from 338 Solis St. Tondo Manila
Dalmacio Infiel Sgt Army Co I 57th Inf Regt (PS) KIA Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/14/1942; posthumous)
Maximo P. Infiel, Sr born 11/7/1913; died 10/5/1974; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc
Socino Stanley Ingano * Filipino Inf Regt
Ismael Ingeniero # PA Major assigned to Bohol resistance efforts
Gustavo Ingles PMA grad 
Carlos “Charlie” Inot born 11/4/1919 Philippines; died 8/1966 Connecticut recruited for the Navy in 1944 w/ 4 other guerrillas; boxing champion of the Subpac 
F. Isidoro Lt
Esmeraldo Izon # guerilla; father of Noel “Sonny” producer of WW11 movie about Filipino Inf Regt “An Untold Triumph
Marcelo Jacang * born 9/2/1903; died 7/17/1966; buried Schofield Barracks (Hawaii) Post Cemetery; Army MSgt
Antonio Grinio Jacomina Navy Casualty Machinist Mate 2c from 25 E. Fernandez St San Juan Rizal
Ramon P. Jadulang *born 8/8/1907; died 9/26/1971; buried Halawa Cemetery Hawaii, Hawaii; Pfc 251 Ord Ammo Co.
Monserrat Jaleco, nurse treated soldiers
Doroteo Jamero POW
Ottoinsani Jamil * Filipino Inf Regt
Pedro Jaminola Maj
Sivero Jamito * Filipino Inf Regt
Maximiano S. Janairo * born 08/20/1905; died 12/14/1997; buried Arlington National Cemetery; Army Colonel, also Korean War veteran 
Santiago M. Jaramillo, Sr ** born 12/26/1914 Philippines; died 12/5/1996; buried Mission Memorial Park Seaside Ca Arm SP2
Lamberto Javalera
Alfonso Tavara Javier # born 1/19/1904; died 7/17/2004; buried Catholic Cemetery Tubao La Union Philippines; Army
Bartolome E. Javier # San Esteban Ilocos Sur Sgt 1st Recon Bn
Dalmacio N. Javier born 9/27/1911; died 7/24/2000; buried Dona Gregoria Mem Park Kawit Cavite, Philippines; Navy SDC; also Korean War veteran
Filomeno Javier Navy Casualty Mess Attendant 1c from San Jose Manabo Abra
George R. Javier # born 6/23/1919; died 3/17/2004; buried San Joaquin Valley Nat Cemetery; Army Cpl served in the Philippines
Jose “Joe” Javier Lt
Leocadio Javier # MIA 6/21/1942; Army Pfc
Marcello J. Javier # born 7/1/1905 Philippines died 1/7/1987 Stockton Ca; buried E. Union Cemetery S. Joaquin Ca.; Army Tec5
Candida Jimenea born 1921 member nurse corps of the guerrillas 6th Military District    
Pablo Jimenez  * Filipino Inf Regt
Patricio Jorge # Sgt w/ Villamor (PRS) Philippine Regional Section; 1st Reconn Bn
Patria Jover born 1922 member nurse corps of the guerrillas 6th Military District        
Esperidion Joyo Navy Casualty Cook 3c from 508 Legarda St. Sampaloc Manila
Anastacio Juaner Navy Casualty Machinist Mate from #13 M. Castro Caridad Cavite
Godofredo M. Juliano # 1LT PAAC 6th Pursuit PS;  Silver Star recipient (USAFFE HQ G.O # 27, 1942); buried Libingan Ng Mga Bayani Philippines
Vicente Jungco
Enrique L. Jurado Cpt USNA grad
Willie Jurado born 1921 Philippines; died 2006 Daly City California; buried Cypress Lawn Mem park; guerrilla post war: journalist; owner/founder   “The Eye” newspaper; Manila International Airport manager
Ang Ka # Sgt.  “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Ruperto Kadava Kangleon AKA Tigulang born 3/27/1890 San Roque, Macrohon, Southern Leyte; died: 2/27/1958 of heart failure buried: Manila South Cemetery (reinterred to Macrohon later) Colonel; Commanding Officer 81st Inf Div; POW Butuan; assigned to Leyte guerrilla group that facilitated the 10/20/1944 Leyte landing of Gen McArthur; appointed military governor of Leyte 10/23/1944.; prewar: Olympics player (1912-1913) PC Academy (now PMA) 1916 grad; PC 1936, later Phil Army; USAFEE 9/1941; postwar: awarded 17 medals & campaign ribbons including the Distinguished Service Cross (for 10/1/1943 to 10/20/1944) pinned personally by Gen McArthur; civil governor of Leyte; Philippine 6th Secretary of National Defense (5/28/1946-8/31/1950); posthumous promotion Brig Gen; elected Senator (served 1953 until his death); a military camp in Barangay Campetic Palo Leyte was named in his honor
Graciano “Grasing” Kapili.born Himatagon (St. Bernard) Leyte, rescued Kangleon from POW camp in 12/1942
Jose Kare # pilot LT PAAC 6tj Pursuit Squadron
Tomas B. Karingal # postwar: Quezon City, Philippines Chief of Police; General; National Police Superintendent
Yu Go Kee # Pfc. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
James Bayani Kemkem Navy Casualty Seaman 1c from #33 Batac Ilocos Norte
Ong Kiao # Maj. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Ching Kiat # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Tan Khi # Pfc. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Tan Li Kim # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
See Kio # Sgt.  “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Sisoye Kobalis * Filipino Inf Regt
Arnulfo O. Labasbas 45th Inf (PS); 832nd Signal Service Co
Rosendo (Jack) Labog #26th Cavalry Troop C PS from Nueva Vizcaya
Phillip “Didi” Frederico Laborada born 6/26/1925; died 3/2/1999 Hilo Medical Center; buried Hawaii Veterans Cemetery; Army Tec4; civilian: retired heavy equipment operator
Dominador S. Labrador, Sr. born 12/28/1924; died 3/30/2007; buried San Felipe Zambales Municipal Cemetery Navy SH2 alsoKorean War veteran
Simeon Presto Labrador ** born 9/7/1897 Philippines; died 3/3/1988; buried Ft. Rosecrans (San Diego Ca) National Cemetery; Navy Chief Cook
Vicente Labrador 1st Lt
Tomas Lacaman Navy Casualty Steward Mate from Trinidad Baguio Mountain Prov
Evaristo Lomboy Lacambra born 10/24/1914 Philippines; died 12/13/2001; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army 1st Sgt; civilian: retired laundry attendant
Agustin O. Lacao Cpl 57th Inf (PS) I Co
Carlos Lacara * Filipino Inf Regt
Zosimo Lachica # born 1918 Philippines POW 5/7/1942; 2/1945 
Artemio Lacson # POW
Ida S. Lacson # POW
Juan Bautista Regaldo “John” “Juanito” Lacson born 1/7/1904 Silay Negros Occidental, Philippines; died 11/16/1997 Santa Monica California; one of the four former PA officers to receive commissions in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in 12/1942; LTJG of the ship Bataan that was donated by the Philippine Commonwealth government to the USCG; founded Iloilo Maritime Academy now called the John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation (10/1948)
Mario G. Lacson # born 8/15/1926; died 6/11/1997; buried Oakhill (San Jose California) Memorial Park; Army
Romeo Geda Lacson born 9/11/1924; died 4/9/2001; buried Chapel of the Chimes Cemetery Hayward Ca; Army
Alfredo Ladao * born 8/10/1922 San Narciso Zambales; died 2/16/2008 Kapiolani Med Center @ Pali momi; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Navy Petty Officer, 2nd Class, also Vietnam & Korean Wars veteran
Jose “Joe” Ladao * born 10/17/1927; died 4/17/1961; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Pfc Army
Juan Uayan Ladao born 11’24’1911; died 6/4/2001; buried Riverside (Ca) National Cemetery Army 2nd Lt.
Sotero Z. Laddaran * enlistment 7/14/1942
Bonifacio Ladines Navy Casualty from Sampaloc Manila
Ali Ladjahasan # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn
Jalil Ladjahasan # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn
Catalino Valdez Lagadon, Jr. born 4/6/1911; died 5/30/1994; buried Barrancas National Cemetery Florida; Sgt Army; also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran; listed 1930 Monroe Indiana census
Mariano Salud Lagadon born 12/10/1908; died 3/1/1999; buried National Memorial Cemetery Arizona; Army Pfc
Edward Lagbas * Filipino Inf Regt
Brigido Lago Navy Casualty Machinist Mate from Salinas Cavite
Benjamin Lagon WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine
Cosme Lagon * Filipino Inf Regt
Pedro Lagorda born Philippines; died 7/23/1944 Casualty; buried Cambridge National Cemetery Massachusetts Merchant Marine
Antonio G. Lagrimas born 6/13/1924; died 6/2/1997; buried Iriga Catholic Cemetery Camarines Sur Phil; Navy SD1; also Korean War Veteran
Manuel Borje Lagrimas * born 2/19/1922 Kihei Maui; died 7/1/2004 Ann Pearl Nursing Home; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army 1st Filipino Inf Regt; post-war: Electrical Distributors Limited retiree
Walter B. Lagrimas ** born 2/19/1912; died 1/19/1985; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of SF California
Mangona Lahadjahasan # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn
Chan Lai # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
See Lak # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Laksima # 26th Cavalry Troop C
Santos Llalen Navy Casualty Mess Attendant 1c from San Enrique Passi Iloilo
Alfonso Lamata 2nd Filipino Bn Co D attached to 503rd Airborne & 441st CIC detachment
Frisco Landero Navy Casualty Seaman 1c from 1873 Azcarraga Manila
Stanley Laping * born 1923 Cebu Philippines; Army 1st Filipino Inf Regt; was in Samar campaign
Ambrocio Lappay Army Sgt Co H 2nd Inf Regt; Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 2/17/1942)
Nicetas A. Laquihon born 3/10/1910 Philippines; died 7/5/2000; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Tech5; post-war: federal barber
Eugenio G. Lara Cpt
Theodore Largo Alamo Scouts
Dionisio Larosa Navy Casualty Steward 2c from Cuenca Batangas
Leonardo C. Laurencio born 1926 Philippines
Sergio Laurente
Francisco Lava founded Hukbalahap guerrilla group w/Luis Taruc
Kojario Laxamana leader of the Provisional Battalion of Negrito Scouts
Daniel Ledda Colonel; Death March
Benito M. Legaspi # Casualty died 9/19/1944 Ft McKinley Philippines
Casimiro Legaspi born 1889 Philippines; enlistment 3/30/1945
Crispin Legaspi # Casualty; died 6/25/1942 Ft McKinley Philippines
Eugenio Legaspi ** born 1915 Philippines; enlistment 9/27/1945
Francisco Legaspi # Casualty; died 12/31/1944 Ft. McKinley Philippines
Jacinto B. Legaspi # POW 5/7/1942; 3/26/1945 Philippines
Marcos Legaspi # born 1890 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 2/1945
Miguel B. Legaspi # Casualty; died 5/23/1942 Ft. McKinley Philippines
Melanio Lehano * Filipino Inf Regt
Jose A. Leonor U.S. Army Europe, his son Leonardo (KIA/MIA Vietnam War)
Peter Lerma * Filipino Inf Regt
Jude Leyson * Filipino Inf Regt
Simeon Leyson * born 6/11/1900 Philippines; died 7/1942 Casualty; Navy Torpedoman’s Mate 1c from Guadalupe Makati, Philippines
Conrado Lianos * Filipino Inf Regt
Fortunato Liberato * Filipino Inf Regt
Patricio Licayan * Filipino Inf Regt
Rafael Licena T/Sgt 1st Reconn Bn
Gaudencio Licerio Staff Sgt Co A 57th Inf Regt (PS); Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 3/28/1942 Bataan Anyasen Point, then Sgt) 
Ong Ko Lim # Ltc. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Vicente Lim # Brig Gen born 1889 Calamba Laguna; Casualty; died 12/ 31/1944; Chief of Staff Phil Army; 41st Phil Division commander Defense of Bataan; top-ranking Filipino under Gen Douglas MacArthur; Bataan Death March survivor; guerrilla leader; captured 1944; POW  imprisoned @ Ft Santiago & Bilibid prison; beheaded w/ Col Antonio Escoda;; Awards: Legion of Merit; Purple Heart; 1st Filipino West Point grad (1914); 2nd Lt WW1; author of “The letters of General Vicente Lim (1938-1942)” famous quotation “To inspire and to lead”
Uy Lim # Cpl “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Joseph Limbago * Filipino Inf Regt
Doroteo Limcolioc Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from 2263 Juan Luna Manila
Kaw Lin # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Frank Linogon * Filipino Inf Regt
Ang Liong # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Manuel Pineda Lising born Philippines; died 3/2/1943 Casualty Merchant Marine ship- Meriwether Lewis; Cook; residence NY
Romeo Lising Casualty
Au Yong Lit # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Cua Lit # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Tan Lit # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Josefa Madamba Llanes (Mrs Antonio Escoda) civilian; husband was arrested 6/1944; Josefa was arrested & imprisoned in Fort Santiago 9/1944 & was last seen 1/6/1945 in FEU; presumed executed and buried in an unmarked grave in the La Loma Cemetery. A street and a building named and a monument dedicated to her; also depicted on 1000-peso bill as one of three Filipinos martyred by the Japanese Armed Forces; founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines & a women’s rights advocate
Simeon Llanes born 2/18/1898 Philippines; died 7/10/1942 Casualty MIA; POW; Navy Coxswain; SS# issued Hawaii
Alberto Samuel Llorente Army; guerrilla
Abdon Llorente Cpt 1st Filipino Inf Regt commander of Co C 1st Battalion
Virgilio Lobregat guerrilla spy; Casualty, POW Ft. Santiago; executed 8/28/1944; prewar: star athlete; football player; sugar planter
Marciano Lomibao Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 2c from Buenlag Bimaley Pangasinan
John Lopes * Filipino Inf Regt
Agustin Lopez * born 8/28/1895 Philippines; died 10.1943 Casualty; Navy Steward 2c resident of 843 Lepanto, Sampaloc Manila
Apolonio Etrata Lopez
Arthur G. Lopez # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Pasuquin Ilocos Norte Philippines
Manuel Lopez born Philippines died 7/11/1942 Casualty; ship- Stanvac Palembang Merchant Marine O.S. 
Pedro Aquino Lopez * born 2/5/1901 Philippines; died 3/1942 Casualty; Navy Steward 1c of 1297 Dos Castillias Sampaloc, Manila
Salvador P. Lopez # 1st Lt
Vicente Lopez General of the United States-Chinese Volunteers in the Philippines Source:  Philippine Supreme Court G.R. No. L-12944 3/30/1959 Maria Natividad Vda. (Chiat Bee Tan) De Tan vs. Veterans Backpay Commission, also check Col Chua Sy Tiao
Albert Lorenzo * Filipino Inf Regt
Tharias Lorico * Filipino Inf Regt
Zody Leyritania Los Banes born Philippines; died 1/10/1943 Casualty Argonaut SS-166 sunk near Rabaul; Navy Mess Attendant 1c from Lambunao, Iloilo
Alfred “Freddie” Los Banos * born 5/16/1923; died 8/31/1999 St. Francis-West Hospital; buried @ Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Sgt; 1st Filipino Inf Reg; sent to the Philippines; fought in Samar & Leyte; also a Korean War veteran; shot by a sniper in Korea(1950); one of the founders of the Disabled American Veterans Hawaii Chapter; an organizer of the Military Purple Heart Hawaii Chapter; was appointed by Pres. Clinton to the American Battles Monument Commission in 1994; Veterans Adm counselor; a tireless & passionate lobbyist & advocate for veterans rights, despite disabilities suffered when he became paralyzed & both legs below the knees were amputated. Award: Purple Heart
Allan Los Banos * born 5/14/1921(twin of Bernard); died 3/29/1999; saw action in Guadalcanal; posr war: Retired Air Force Colonel; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific worked for Honolulu Motor Vehicle Dept; also a Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran
Bernard Los Banos * born 5/14/1921 (twin of Allan) saw action in Guadalcanal
Domingo Los Banos, Jr * born Kauai, Hawaii Sgt 1st Filipino Inf Regt sent to the Philippines; fought in Samar & Leyte known as the Chaplain; post war: soldier’s advocate; chaplain of Post 1572 Veterans of Foreign Wars 1st & 2nd Filipino Inf Regt Hawaii Chapter; 1st Pilipino Hawaii Public Schools Superintendent (Leeward Schools); docent @ Waipahu Plantation Village; assistant producer & advisor of the movie “An Untold Triumph” of the Filipino Inf Regt Notes: The five Los Banos Brothers war veterans: Domingo is one of the four brothers (Alfred; twins-Allan & Bernard) who served & survived WW11; Charles the 5th brother served in the Vietnam & KoreanWars (four brothers served in WW11; three brothers served in the Korean War and two brothers served in the Vietnam War! )
Nick Lozada 45th Inf (PS) 3rd Bn
Emilio Quezon Luat * born 4/10/1923; died 11/25/1992; buried National Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Sfc
William Quezon Luat * born 4/29/1925; died 11/21/1990; buried National Mem Cemetery of the Pacific Army Pfc
Hilario L. Lubendino *** 1st Reconn Bn Cpl 1st Reconn Bn address Osburn Hotel Eugene Orgon
Santos Dumlao Lucas Navy Casualty Steward 3c from Laoag Ilocos Norte
Teodulo Gallardo Luciano born Philippines; died 2/7/1943 Casualty ship-Robert E. Hopkins; Merchant Marine O.S; from Quezon City Philippines
Larry Lamorian Luis, Sr. * born 9/26/1926 Puunene, Hawaii; died 8/26/2002; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pvt; postwar: retired Naval Base police commander; security Armor Hawaii employee
Mariano dela Cruz Luiz * born 8/26/1912 Olaa Hawaii; died 3/16/2000 Waipahu, Honolulu Hawaii; buried Nat Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Sgt; postwar: retired federal police officer (last name origin Luis of Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines)
Federico Lumbre Lt. Col. Bataan guerrilla
Antonio N. Lumio 45th Death March; POW, Casualty died 5/14/1942 Camp O’Donnell of malaria; Inf (PS) L Co Sgt; from Capiz
Fernando Gebago Luna died 11/2/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine; Cook; ship-Chicksaw City/Zaandam; from Bulan Sorsogon 
Francisco Luna
Jose Luna died 3/1/1942 Navy Casualty USS Houston CA-30; Musician from Imus Cavite
Rosendo Luna SFC (USA, Ret., 1935-1957); 14th Engineers Bn. (Philippine Scouts); Bataan Death March survivor; combat veteran of both WW II and the Korean Conflict; Seattle, WA resident.
Teofilo Luna Navy Casualty Cook 2c from Gasan Marinduque
Jose Lupa* born 3/19/1901 Philippines; died 3/1942 Casualty; Navy Steward 2c of Bancaan Naic, Cavite
Domingo Lutao * Filipino Inf Regt
Telesforo Mabag Cpl Army MIA Casualty 4/6/1942
Fernando Mabaga Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942
Ernesto Tirona“Ernie” Mabalon born 8/7/1924; died 4/6/2005; buried San Joaquin Catholic Cemetery, guerrilla  USAFFE; 6th Military District, 2nd Battalion, 66th Infantry, E Company. 
Benito Mabanag Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/27/1942
Quinciano Mabanglo Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946
Carlos Mabanta Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/24/1942
Moro Mabay Pfc Army MIA Casualty 9/2/1945
Inigo B. Mabilangan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 1/12/1942
Gerbacio Mabine Army MIA Casualty 6/16/1942
Octavius Mabine Navy Casualty MIA 12/7/1941 Matt1; U.S.S. Oklahoma Pearl Harbor
Victoriano M. Mabunga Sgt Army MIA Casualty 4/9/1942
Santiago Pablo Mabuti died 9/9/1943 (9/23/1943) Casualty; loss @ sea; U.S.S. Grayling SS-209 submarine sunk near Tablas Strait Philippines Navy Cook 2
Nemesio M. Macabangun Sgt Army MIA Casualty 11/29/1942
Jose Macabebe Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/22/1942
Remigio Macadangdang Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/14/1942
Andres M. Macagba Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946
Epifanio Macaldo Pvt Army MIA Casualty 1/28/1942
Francisco Macalinao Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/20/1942
S. A. Macalinao Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/14/1942
Joseph Macaluso * Alamo Scouts (Rafael Ileto Team)
Sam Macaluso Tec4 Army MIA Casualty 11/27/1943
Nicasio Macan SSgt born 1895 Philippines; enlisted 9/6/1940
Angel Macapagal Death March survivior post war: Congressman of Pampanga; brother of Pres Diosdado Macapagal
Diosdado Macapagal guerilla Finance officer post war: President of the Philippines; also father of Pres Gloria M. Arroyo
Ildefonso Macapallag Pvt Army MIA Casualty 7/28/1945
Angel Macapas Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/11/1942
Alfredo T. Macaraeg Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/9/1942
Florencio Macaraeg Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/18/1942
Pedro R. Macaraeg Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/23/1942
Antonio Macareig died 1/28/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine; Messman ship- USAT Royal T. Frank
Juan Macariola Pfc Army MIA Casualty 2/10/1942
Herminio A. Macarubbo Pfc Army MIA Casualty 4/13/1942
Macario Macasinag Navy Casualty Officer’s Cook 1c from Caridad Cavite
Esteban Macasu born 1896 Philippines; POW 12/8/1941; ship- SS Pres. Harrison released; Merchant Marine Pantryman; from San Miguel Philippines
Marcelo D. Macatangay Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/10/1942
Tomas D. Macatol Pfc Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946
Hendriclaro Macavinta (New Scout) from Macato Aklan
Luis Macavinta Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942
Zosimo Macavinta (New Scout) from Macato Aklan
Juan Macawile Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/28/1942
Nicolas S. Macayana Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946
Alejandro G. Macogay, Sr.** born 8/15/1896 Philippines; died 2/1984 Nelson Virginia; buried Bryant Cemetery Buckingham County Virginia; U.S. Navy; (also WW1 US Navy; Mess attendant 1st Class; served U.S.S. Aler t 4/6/1917-7/5/1918; U.S.S. Buffalo 7/5/1918-11/11/1918); listed 1920 Military & Naval Forces census; 1930 Wash D.C. census
Denicio Macogay died 5/31/1942; MIA Casualty Army Pfc
Ponciano Mactao Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/10/1942
Alejandro Madamba Pfc Army MIA Casualty 2/28/1945
William E. Madara Cpl Army MIA Casualty 4/30/1945
Dominador Madarang Pfc Army MIA Casualty 8/31/1942
Francisco Madarang Sgt Army MIA Casualty 5/28/1942
Gaspar Madarang Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/17/1942
Juan Ramos Madarang born 10/20/1917; died 7/30/2004; buried Olongapo Memorial Park Zambales; Army Pfc
Mariano Evangelista Madarang born 12/8/1911; died 2/1/1987 San Mateo California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery California
Paulino Evangelista Madarang born 6/22/1901; died 12/3/1903 San Mateo California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Tec 5
Joe Q. Madrazo died 1963 1st Filipino Regt Co D radio operator
Eugenio Maestro died 1942; POW; Casualty; Navy Machinist’s Mate 1c from #5 Rizal St. Romblon 
Juanito Magalion * Filipino Inf Regt
Victor Magallanes 12th Signal Co (PS)
Jose Magallanis Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/18/1942
Roman C. Magallano Sgt Army MIA Casualty 7/12/1942
Felix Magalong # born 1919 Philippines; Death March, POW released 12/31/1942 Cpt 45th Inf (PS) H Co
Juan Magat Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/1/1942
Maximo O. Magat Pfc Army MIA Casualty 12/29/1941
Yrineo Magat Pfc Army MIA Casualty 10/5/1944
Esteban Magbanua Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942
Lorenzo Magbanua born Philippines; died 10/31/1942 POW; Casualty; Navy; Quartermaster 2c; from Mlagao Iloilo
Selvino Magbanua Cpl Army MIA Casualty 5/25/1942
Alfonso S. Magbual 1stSgt, Depot Operations NCO; 76th Ord Ammo Co (PS) “New Scout” (prior PS service before WW11); discharged 1948; died 1953 Batangas also Korean War vet
Fely D. Magbual # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Laoag Ilocos Norte Philippines
Daniel Maghanay Casualty Merchant Marine
Rafael A. Maghari MIA Casualty 5/2/1942 Army Pvt
Camilo Maglalang * born 6/25/1895 Philippines; died 1/1945 Casualty Navy Mess Attendant 1c; resident of Apalit Pampanga; SS# issued Hawaii
Leopoldo Maglanoc MIA Casualty 7/11/942 Army Pvt
Carlos Y. Maglasang MIA Casualty 7/12/1942 Army Pvt
 Ramon O. Maglasang MIA Casualty 9/5/1942 Army Pvt
Andrew Bacungan Maglaya born 10/15/1912; died 1/12/1956; buried Ft. Snelling National Cemetery South Minneapolis MN
Casamero P. Maglaya born 2/23/1911; died 1/8/2004; buried San Joaquin Catholic Cemetery Stockton Ca Army
Emilio Sobrepena Maglaya born 1/1/1898 Philippines; died 10/18/1954 Santa Cruz California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery California; Pvt Army
Jesus Maglaya 1st Lt. Army 21st Inf Regt; Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 3/13/1942)
Teodoro E. Maglaya born 9//7/1907; died 4/28/1990; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Honolulu Hawaii; Army T5
Numeriano T. Maglinte ** born 7/7/1898 Philippines died 11/19/1944 buried LA Nat. Cemetery Pvt Co B 1st Filipino Inf
Johnny Jay Maglinti born 7/19/1927; died 1/3/2007; buried Kauai Veterans Cemetery Hawaii; Army Pvt 
William Maglinti * born 9/16/1925; died 11/19/1990; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Filipino Inf Regt; Tec5
Gualberto Maglocot MIA Casualty 3/31/1946 Army Pvt
J.B. Magluyan Cpt
Alejandro Mendoza Magno died 4/9/1942 Casualty; Merchant Marine Messman ship- Eugene V.R. Thayer; from San Jose, Philippines
Hilario Magno Navy Casualty Cook 1c from San Marcelino Zambales
Joaquin Magpantay # born Philippines Army Sgt Co D, 41st Inf Regt PS; Distinguished Service Cross
Macario Magpantay born Philippines POW
Elpedio Longtayao Magpiong born 11/16/1895 Philippines; died 5/12/1955; buried Los Angeles (Ca) National Cemetery; Navy SF3
Bartolome Magsalin MIA Casualty 1/31/1942 Army Cpl
Ramon Magsaysay born 8/31/1907 Ibu Zambales; died 3/17/1957 plane crashed; 31st Infantry Division PA; organize the Western Luzon Guerilla Forces; Cpt; Provisional Governor of Zambales later President of the Philippines (12/30/1953-3/17/1957)
Magsino, Col.   
Pedro O. Magsipoc MIA Casualty 3/31/1946 Army Pfc
Pedro Maguddato born 4/22/1882 Philippines; died 2/21/1956; buried San Francisco National Cemetery; Army Cpl; also, WW1 veteran
Bernardo Majayag MIA Casualty 6/27/1942 Army Pvt
Anatalio Majosay MIA Casualty 6/27/1942 Army Pfc
Benjamin Makiling MIA Casualty 12/11/1944 Army MSgt 
Vicente Malabad MIA Casualty 5/18/1942 Army Sgt
Eufemio Malabed MIA Casualty 7/16/1942 Army Pvt
Feliciano Malabed MIA Casualty 5/30/1942 Cpl
Jaime Malabed MIA Casualty 5/17/1942 Cpl
Marceliano Malandog MIA Casualty 5/10/1942 Pvt
Cenon M. Malasig born 12/22/1906 Philippines; died 7/23/1988 Alameda Co. California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Tiborcio Agcaoili Malasig; Pfc Army born 8/6/1905 Philippines; died 9/22/1996 Stanislaus County California; buried San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery
Jose Malazo born Philippines POW; Casualty; Navy Cook 3c from Julugan, Cavite
William Malia* Filipino Inf Regt
Pascual Malibago Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/22/1942
C. A. Malibiran Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946
Pedro Maligis Pfc Army MIA Casualty 7/1/1942
Juan F. Maligon Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/30/1942
Eulogio M.C. Malijan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/28/1942
Leon P. Malijan Sgt Army MIA Casualty 8/9/1942
Dominador Malik # Tech 4 w/ Villamor (PRS) Philippine Regional Section; 1st Reconn Bn
Maliksi # 26th Cavalry Troop C
Patricio Malilay WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine
Restituto Malinao # died 5/19/1942 Ft McKinley MIA Casualty; Army Sgt
Roque Malinao Sgt Army MIA Casualty 7/31/1942 
Reino H. Malinen Pvt Army MIA Casualty 2/11/1945
Roman Malit Navy Casualty Steward 2c from Guagua Pampanga
Martin F. Mallare Pfc Army MIA Casualty 2/9/1942

Angel Santos Mallari, Sr # born 10/1/1917; died 8/21/2002; buried Gasan Cemetery Tapuyan Gasan Marinduque; PS POW 5/7/1942; 2/12/1945
Benito Mallari, Sr ** born 4/16/1922; died 7/6/2003; buried Garden of Memories Cemetery Salinas Ca; POW 5/7/1942,4/2/1945 Army SP5; also Korean & Vietnam veteran
Domingo Mallari # born 1906 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 2/1945
Eliseo L. Mallari # born 1910 Philippines; died 5/2/1942 Ft. McKinley; Army Sgt; POW; MIA Casualty 
Eliseo V. Mallari born 9/8/1910 Philippines; died 8/21/1996; buried Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery Army Cpt, Tarlac guerrilla, also a Korean War veteran
Emiliano Mallari # born 1893 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 2/1945 Philippines
Federico Mallari # born 1919 Philippines; Casualty
Flaviano Mallari # born 1919 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942, 2/1945; enlistment 3/4/1941
Gregorio G. Mallari # Navy Casualty Mess Attendant 1c
Lorenzo Mallari # Casualty
Melquiades G. Mallari # born 1916 Philippines; died 2/6/1942 Casualty MIA Ft McKinley Philippines; enlisted 2/20/1941; Army Pvt
Paul “Pablo” De Guzman Mallari ** born 1/25/1913 Philippines; died 7/28/1990; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; POW 5/7/1942, 2/1945; Army Pfc; enlisted 6/23/1941
Remigio Mallari # Casualty 
Remigio Mallari born 1888 Philippines; enlistment 12/18/1941
Venancio Mallari # died 7/2/1942 Casualty MIA Ft McKinley Philippines; Army Sgt
Agustin Mallillin Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/19/42
Antonio Mallillin Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/12/1942
Tomas Malllillin Cpl Army MIA Casualty 6/30/1942 
Benjamin Corneja Mallo born 6/28/1906 Janiuay Iloilo; died 9/14/1990 Tamuning Guam; 2nd Filipino Infantry-US Army, Serial No. 38 641 582; Campaigns: New Guinea and Luzon, Southern Philippines; enlisted 5/27/1942, Camp Beale, CA; honorably discharged 12/19/1946, San Francisco, CA Source 3/19/2009 e-mail by Steve Mallo to M.E. Embry about his father (contact info: stevejpii (at) 
Nicolas Malolot Cpl Army MIA Casualty 6/12/1942
Constancio Malong Cpl Army MIA Casualty 6/9/1942
Numeriano Sevitillo Malong born 7/5/1905 Philippines; died 7/1/1952 Frsno California; buried Sacramento City Cemetery; Pfc 1st Filipino Inf
James H. Malugin Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/15/1946
Gerardo P. Malvas Sgt Army MIA Casualty 4/7/1942
Lucas Malvas Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/7/1942
Abondio Mambaje Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/18/1942
Macario Mamuyac 2lt Lt POW; Army enlisted
Antonio Manaay Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/26/1942
Arcenio Manabat Pfc Army MIA Casualty 6/4/1942
Tomas Manabat Pfc Army MIA Casualty 8/4/1942
Melchor Managad Pfc Army MIA Casualty 10/23/1942
Cenen Manahan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/27/1942
Bonifacio Manalang Pvt Army MIA Casualty 7/28/1942
Pablo G. Manalang born 1/15/1901 Philippines; died 2/3/1970; buried Angeles City Municipal Cemetery Pampanga Philippines
Candido Manalastas Pvt Army MIA Casualty 1/17/1942
Domingo Manalastas Ist Sgt Army MIA Casualty 8/23/1942
Isidro L. Manaligod Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/21/1942
Lorenzo Manaligod Pvt
Jesus Chargualaf Manalisay died 10/11/1943 (11/1/1943) Casualty Steward 3c; Wahoo SS-238 sunk by air attack & depth charging N. Japan; Award: Purple Heart (Guam-Phil descent)
Alejandro Manalo # born 1922 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942; 4/1945
Amado Manalo # born 1918 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942, 2/25/1945 Philippines
Antonio Manalo # POW 5/7/1942
Aquilino Manalo born 6/6/1905 Philippines; died 6/24/2003; buried Calverton NY National Cemetery; Navy; Merchant Marine CK1
Armando Manalo born 1923; enlistment 2/13/1943; residence: Colorado Denver
Basiliso Manalo Casualty
Domingo Manalo * born 1926; enlistment 12/15/1945
Eleuterio Manalo born 1926; listed Navy Aircraft Carrier Muster Rolls
Estanislao Manalo # born 11/11/1900 Philippines; died 2/28/1945 Philippines; Casualty Navy Officer’s Steward 2c; resident of 64 San Roque St. Bauan Batangas; SS# issued Hawaii
Francisco Manalo Casualty
Francisco Manalo born 1/22/1922; died 3/6/2003; buried Moravian Cemetery Staten Island NY; POW 5/7/1942, 4/18/1945; Army SSgt, also Korean War veteran
Gabriel Manalo Casualty
George R. Manalo born 1926; enlistment 8/12/1944; residence: Denver Colorado; Casualty
Luis Manalo born 1908 Philippines; POW 5/7/1942
Joseph J. Manalo * born 1928; enlistment 1/24/1946; residence: Hawaii
Julian Manalo born 1906; enlistment 9/26
Marcelino Manalo Casualty
Maximo Manalo * born 9/25/1923; died 4/9/1972; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Air Force CPL
Pedro T. Manalo Casualty
Rodolfo C. Manalo # MIA Casualty; died 1/31/1945 Ft. McKinley Philippines; Pvt Army
Thomas B. Manalo * born 1925; Filipino Inf Regt Pfc; enlistment 1/10/1945
Valeriano Manalo # POW 5/7/1942, 2/1/1945 Philippines
Vicente B. Manaloto Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/12/1942
Modesto Manangan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/8/1942 
Segundo Manangan Pfc Army MIA Casualty 2/8/1942
Michael Mananquil Cpl Army MIA Casualty 7/16/1942
Amado S. Manansala Pfc Army MIA Casualty 4/13/1942
Bartolome Manansala Steward Mate 1c Navy Casualty 12/10/1941 from 1334 Pridencia St Samplaoc Manila
Canoto Manansala Pfc Army MIA Casualty 5/30/1942
Eliodoro Manansala Pvt Army MIA Casualty 1/23/1942
Francisco Manansala Sgt Army MIA Casualty 6/12/1942
Miguel Manansala Sgt Army MIA Casualty 6/9/1942
Satornino Manansala Sgt Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942
Silvestre Manansala Cpl Army MIA Casualty 1/31/1942
Panfilo A. Manantan Pvt Army MIA Casualty 5/15/1942
Casimiro Manaois Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/8/1942
Elias Manapit Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/14/1942
Marcelo Manayan Pfc Army MIA Casualty 4/4/1942
Alfred Mancao * Filipino Inf Regt
Matias Michael Mandac * Filipino Inf Regt
Theodore Maneseses * Filipino Inf Regt
Alfonso Mangabat Pvt Army MIA Casualty 3/8/1943
Bartolome V. Mangabat Tec5 Army MIA Casualty 6/10/1942
Miguel Mangabat Pvt Army MIA Casualty 4/6/1942
B. L. Manganaan Sgt Army MIA Casualty 1/21/1942
Bernardo M. Mangawang Pvt Army MIA Casualty 12/29/1941
Daud Mangkon guerrilla
Napoleon Mangonan 1st Lt Infantry; Distinguished Service Cross (for 2/31942-2/10/1942)
S.G. Mangosing Pfc 6/21/1942
Luis C. Mangrobang Cpl Army MIA Casualty 5/31/1942 
Guillermo Mangubat Pvt Army MIA Casualty 6/13/1942
Patricio Gutierez Mangubat born 3/17/1926; died3/19/2002; buried Tahoma Nat. Cemetery Kent Washington, also a Korean War & Vietnam War Veteran; Navy ENC (SS)
Benjamin Manibog * Filipino Inf Regt
Juan C. Manibusan Navy MIA Casualty 8/4/1944 NSK3
Felipe Maningo Lt guerilla group of 150 Philippine Scouts.operating in Clark Field 
Cesar C. Manio Cpl Army MIA Casualty 6/28/1942
Adriano Manipis Tec4 Army MIA Casualty 5/30/1942
Maximo V. Manlagit Sgt 1st Reconn Bn
Vicente Manlagnit Sgt Army MIA Casualty 6/16/1942
Jesse Kepa Manlapit *  born 3/29/1930 Waimea; died 2/11/2005; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc; post-war retired Hawaii Gov’t employees Assoc; Local 3 business agent & Operations engineer
Federico L. Manliclic Pvt Army MIA Casualty 10/24/1944
Jose Manlincon Pfc Army MIA Casualty 3/31/1946
Frank Manosca #
Miguel Manresa born 12/23/1915 Philippines died 4/1978 Filipino Regt
Romulo Manriquez Capt. guerrilla took over Manuel Enriquiez (Manuel Enriquez preceded by  Gillermo Nakar)
Gabriel M. Mansapit Navy MIA Casualty 11/24/1943 CK3
Francisco Mantaring MIA Casualty 2/9/1942 Army Pvt
Antonio Manuel * Filipino Inf Regt
James Martinez Manuel died 6/28/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine Messman ship-Raphael Semmes; from Manila Philippines
Tomas Manuel # born 1925 San Mateo Rizal; died 9/10/2006 Sf California; Cpl Infantryman PA; later Guerrilla Mountain Corps Regt; Awards: Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, WW11 Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon; post-war: immigrated to U.S. 1992; Balboa H.S. teaher, musician & artist
Romulo Manriquez Maj
Agustin Lucero. Manzano born 1907 Philippines; died 1998; buried Holy Gardens Taytay Rizal POW
Aniceto Coloma Manzano born 4/17/1907 Philippines; died 2/13/1992; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army M/Sgt; also Korean War veteran
Antonio Manzano born Philippines POW
Bonifacio Lorenzana Manzano  discharge 7/1946; member of the (16) Pangilinan naturalization respondents
Carmelo Lopez Manzano Maj. Phil Army & aide de camp to Maj Gen Basilio Valdez; one of the four former PA officers to receive commissions in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in 12/1942; LCDR; became the highest ranking Filipino USCG; formerly Executive officer for the Puerto Rico Chief of Staff USCG; Source: “Filipinos in the Navy”
Mercidio Sumangil Manzano born 9/19/1909; died 11/4/1948; buried Los Angeles National Cemetery; Navy STD 1c
Narciso L. Samson Manzano born 2/20/1897 Philippines; died 9/15/1986; buried San Francisco National Cemetery; Army Col; POW, also WW1 veteran
Simeon Obrero Manzano born 10/9/1903 Philippines; died 12/7/1997; buried Greenwood Memorial Park San Diego Ca Navy SDC
Isidro Santo Domingo Manzo died 8/28/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine ship- Arlyn, 3rd Engineer; from Manila Philippines 
Antonio Maquiling MIA Casualty 3/14/1942 Army TSgt
Eleuterio M. Maquinana ** born 2/20/1916; died 9/6/2007 Daly City Ca; Co L 57th Inf (PS)
Andro Salvador Marana born 8/17/1909; died 4/5/1984 San Francisco Ca; buried San Francisco National Cemetery Presidio; Army 1st Lt.
Perfecto Maranon * born 3/5/1915; died 12/1945 Casualty; Yeoman 3c from 32-D Cruzada Quiapo Manila
Salvador Maranon born 2/16/1910 Philippines; died 12/1945 Casualty; Navy Cook 2c from San Felipe Zambales
Ricardo R. Maravillas Sfc 12th Medical Bn (PS) C Co; pre-war 14th Engrs Regt Co C; post war Army retiree; resident of Fairfield California; father of Dr. Anthony Rama Maravillas
Abraham A. Marayag MIA Casualty 5/26/1942 Army Pfc
Ferdinand Edralin Marcos # born 9/11/1917 Sarrat, Ilocos Norte Philippines; died 1989 Honolulu Hawaii; 3rd Lt ; combat intelligence officer; 21st Inf Div; Battle of Bataan; Death March; guerilla; Awards: DSC, Bronze Star; Purple Heart; (Medal for Valor awarded Maj. Ferdinand Marcos, PA; by President Carlos P. Garcia, 1958) (much controversy about his military service awards)  prewar: lawyer (1940); postwar:  President of the Philippines (1966); deposed 1986 * 
Gregorio Marcelo * enlistment
Benjamin Mariano, Sr born 6/18/1920 Philippines; died 12/10/2000; buried Crownsville (Md) Veterans Cemetery; Death March, POW; Sfc (Ret) Army, also Vietnam & Korean Wars veteran
Marcelino Mariano born Philippines POW
Pedro Mariano born Philippines POW
Pio Agustin Mariano born 4/24/1904 Philippines; died 6/24/2001; buried La Loma Quezon City Cemetery; Army Pvt
Vicente A. Mariano born Philippines POW
Victor Mariano Death March; Casualty
Jay Marking (also known as Jay Panlilio) # guerrilla
Alfredo Marquez Navy Casualty Steward’s Mate 1c from Bauan Batangas
Guillermo Marquez born 4/21/1904 Philippines; died 11/1943 Casualty Navy Officer’s cook; resident of Imus Cavite; SS# issued Hawaii
Alfonso Marte Navy Casualty Officer’s Cook from 114 Luna St. Malabon Rizal
Pastor Martelino born 8/8/1896 Kalibo Aklan; died 1/8/1945 Philippines; war Casualty; MIA; Col; 1st Filipino Supt of Philippine Military Academy (1936-1940); CampPastor Martelino Kalibo Aklan was named in his honor; U.S. Military Academy 1920 grad; Phil Scouts
Gervacio Martin
Philip Martin # 1st Reconn Bn of Cardona Rizal Philippines
Cirilo Martinez Navy Cook 2c POW from 5 M. Quezon St. Makati Rizal
Jim Martinez Filipino Regt
Manuel Martinez Cpt CO 76th Ord Ammo Co (PS)
Natalio Martinez Navy Casualty Electrician’s Mate fro 33 P. Burgos St. Caridad Cavite
Domingo Marzan born 11/2/1900 died 5/6/1942 WW11 Casualty Navy Steward’s Mate 3c; Ck3 from Infanta Pangasinan
Catalino Masa died 5/24/1943 Casualty Merchant Marine F/W ship-Stanvac Manila
Gregorio Masancay MIA Casualty 4/1/1942 Army Pfc
 Manuel Masangcay MIA Casualty 7/1/1942 Army Sgt
Severo Masangcay MIA Casualty 2/18/1942 Army SSgt
Agapito Masangkay died 2/1942; Casualty Merchant Marine; Steward ship-Don Isidro
Conrado B. Masbate MIA Casualty 7/20/1942 Army Pfc
Cipriano B. Masiclat, Sr. born 10/1/1899 Angeles Pampanga; died 12/4/1977 San Francisco Ca. Regt SgtMaj 26th Cavalry (PS); Awards: Silver & Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, Meritorious Service Medal
Ernesto Mata # Cpt
Jesus Manalisay Mata died 12/7/1941 Pearl Harbor Casualty MATT1c USS West Virginia 
Francisco Matalang MIA Casualty 4/7/1942 Army Pvt
Alexandro (Alejandro) Matinog born 4/16/1893 Iloilo Philippines Source: & Morning Post Camden N.J. 2/28/1942 Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. operated ships WW11 Alexandro Matinog, a messman w/ residence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania died in W.D. Anderson, a tanker captained by Albert B. Walters sailing from Texas to Philidelphia that was attacked by a German Submarine U-504, 12 miles NE of Jupiter Inlet Florida; 35 crew, including  the captain, perished w/ one survivor; Other Sources: listed WW1 Draft Kings NY District #24; also
Pablo Matudan MIA Casualty 5/7/1942 Army Pvt
Felipe Matunog MIA Casualty 1/12/1942 Army Pvt
Catalino Maturan MIA Casualty 7/1/1942 Army Pvt
Proceso Maturan MIA Casualty 4/30/1942 Army Pfc
Job Mayo Lt
Agapito Mazon Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from Boac Marinduque
Simeon Medalla Col
Antonino Medenilla Navy Casualty Steward 1c from Laoag Ilocos Norte
Juan Medina Alamo Scouts
Severo Medina born Philippines; Army 1stSgt 3rd MP Bn; POW; Award: Distinguished Service Cross
Nicolas Mendoza 26th Cavalry (PS) Troop A 1st Sgt
Sergio Mendoza Army Doctor; 1941-1946; naturalization application Source 464 U.S. 154 (1984) 462 U.S. 154 
Antonio Malvar Meer member Quezon’s guerrilla force; post-war organizer of Handog sa Sundalo (Gift to the Soldier) Foundation
Andres Megano Lt. Col Bataan guerrilla
Bonifacio Mencias # M.D. Dean UST College of Medicine executed by the Japanese, father of Rosario M. Querol
Don Mendiola * Filipino Inf Regt
Anastacio Mendoza Navy Casualty Machinist’s Mate 2c from San Carlos Pangasinan
Bienvenido Mendoza born 1927 Philippines
Gregorio Mendoza * enlistment
Henry H. Mendoza Army Pfc; 7th Inf Div; Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 10/24/1944)
Joe Mendoza
Rey Mendoza
Samuel S. Mendoza Army Pfc Co K 383d Inf Regt 96th Inf Div; Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 10/25/1944 @ Leyte)
Lorenzo Mallari Meneses born 1/1/1882 Macabebe Pampanga; died 3/22/1966 Alameda California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Navy SDC (also WW1 veteran Army Sgt Co M 1st Hawaiian Inf; 1/8/1916-2/4/1919; resident of Honolulu Hawaii during WW1 military service; was a sakada in Hawaii) 
Jesus Menez Merchant Marine Utility; POW captured by Germans ship Carlton 7/5/1942 released; from Benga Capiz Philippines
Benjamin Menor * Filipino Inf Regt; post-war: Hawaii State Supreme Court Justice
Dominador Meral * Filipino Inf Regt
Angelino Mercado * 
Godofredo Mercado Navy Casualty Steward’s Mate 1c from Lubao Pampanga
Julian Mercado Pampanga guerrillas
Pedro Merritt Cpt
Pablo Mesina 45th Inf (PS)
Frank Messina Army Band (PS); post war: played w/ orchestras
Floredelino Miguel * Filipino Inf Regt
Santiago V. Miguel ** born 12/25/1910 Philippines; died 2/1/2002 @ Alderson Conv. Hosp Woodland; buried Monument Hill Memorial Park Woodland Ca; military service:1942-1946 Awards: European African Middle Eastern Theatre Campaign Medal, American Campaign Medal, WW11 Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal
Stanley Serquina Miguel born 7/11/1911 Philippines; died 10/15/1999 Philippines; buried San Nicolas Municipal Cemetery Pangasinan; Merchant Mariner; Utility man; also in the Longtime or Retired Railroad worker List 
William Milam Filipino Regt
Gaudencio Minon born 8/30/1905 Philippines died 12/21/1983 buried Calverton Nat Cemetery NY 2nd Filipino Regt; Sgt.
Jose Mira * Filipino Inf Regt
Gerardo Mirabuena # Bataan Defense; Death March
Joseph Mirafuentes * Filipino Inf Regt
Blas E. Miranda Brig Gen; Leyte guerrilla leader; prewar: PC
Arcadio Mision Navy Casualty Seaman 1c 
Mamarto Molina Mess Attendant 1c from 2431 Tindalo St. Tondo Manila
Pedro Q. Molina Silver Star, nephew of Pres. ML Quezon
Dennis Molintas Maj. Baguio guerrillas
Arturo Mollasgo Army Pvt Co H 45th Inf Regt PS; KIA Award: Distinguished Service Cross (posthumous; for 2/12/1942)
Joseph Moncada died 6/12/1943 Casualty; ship R-12 SS-89 @ Key West; job-MM1
Antonio K. Mondigo pilot 3Lt PAAC 6th Pursuit Squadron
Venancio M. Mones # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Villasis Pangasinan Philippines
Magno Dacillio Montemayor died 5/13/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine Wiper ship- Virginia; from Sara Barila Cebu Philippines
Alphonso Montero, 1st Sgt, 1st Filipino Infantry Recon Battalion
Amador Montero born 1917 Philippines
Wenceslao Montero Navy Casualty Cook 3c from Guinabatan Albay
Mariano Montoya * born 3/1/1901 Philippines; died 6/1942 POW; Casualty Navy Steward’s Mate 1c; resident of 19 B Reyes St Silang Cavite; SS# issued Hawaii
Apolonio Morales from Bulacan
Milton Moralino * Filipino Inf Regt
Apoloniano Moran died 2/6/1942 Casualty; Merchant Marine Oiler, ship-Major Wheeler; from Manila Philippines
Alvin Moratin * Filipino Inf Regt
Filemon Mordeno
Alexander Moreno died 7/11/1942 Casualty Merchant Marine Oiler ship-Stanvac Palembang/Robert E. Lee; from Los Banos Philippines
Basilio Moreto, Jr, was around 12 yrs old when the war began, but he became guerrilla courier under Col. Charles Fulsom US Army 
Post war: PMA 1954 grad; Ret Colonel AFP; Master's degree in Industrial Management  UP Graduate School; management position @ Varian Silicon Valley; founder of CPW prayer group
Benigno F. Mosquera # Cpl 1st Reconn Bn of Concepcion Romblon Philippines
Lucilo A. Mosquera ** born 1917 Philippines; enlistment 7/14/1942 California
Baltazar Movilla born 6/15/1904; died 3/1942 Casualty; Navy Cook 3c; resident of San Felipe Zambales; SS# issued Hawaii
Rosendo Musca 57th Inf (PS); from Tanuan Leyte
Pablo Paez Muyco # Col USAFFE Inf P.A.C.O. Palawan Special Bn
Regino Nacua
Alex Nagtalon 978 Signal Corps 1st Filipino Inf Civilian Occupation: teacher in Phoenix, Az  
Felino Bareng Nagtalon ** born 7/1/1919; died 9/16/2001; buried Stockton Ca. Rural Cemetery; Army SSgt
Guillermo Nakar # Cpt later promoted by Gen McArthur to Lt. Col PA; guerrilla force of 1100 sent the 1st signal of guerrilla activity from Luzon Philippines fr. 7/10/1942-8/1942 until he was captured ( 9/1942) & executed 
Eladio Naldoza 1st Filipino Regt
Tagumpay A. Nanadiego # 31st Motor Transport Co; Alamo Scouts; Death March; POW; Intelligence & Operations Officer Guerrilla; Judge Advocate Phil Army; post war: Brig Gen (Ret 1974) Armed Forces of the Philippines; Phil Embassy Veterans Affairs Office Washington D.C.(until 1999); 2008 Legacy Award from Filipino Veterans Foundation (FVF) 
Manuel Nasaros* Filipino Inf Regt
Lakibul P. Nastaie # Pvt 1st Reconn Bn
Andres D. Natividad # born 8/29/1920 Philippines; died 7/28/1998; buried Malolos Memorial Park San Agustin Bulacan Philippines
Pablo Naval
Alberto Navarrete Army Cpt; Commander 1st Q-boat Squadron; from Pangasinan Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for defense of Bataan & air-sea battle of 1/17/1942)
Ed Navarro Lt.
Rosendo Navarro # born 3/1/1899 Philippines; died 3/23/1989 Newark Ca
Catalino Nera # guerrilla
Encarnacion Nevarez died 11/7/1944 Casualty S1 ship Albacore SS-218 was sunk bet Hokkaido & Honshu
James Gregory Nichols # born 2/4/1918 Piddig Ilocos Norte Philippines died 9/15/2005; buried : Holy Cross Cemetery Antioch; California Death March; POW; postwar: retired from  Army 21 yrs of service; employed @ Oakland Unified District 20 yrs
Agustin Nicolas * enlistment
Manuel Nieto Maj
Antonio Nieva
Ricardo Nieves Merchant Marine; Wiper; POW 11/29/1942 ship- Sawokla; released; resident of NY NY
Saturnino B. Nieves # died 9/9/1942 Casualty Fort Wm McKinley Manila Philippines
Antonio Nimis 45th Inf (PS)
Noble executed
Federico Nuevaorlanda ** born Philippines; POW Casualty Navy Coxswain from Victorias, Negros Occidental Philippines
Santiago C. Nuval Lt.
C. Oanes Lt. Artillery officer
Benjamin R. Obligacion Seaman 1c from A. Mabini St Lucban Tayabas
Galo Ocampo born 10/16/1913 Santa Rita Pampanga; died 9/12/1985; buried Arlington National Cemetery; Cpt guerrilla; post-war: Director National Museum; Philippines National Artist; painter; FEU Dept of Fine Atrs head (1971-) works: designed coat of arms (1946), Phil Pres seal, Manila Cathedral stained glass
Francisco Ocampo Pampanga guerrilla 
Emanuel Ocampo Lt. Col. guerrilla
Done Ojeda
Francisco Olaguera died 4/3/1943 Casualty USS Pickerel SS-177 sunk off Northern Honshu; Navy Officer’s Steward 2c from 718 Singalong Paco Manila
Daniel Olanday #1st Sgt 26th Cavalry Troop C PS
Ananias Olarte born Philippines; died 1942 POW; Casualty; Navy Fireman 2c from Pandan Antique Panay
Severino Olivenza Navy Casualty Chief Yeoman from 170 Paz St. Paco Manila
Francis Omega * Filipino Inf Regt
Ong # Col (also known as Wa Chi) commander Manila Hukbalahap guerrilla
Eustacio Onrobia Silver Star
Dionicio Mislang Ordonio ** born 5/13/1910 Philippines died 4/4/1997; buried All Soul Cemetery Vallejo Ca; Pfc 2nd Filipino Bn 
Federico Orio * Filipino Inf Regt
Emiliano Ormilla ** born 8/6/1910; died 11/1945; Casualty Navy Steward 3c from Pauamitan Kawit Cavite; SS# issued California
Nazario Orpilla** born 7/27/1906  Bauang, La Union, Philippines; died 12/30/2007 @ Kaiser Hosp; buried @ All Soul’s Cemetery Vallejo; Navy 1942-1946; Steward 1st Class; postwar: Mare Island Naval Shipyard until 1974; father of Pilipino cultural collector, historian consultant, educator,  & writer Mel Orpilla
Ortega # Col. guerrilla
Benedicto Ortez * Filipino Inf Regt
Narciso Ortilano Army PfcCo M 57th Inf PS; Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/11/1942)
Eugenio Ortiz Navy Casualty Machinist’s Mate 1c from 263 Coral St San Anders S.D. Manila
Thomas Ortogero * Filipino Inf Regt
Antonio Nacario Orquilliano born 1914 Philippines POW Davao; moved to U.S. 1996
Victor “Vic” Osias Lt Silver Star
Pedro Oxonian Cpl Army Co H 45th Inf Regt PS; KIA Distinguished Service Cross (posthumous)
Jose Ozamis guerrilla
Willaim Ozoa * Filipino Inf Regt
Mariano Paac 1st Sgt Army MIA 8/101942 
Felix B. Paalan Pvt Army MIA 1/16/1942
Vicente Paalan Pfc Army MIA 4/28/1942
Flaviano Paano Pvt Army MIA 5/19/1942
Filimeno Paas * Filipino Inf Regt
Antonio Pabalate Sgt Army MIA 7/41942
Juan Pabalate Cpl Army MIA 1/30/1942
Pedro Pabalate Cpl Army MIA 8/8/1942
Miguel Pabilloren Cpl Army MIA 6/22/1942
Juan Pabiz Cpl Army MIA 5/11/1942
Segundo Pablo Sgt Army MIA 6/19/1942
Raymondo Paborian Pvt Army MIA 5/21/1942 
Juan Pabustan Pfc Army MIA 6/7/1942
Timoteo Pacada Cpl Army MIA 4/7/1942
Juan Pacis Alamo Scouts
Felipe Packing Navy Casualty Cook 1c from Candon Ilocos Sur
Agrifino Pacleb * Filipino Inf Regt
Francisco Paculanan MIA 5/27/1942 Army Sgt
Leonido Paculanan MIA 5/22/1942 Army Pvt
Maximino Paddit MIA 1/25/1942 Army Pfc
Elareo Padilla* Filipino Inf Regt
Felix Padilla # born 2/21/1920 Philippines; died 6/22/2006; buried Memory Gardens Cemetery Concord; Army, PS; postwar: retired Sfc; resident of Pittsburg Ca for 41 yrs
Juanito Padilla Navy Casualty Ship’s Cook 1c from Candon Ilocos Sur
Francisco Padin * Filipino Inf Regt
Salvador Molar Padrique Merchant Marine Utility; Casualty 11/12/1944 Ship-Alexander Majors; from Leyte Philippines
Cipriano Pagaduan MIA 4/30/1942 Pfc
Martin Pagaduan MIA 6/3/1942
Jose Pagala * Filipino Inf Regt
Facundo Pagarra MIA 7/30/1942 Army Pvt
Crisanto Pagayonan MIA 7/6/1942 Army Pfc
Justine J. Pagdilao * born 4/13/1925; died 4/28/1990; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Navy S1
Louis P. Pagdilao ** born 6/9/1909; died 1/10/1998; buried Holy Cross (Culver Ca) Cemetery; Army Pfc
Roland Pagdilao * Filipino Inf Regt
Teresa Paginado, nurse treated soldiers
Hilario Paglinawan** born 1/14/1900 Philippines; died 9/18/1958; buried Ft Rosecrans Nat. Cemetery; Navy SDC
Rafael O. Paglinawan** born 10/24/1908; died 12/16/1996; buried: All Souls Cemetery Long Beach Ca
Teodoro V. Paglinawan # born 12/8/1918; died 4/19/2005; buried San Fernando Mission Cemetery Mission Hills Ca Philippine Army
Jesus T. Pagorogon MIA 3/31/1946 Army Pvt
Rafael Pagsulingan MIA 1/23/1942 Army Cpl
Tomas Pagtolon-an MIA 5/25/1942 Army Pvt
Mariano E. Paguirigan MIA 6/10/1942 Army Cpl
Juan Pagulayan MIA 5/9/1942 Army Sgt
Silverio Pagulong MIA 1/19/1942 Army Cpl
Leandro Pagurayan * enlistment
Domingo Pahanginan MIA 6/20/1942 Army Pfc
Esfredo Pahed MIA 6/10/1942 Army Pvt
Juan Pajarillo * enlistment
Juan Pajota # Cpt Guerilla Forces, on 1/30/1945 provided the military intelligence & support for the 100 members of the 6th Ranger Bn in the raid on the Cabanatuan (Phil) POW camp of 511 Americans with the help of Pilipino guerillas and civilians The Great Raid movie starring Pilipino actor Cesar Montano as Cpt Juan Pajota; Benj Pratt as Lt. Col Henry Mucci and James Franco as Cpt Robert Prince was based in this daring rescue. Lt. Col Mucci and Cpt Prince received Medal of Honor. Forgive me, for awarding Captain Juan Pajota top billing in this website although, he did not receive any MOH. Now, probably you could understand my sentiments in creating this website.
Source of info about the raid: On Distant Shore Val G. Abelgas “The Great Hope” Pinoy Today 5/29/2008
Emilio Palabay MIA 6/21/1942 Army Sgt
Joseph Palacat * Filipino Inf Regt
Nicolas Palaspas born Philippines; Merchant Marine messman Casualty 5/24/1943 Ship- Stanvac Manila
Fernando M. Palazo **** born 1/16/1921 Philippines; died 3/19/2003 VA Med Cntr Oregon; buried Arlington Nat Cem; also serve Korean War post war: retired after 20 yrs of service
Stephen Paling * Filipino Inf Regt
Angel Palma died 7/14/1942 Ft. McKinley; Casualty
Benjamin Palma died 3/11/1943 Ft. McKinley Casualty
Geronimo Palma born Philippines; POW 5/7/1942
Nestor Palma
Pedro R. Palma born Philippines; POW; 5/7/1942; 3/11/1945
Rodolfo Palma # Death March; postwar: Dean of Law School, UP
Joaquin Pama * Filipino Inf Regt
Miguel L. Pamaran MIA 5/25/1942 Army Pvt
Liborio Pambid MIA 5/8/1942 Army Pvt
Roman Pambid MIA 2/7/1942 Army Cpl
Jose T. Pamintuan MIA 4/17/1942 Army Pvt
Ramon Pamintuan
Alfredo Pampanga MIA 6/25/1942 Cpl Army
Rudy Panaglima
Juan Panalagao MIA 12/15/1944 Army Cpl
Francisco Panaligan MIA 7/3/1942 Army Tec5
Jose Lopez Panelo Navy Casualty Machinist’s Mate 3c from 908 Economia St. Sampaloc Manila
Candido Panerio * Filipino Inf Regt
Larry Pangan # Death March, POW PS Heritage Society, Pres
Edilberto Panganiban * born 3/22/1899 Philippines; died 3/1/1942 USS Houston CA-30; Navy Casualty; Musician 1c rom Rosario Cavite
Alfredo N. Pangusan MIA 7/14/1942 Army Pfc
Robert Panis, 1st Filipino Inf Regt. Army 1st Sgt, born on 4/22/1908; died 8/30/2003
Jay Panlilio # (also known as Jay Marking) guerrilla
Juan Panopio Cpt
Stanley R. Papada ** born 1913 Philippines; enlistment 5/23/1944 San Pedro Ca
 Felix Papina * born 5/8/1901 Philippines; died 6/1942; POW/Casualty; Navy Mess Attendant 1c from Guinobatan, Albay
Cirilo Parangan MIA 9/27/1942 Army Pvt
Zacarias Parangan MIA 9/27/1942 Army Pvt
Menandro Parazo # Cpt 26th Cavalry Troop C then moved to Hdqtrs in 4/1941, PS POW Camp O’Donnell & Ft. Santiago Intramuros Manila; native of Gerona Tarlac; joined the Army 1941 Source:Cpt. Menandro Parazo to Maria Elizabeth Embry e-mails & phone conversation 6/4/2004
Jose Panis Parcero Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from J. Castaneda Imus Cavite
Luisa Dequina Parcon guerrilla spy  
Santiago Paringit MIA 3/31/1946 Army Pvt
Mona Parpana intelligence officer; guerrilla served as contact bet. Lt. Col Edwin Ramsey & Brig Gen Manuel Roxas (later, Pres of the Philippines)
Salvadore Balanque Parrocha ** born 10/14/1905 Philippines; died 1/4/1959 Fresno; buried Tulare Ca
Antonio Pasco * Filipino Inf Regt
Wiliam Pasco * Filipino Inf Regt
Florentino Pascua * Filipino Inf Regt
Santos Pascua * Filipino Inf Regt
Segundo Pascua * Filipino Inf Regt
Romulado Pascua * Filipino Inf Regt
Amrafel Duldulao Pascual ** born 3/13/1913; died 11/1/1981; buried Tulare Ca
Pasoquen Marcelino * Filipino Inf Regt
Generosa Paspe, nurse treated soldiers
Anastacio “Jimmy Patacsil” * Filipino Inf Regt
Norberto G. Patacsil MIA 7/18/1942 Army Sgt
Gaspar Pataueg MIA 6/22/1942 Army Pfc
Patricio O. Patolot MIA 3/31/1946 Army Pfc
Nelson Patria * Filipino Inf Regt
Salvacion Jesena Patrimonio guerrilla spy  
Apolonio Pauig MIA 4/28/1942 Army Cpl
Alfred Pave * Filipino Inf Regt
Tranquilino Pavo * Filipino Inf Regt
Damian Pavon Casualty @ 26 yrs of age; small boat sunk while escaping from Corregidor
Lim Tan Pee # Sgt.  “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Juan C. Pegueros Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 3c from Cablay Bolinao Pangasinan
David Pelayo Lt
Gabriel Pena Navy Casualty Seaman from Candelaria Tayabas
Leonardo Pena # born 1919 Philippines; Death March
Nicanor Cruz Pena Merchant Marine oiler POW ship Malama was bombed 1/1/1942; released
Bonifacio Penaflor # born 1919 Philippines; died 8/12/1942 Ft Wm McKinley Casualty; Philippines Army Pvt; enlistment 2/18/1941
Caesar Ruiz Penaflor, Sr born 10/7/1925 Philippines; died 2/24/1990 San Francisco California; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; SD2 Navy, also Vietnam War veteran
Donato Jenenez Penaflor born 7/12/1909 Philippines; died 3/4/1996 San Bernardino California; buried Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery; SDC Navy; also Korean War
Eleuterio Penarubia ** born 2/20/1922 died 7/13/2001; buried Riverside Nat. Cemetery; Navy RM1
Mateo Penawin Navy Casualty Cook 2c from Bauan Batangas
So Peng # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Romulo Pepito MIA 6/7/1942 Army Cpl
Tesalonico M. Pepito 1st Filipino Battalion H Co
Victorino Pepito MIA 12/22/1941 Cpl
Natividad Kasilag Peralta organized WAS in Capiz & Iloilo; Award:  Degree of Legionnaire, Philippine Legion of Honor
Macario Peralta, Jr # Major (PA); then Philippine Guerrilla Forces Col.6th Military District Panay Philippines Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 5/8/1943-8/6/1943 Panay)
Benjamin Perdido 2nd Lt. (PS) Award: Distinguished Service Cross (12/14/1941-5/13/1942) 
Francisco Perez guerrilla with Matute Combat Regt Bulacan Military Area of Gen Alejo Santos 
Mauro Perez POW; Navy Coxswain; resident of Juan De Leon St. Iloilo Philippines
Guillermo “Gil” Perla born 1921 Philippines; Death March; guerrilla;12th Signal Corps PS, retired Air Force; also Korean War veteran; Sacramento Ca resident
Edward Pesibry Merchant Marine A.B.Casualty 8/3/1943 ship -Yankee Arrow; from Naipiatn, Nabua Philippines
L. Picar Lt
Federico Pilapil MIA 3/31/1946 Army Pvt
Jose Pilapil MIA 12/31/1944 Army Tec4
Jose Pilar MIA 1/2/1942 Army Pfc
Julian Pilar MSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Mariano F. Pilar # Bacarra Ilocos Sur Cpl 1st Reconn Bn
Mark Q. Pilarca
Utique Pilicilda Merchant Marine Casualty 2/19/1942; utility ship- Pan Massachusetts; from Manila Philippines
Lorenzo U. Pimentel # San Fernando La Union Sgt 1st Reconn Bn
Apolonio Pineda Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 3c from 148 R. Basa St. San Antonio Cavite
James Pineda * Filipino Inf Regt
Vicente Pinuela Army Sgt arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943 w/ Cpt Ricardo C. Galang & Sgt Benjamin Harder
Santiago Piscusa * Filipino Inf Regt
Pivorano guerrilla; Casualty POW Ft. Santiago; executed 8/28/1944
Alvin Planas * born 12/4/1920; died 6/8/1984; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army 1LT 100th Bn/442; name in the monument downtown Los Angeles Temple/Alameda Sts panel 12A, 31 Row; Awards: Silver Star, Bronze Star, Distinguished Unit Badge, Combat Infantryman Badge; also Korean War veteran; suffered injury 7/29/1951 in North Korea; returned to duty; 38th Inf Regt 2nd Div Purple Heart
Isidor Zafra Plarisan** born 5/15/1901 Minglanilla, Cebu; died 9/21/2000 Madison Yolo Ca; buried Capay Cemetery; Navy post war resident of Yolo for 55 yrs
Sebastian Plasides * Navy Cook1 also WW1 Hawaiian Inf 
Deliner Plunkett * Filipino Inf Regt
Eugene Patron Poblacion Merchant Marine Casualty 11/4/1942 ship-Wm Clark utility; resident of Manial Philippines 
Bernardo Poblete born Minalin Pampanga; founded 1/1/1942 Hukbalahap guerrillas
Jose Poblete Maj.  also known as Jose Banal) Pampanga Hukbalahap
Tan Pok # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
 Ching Pong # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Cecilio Pontanilla * born 10/13/1895 Philippines; died 8/1942 Navy Casualty; Officer’s Steward 1c from Rosario Cavite
“Pop” Pilipino Cook Source:
From Shanghai to Corregidor: Marines in the Defense of the Philippines by J. Michael Miller
Mess Sergeant Milton T. Larios, Corporal Earl C. Dodson, and a Filipino cook named "Pop" were preparing rations for the Marines still in the Cavite Navy Yard when the air-raid siren went off. Larios shouted, "Let's get this meat off the fire," and tried to load the beef into a nearby garbage can when the bombs hit. Corporal Dodson remembered running until hearing the whistle of the bombs coming down and then fell to the ground. Explosions covered him with dirt and debris but he escaped the blast unhurt. He ran back to the mess area where he found Larios dead and "Pop" dying. He carried the bleeding Filipino to a collection point where 15 wounded Americans and Filipinos were lying together.
(Notes by Maria Embry-another mission of this website to be inclusive in listing all Pilipinos who served or died for the defense of the Philippines during WW11. Many remained nameless, truly their names are only known to God)
Damien Maraya Portillo * born 9/27/1896 Palo Leyte Phil died 12/7/1941 Pearl Harbor Casualty Navy SC1c aboard USS Pennsylvania BB-38 Battleship, also a WW1 veteran, Sup Sgt, Hawaiian Inf
Candido Pranco born Philippines; POW Casualty; Navy Steward 1c; resident of 68 Bambang Est Sanat Cruz Manila Philippines
Anacleto Prodigalidad Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from Rosario Cavite
Angelino Prosbitero * Filipino Inf Regt
Agustin Prudenciado Cpt Casualty
Paulino Prudente born Philippines; POW Casualty died 1942; Navy Coxswain; residence 90 A. Mabini St Caloocan Rizal
Teodorico S. Puig MIA 5/29/1942 Army Sgt
Pablo M. Pulcarpio # born 6/30/1916 Magalang Philippines; died 10/2/2005; buried Tracy California; Philippine Army; postwar: auto mechanic
Jose Puma * Filipino Inf Regt
Bonifacio Gaddi Punla born 10/30/1912 Philippines; died 8/26/2007; buried Masantol (Pampanga) Catholic Cemetery; POW Army 1st Lt
Crispino Punla MIA 12/31/1944 Army TEC4
Gregorio Punla born Philippines MIA 6/16/1942 Army Sgt
Macario Punla # born Philippines POW
Leon Flores Punsalan born San Simon Pampanga died 10/4/2001; Lt. Col. West Point (1936) Master’s MIT Mech Engr; invented & patented a rifle cartridge ejector credited with saving servicemen’s lives during WW11 (Source: Virginia Senate Joint Resolution # 154 1/18/2002); commander of 1st Battalion 1st Filipino Inf Regt; aide to Gen. McArthur
Juanito P. Purog MIA 5/29/1942 Army Pvt
Antonio Purugganan MIA 10/4/1943 Sgt Army
Ramon Purugganan MIA 4/26/1942 Army MSgt 
Quirino Puzon * Filipino Inf Regt
Basilio Queja * born 1922 Philippines; enlistment 8/15/1944
Celestino Queja * Filipino Inf Regt
Ismael Quempo * Filipino Inf Regt
Francisco Balquiedra Quesada born 1/29/1924 died 2/1/2008 @ a Henderson Nevada Hospital; Col.; w/ the troop that liberated a Japanese concentration camp in Laguna Philippines PMA 1944 grad; also in the Korean War with the U.N. Airlift Operations. postwar: tireless Filipino American Equity bill advocate; member Pres. Reagan’s U.S. Defense Committee; International Award American Legion; wrote a testimonial for Pilipino Chinese guerrillas called the “Ampaw” Unit of Col Chua Sy Tiao
Elario Questas born 8/6/1886 Philippines; died 2/5/1999; buried Hale Lana Church Cemetery Kahului, Maui Hawaii; also WW1 veteran Army Source:; resident of Honokohau Valley Maui Source Honolulu Star Bulletin 2/15/1999 obit WW1 Draft Reg residence: Maui; 1920 Maui Hawaii Census  Additional notes on Mr. Questas: Source by Nestor Palugod Enriquez, Pilipino online historian:  “Questas @ age 15 stowed away on a boat bound for Kauai (fr. the Philippines 1901-M.E.E.); “worked for Pioneer Mill in 1914” “fought two World Wars”
 Jaime Quevedo PS
Antonio Quezon # born 1919 Philippines; POW in the Philippines 5/7/1942-4/3/1945; Pfc Army PS Inf
Joseph T. Quezon ** born 12/24/1911 Philippines; died 12/25/1992; buried Riverside (CA) National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Manuel Luis Molina Quezon # born 8/19/1878 Baler, Aurora, Philippines; died 8/1/1944 Saranac Lake, New York; remains buried in Arlington National Cemetery; re-interred in the Manila North Cemetery and then finally moved to Quezon Memorial Circle Philippines;  President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines under U.S; Major in the Philippine-American war as aide-de-camp of Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo; evacuated to U.S during WW11; established the Commonwealth government in exile; Pacific War Council member; signed the U.N. declaration against the Axis Powers
Urbano Quijance # Maj 57th Inf (PS) B Co; S-3 Regtl Hq
Alejandro Quijano * Filipino Inf Regt
Alfredo Quijano # 57th Inf (PS) MSgt
Castor G. Quilang * born Philippines; died 8/19/1944; buried 1/26/1949 National Mem Cemetery of the Pacific; Merchant Marine Casualty
Ildefonso Quilang born Philippines; enlistment
Jose Quilang born Cagayan Philippines; enlistment
Joaquin Quilang born Cagayan Philippines; enlistment
Liborio Quilang war Casualty; died
Perfecto C. Quiming Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Villasis Pangasinan Philippines
Corazon Quimpo Aklan chapter WAS
Barney A. Quinagon # Cpl 1st Reconn Bn of Vigan Ilocos Sur Philippines
H. Quines Lt
Emilio F. Quinto # 2nd Lt w/ Villamor (PRS) Philippine Regional Section; 1st Reconn Bn
Tomas Quiocho # Cpt died 2003 26th Cavalry Troop C (transferred from Troop A) PS
Richard Quireula * Filipino Inf Regt
Manuel Quizmundo Navy Casualty Ship’s Cook 1c from 10 Whitehead St. Tapinac Olongapo Zambales
Barney Quizon * Filipino Inf Regt
Benvennido “Barney” Quizon born 3/22/1925 Honolulu Hawaii; died 2/5/1995 Kapiolani Medical Center; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc 1st Filipino Inf ; post-war retired motor vehicle operator Hickam Air Force Base; boxer
Ernesto Rabago * Filipino Inf Regt
Jaime Ragasa * Filipino Inf Regt
Alex Raguini, Sr. 1st Fil Regt
Hilario Rambac * enlistment
Apolinario Ramelb 8/31/1942 MIA, Casualty; Army Pvt
Nemesio Domingo Ramelb * born 12/19/1919; died 5/18/1962; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc
Leocadio Ramento* Filipino Inf Regt
Alfredo Ramirez Col
Camilo Ramirez # PS; POW escapee; went to Australia; Filipino Regt; Paratrooper, Medic
Jaime A. Ramirez # TSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Urdaneta Pangasinan Philippines
Francisco Ramiro * enlistment
Alfred Ramo * Filipino Inf Regt
Benigno Ramos guerilla
Jose J. Ramos # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn
Melquides Ramos Pfc
Senen R. Ramos ** MSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Anacleto Rania # died 1942 Casualty Ft McKinley; Pvt Co G 57th Inf (PS)
Antonio Tolentino “Tony” Rania * born 12/23/1905 Philippines; died 3/10/1997 California; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Pfc Filipino Inf Regt; post-war: ILWU Local 142 president
Marcos Raposas * Filipino Inf Regt
Epifanio Cabanca Ravano Navy Casualty Ship’s Cook 1c from 14 Bugallon St San Juan Rizal
Mariano Realin * born 7/28/1908 Philippines; died 4/1942 Navy Casualty; Officer’s Steward of 304 Dewey Ave Olongapo, Zambales
Augusto Roa Realuyo born 1/19/1921; died 4/25/2003 Manhattan Veterans Affairs Hospital; buried Calverton National Cemetery; Lt PA; Death March; POW 4/9/1942-8/4/1942; post-war became architect in NY; father of Bino Realuyo, well-known poet. Atty. Pompey Realuyo, Augusto’s brother unsuccessfully filed a lawsuit in Manhattan (NY) Federal Courthouse regarding Augusto’s desire to be buried @ the Arlington Cemetery
Mariano Rebaja Col. Death March POW
Gideon Frado Rebistes Navy Casualty Cook 2c from Banga Capiz
Fermin Reboja Navy Casualty Machinist’s Mate 1c from San Marcelino Zambales
Claro M. Recto (spy name Justice) working against Japanese, although he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines Puppet Republic, his two sons-in-law, Francisco Mata Gomez and Johnny Ysmael were with Rowe's group of guerrillas
Pedro Redor Tayabas guerrilla
Ceferino Regala Lt. Col. Bataan guerrilla
Cedo Regondola
Anastacio Relamida Navy Casualty Fireman 2c from Tagbilaran Bohol
Benjamin “Ben” Resella born 1917 Philippines; Philippine Army; Death March; POW survivor; Awards: WW11 Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, American Defense Medal, Philippine Defense Ribbon, Presidential Unit Emblem Ribbon;  postwar: 20th Century Fox art director, production designer, scenic supervisor, screenplay writer
Maximo Rey Navy Casualty Steward’s Mate 1c from 12 P. Esteban St. Caridad Cavite
Adriano M. Reyes # POW born Philippines
Angel S. Reyes # POW born Philippines
Angelo R. Reyes # POW born Philippines
Bonifacio Reyes # POW born Philippines
Carlos Reyes # POW born Philippines
Cayetano Reyes # POW born Philippines
Conrado C. Reyes # POW born Philippines
David O. Reyes # POW born Philippines
Domingo Reyes # POW born Philippines
Florencio Reyes # POW born Philippines
Francisco Reyes # POW born Philippines
Frederico Reyes # POW born Philippines
Guillermo # Reyes POW born Philippines
Jose B.L. Reyes # guerrilla; POW; was tortured; born 8/19/1902 Manila; died 12/27/1994 Quezon City; buried Loyola Memorial Cemetery; post-war Associate Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court (1954-1972)
German V. Reyes 1st Sgt 1st Reconn Bn.
Manuel Reyes # POW born Philippines
Marciano Reyes # POW born Philippines
Maximino R. Reyes # POW born Philippines
N. Reyes Lt
Napoleon G. Reyes # POW born Philippines
Patricio M. Reyes # POW born Philippines
Paulo Reyes # POW born Philippines
Pedro Reyes # POW born Philippines
Recaredo Reyes # POW born Philippines
Ricardo M. Reyes # POW born Philippines
Romeo Reyes # POW born Philippines
Salvador F. Reyes # POW born Philippines
Sixto Reyes # POW born Philippines
Teodorico Reyes # POW born Philippines
Teodoro Reyes # POW born Philippines
Vicente Abad C. Reyes # POW born Philippines
Victoriano Reyes Navy Casualty Steward 2c from 209 Int 4 Beatta Pandacan Manila
Vidal Reyes # POW born Philippines
Zacarias Reyes # POW born Philippines
Alfred Reynon * enlistment
Francis Reynon * Filipino Inf Regt
Florencio Ribucan * Filipino Inf Regt
Jacinto Ricafrente Navy Casualty Officer’s Cook 1c from 146 Burgos Caridad Cavite
Pastor A. Rillera # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of San Fabian Pangasinan Philippines
Alejandro Rimando born La Union Philippines POW Casualty
Bimy T. Rimande ** born 1906 Philippines; enlistment 1/27/1944 LA Ca
Bernabe Ringor born Philippines POW
Mariano Ringor born Philippines POW
Prospero Q. Ringor born 6/25/1920; died 3/12/2007; buried Cayanga Cemetery San Fabian Pangasinan; Army Pvt; Co L. 57th Inf (PS); Bataan Defense post-war retired Maj. PA
Apolonio Rinen Army Pfc Hdqtrs Co 57th Inf Regt; Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 1/ 9 /1942 Samal Bataan)
Agripino Larry Rivera * Filipino Inf Regt
Alfonso Rivera * Filipino Inf Regt
Corazon Dy Rivera nurse treated soldiers
Emeterio Rivera * Filipino Inf Regt
Fortunato C. Rivera # Cpl, 14th Infantry Regt Guerrilla 1942-1945 postwar: resident of Anaheim Ca
John Rivera * Filipino Inf Regt
Tony Rivera
Aldegundo Robles Sgt Army Co L 43d Inf Regt (PS); Award: Distinguished Service Cross (for 2/1/1942) 
Eliodoro Gonzales Robles # born 7/3/1923 Paniqui, Tarlac; died 6/20/2004 Richmond, California; buried Rolling Hills Memorial Park; member Philippine resistance movement; postwar: 1st Lt. Phil Army, Deputy Director SEATO, Bangkok, SF Unified Sch District
Ramon Robles # Bulacan Hukbalahap guerrilla
Alejandro Roces Marking guerrilla in Rizal @ 15 yrs of age; brother of Rafael, Jr 
Jose Roces guerrilla brother of Rafael, Jr
Rafael Roces Jr guerilla; Ft Santiago POW; executed 8/28/1944 w/ other guerrillas & buried @ Cementerio del Norte
Euniciano Rodriguez Zambales guerrilla
Juan A. Rodriguez # Cpl 1st Reconn Bn
Pedro Rodriguez Navy Casualty Fireman 4c from Lardizabal Interior 2 Sampaloc Manila
Gil S. Rojas 3/19/1925; died 2/14/2007
Faustino Roldan * enlistment
Leonardo Losado Romero born 1910 Philippines; died 10/8/1942; Merchant Marine Casualty ship- Stephen Hopkins; job-Utility
Max Romero Pfc USAFFE; Distinguished Service Cross
Miguel Romualdez # Cpt Philippine Army; Death March
Bayani Romulo post-war: lawyer
Carlos Pena Romulo # born 1/14/1899 Camiling Tarlac; died 12/15/1989 Manila Philippines; buried Libingan ng mga Bayani,Taguig MM Philippines; member of President’s War cabinet (1943-1944) ; Brig Gen Philippine Army 9/1944; member of U.S. Congress while serving as the  Resident Commissioner Commonwealth of the Philippines (1944-1946); landed w/ Gen McArthur in 10/1944 @ Leyte Philippines; U.N. Charter signatory; Pres. Gen Assembly, United Nations (1949-1950); Phil Foreign Affairs Secretary (1949-1951; 1969-1984) Phil Ambassador to U.S. (1952-53; 1955-1962); UP Pres., Sect of Education, diplomat, educator, author, editor,  publisher, etc recipient of 82 honorary degrees & 74 decorations  Awards & Decorations: Philippine Congressional Service Cross, Distinguished Service Star of the Philippines, Phil Gold Cross, Phil Silver Star, Phil Legion of Honor (Commander), Philippine Presidential Medal of Merit U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom; Purple Heart; Pres Unit-Citation w/ 2 leaf Oak Cluster; Pulitzer Prize, International Journalism; UN Peace Medal
Joseph Ronia * Filipino Inf Regt
Marcial Ronquillo Navy Casualty Steward 2c from 119 Santo Nino St. San Fernando Pampanga
Abundeo Roponte * Filipino Inf Regt
Benitez Roque
Toribio Rosal Filipino Regt
Sabas Rosales Navy Casualty Cook 1c from San Fernando Pampanga
Leandro Rosario Lt.
Benito Rose ** born 1/8/1912; died 3/8/1993 San Francisco; buried in Golden Gate Nat Cemetery; Navy CS2, also served in Korean War; his son (Rudy) served in Vietnam War; his grandson (Christopher) died in Iraq 
Federico Rosero Navy Casualty Machinist Mate 3c from 2 Inocencio St San Roque Cavite
Tomas Rosete * born 12/21/1899 Agno Pangasinan Philippines ; died 10/3/1944 Navy Casualty lost @ sea North of Morotai (between Phil & Indonesia aboard USS Seawolf (SS-197) sunk in error by USS Rowell; chief cook of USS Seawolf Awards: Purple Heart, Captain’s Meritorious Mast for Seawolf’s engagements with Japanese forces in 1942 (2/19, 2/25, 3/31, 4/1)
Additional Notes: other casualties included some Pilipinos among the seventeen U.S. Army passengers attached to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion on their way to the East Coast of Samar, Philippines
Manuel Acuna Roxas # PA Brig General, later Pres of the Philippines; impersonated as a Japanese agent, but in reality a double agent fighting for the Philippine cause
Ramon Ruffy guerrilla; Maj from Bauan, Batangas prewar: Mindoro Philippine Constabulary provincial commander 
Alejo Ruiz* Filipino Inf Regt
Julius B. Ruiz ****born 5/19/1907 Phil died 2/1973 Seattle Wash; Sgt 1st Reconn Bn, a historian & writer
Guillermo Rumingan # born 1925 Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija Philippines; Sfc PS Corps of Engineer; courier for Cpt. Juan Pajota; post-war: advocate for PhilAm Veterans Equity Rights
Felix Rupio * Filipino Inf Regt
Teodoro Saavedra guerilla from Cebu; captured & killed by Japanese forces; pre-war: martial artist of eskrima or arnis (stick-fighting); Doce Pares
Henry D. Sabado # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Luna La Union Philippines
Valentino Sabado ** 1st Filipino Inf Regt
John Sabate * Filipino Inf Regt
Gregorio Sabater Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from Imus Cavite
Elino Sabihon died 4/11/1942 MIA Casualty; Army Med Corp (PS) Sgt
Stanley Maghanoy Sabihon * born 3/10/1918 Siquijor; died 9/14/1981 San Diego California; immigrated to Hawaii as a child; Cpt commander of B-17, a 9 men crew in the European combat missions; Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross (2); Battle Stars (2); Presidential Unit Citations (2); air medal w/ 4 Oak Leaf Clusters; post-war founded Rainbow Lines/Sabihon Aviation Ltd (in operation for 3 yrs); Army Air Force Reserve Officer; biography: “Hope of Survival” by G. Pz Petilos; also a Korean War veteran 
Sacadraca* Filipino Inf Regt
Francisco Sacapanio * Filipino Inf Regt
Flaviano Sacundo died 2/12/1944 MIA Navy Casualty Cook 2c resident of Block 7 Grace Park Caloocan Rizal Philippines
Washington Sagun born 1915 Philippines; died 5/16/1942 Capas Tarlac; Defense of Bataan; Casualty, POW; 31st Engr Unit Co; on 1/1/1942 he dynamited Calimpit bridge after the last USAFFE unit from the south had crossed it Source: Diary of Commodore Ramon Alcaraz
Fernando Saldevan Sr.
Apolonio Salinas * Filipino Inf Regt
Gervasio Sallador born Philippines; died 5/24/1943 Merchant Marine Casualty Chief Cook ship-Stanvac Manila
Vincent Saloricman * Filipino Inf Regt
Simon Salud Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward from Rosales Pangasinan
Apolinar G. Salvador SSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Herminio Salvador born 1925 Philippines
Bernardo Samante * Filipino Inf Regt
Abert Sambueno * born 9/23/1924 Ewa Hawaii; died 5/4/2006 Ewa; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetry; Army Pfc; postwar: retired form Hawaii Housing Authority Maintenance Dept.
Nicolas Samillano WW11 Casualty Merchant Marine
Dominador Samson Navy Casualty Cook 3c from Angat Bulacan
Li San # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Ramon Dela Cruz San Agustin born Manila Philippines; died 3/13/1944 Merchant Marine Casualty; messman ship-H.D. Collier
Catalino Sanares Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward’s 1c from Tinabunan Imus Cavite
Ruperto Sanares Navy Casualty Cook 2c from Tinabunan Imus Cavite
Max J. Sanchez ** moved to Reedley Ca in 1920
Alberto Sandoval, M.D # 1st Lt Palawan Special Bn USAFFE
Clemente Joseph “Joe” San Felipe ** born SF Ca 1st Filipino Regiment 1944; was a merchant marine for 2 yrs prior to Fil Regt; post war: Retired Colonel, USAR. Attorney (Ret); formerly Supervising Counsel, Enforcement Division of the Calif. Dept. of Corporations; 1st American-born Filipino lawyer in California (1/1/1963)
Charles Sanico * Filipino Inf Regt
Ireneo Sanico * Filipino Inf Regt
Lucio Sanico * Filipino Inf Regt
Frisco San Juan Col.
Numeriano San Luis Navy Casualty Steward 1c from Los Banos Laguna
Sotero San Pedro born Philippines; died 1942; POW Navy Officer’s Cook 3c; address Station Rd Naic Cavite
Isayas Santa Ana * Filipino Inf Regt
Juan Santiago # Maj.guerrilla
Ulpiano J. Santo born 4/3/1909 Leyte,Philippines; died 10/27/2006; buried Albert G. Horton, Jr Mem Vet. Cemetery (Suffolk Va), also a Korean War veteran; table tennis champion; won 11 U.S. National titles; also won in the U.S. Senior Olympics and in the World Senior Championships.
Ceferino D. Santorio # SSgt 1st Reconn Bn of Dingle Iloilo Philippines
Elias Santorio born Iloilo Philippines; died 10/19/1942 Merchant Marine Casualty Messman ship- Steel Navigator
Alejo Santos # born 7/11/1911 Bustos Bulacan; died 2/18/1984; buried Libingan Ng Mga Bayani; Cpt USAFEE; escaped from Bataan; one of the founders of the Bulacan guerrilla group; promoted to Brig Gen; post-war: Bulacan Military Gov; elected House of Rep 1946, unseated; elected again 1949; elected Bulacan Gov 1951-57; Secretary of National Defense; Bulacan PC Camp named after him
Alfredo Manapat Santos # born 7/13/1905 Santa Cruz Manila; buried Libingan ng mga Bayani Taguig, MM Philippines; Bataan; Death March, POW; post war: Gen Chief of Staff AFP 1962-1965; 1st 4-Star General; Awards: (U.S.) Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Honor (Degree of Officer); (Philippine Government) Distinguished Conduct Star, Gold Cross, Philippine Legion of Honor (Degree of Commander) 
Fortunato Santos MSgt. 1st Reconn Bn
George Santos ** 2nd Filipino Regt Infantry born Banna Ilocos Norte
Jose Abad Santos # born 2/19/1886 San Fernando Pampanga executed by the Japanese Forces 5/2/1942 in Lanao Del Sur after refusing to swear allegiance to the Japanese flag prewar: 5th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines; government pensionado to U.S.1904
Joseph Santos * Filipino Inf Regt
Paulino T. Santos # Maj Gen prewar: retired Commander in Chief Philippine Army (Commonwealth); taken hostage by Japanese Forces; died in captivity 1945 Ifugao Philippines
Sammy Santos # Sgt 1st Reconn Bn of Laoag Ilocos Norte
Vincente Santos * Filipino Inf Regt
Pedro Sapno Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 2c from 53 Sacramento St. Binakayan Kawit Cavite
Macario Saprid * born 4/8/1899 Philippines; died 3/1942; Navy Casualty; Steward 3c of Imus, Cavite
Jacinto Saquing Sgt Hq Co 45th Inf PS
Cresencio F. “Chris” Sarmiento born 6/14/1927; died 8/12/2007
Roberto Sarmiento born Philippines; SSgt
Jose Saromines * Filipino Inf Regt
Timoteo Satot * Filipino Inf Regt
Ag Se # Sgt “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Faustino Sebastian Lt Silver Star
Epifanio Segovia Lt.
Fidel Ventura Segundo # Brig Gen PA & USA born 4/24/1894 Laoag Ilocos Norte Phil; POW Capas; executed 1/6/1945 Manila Philippines; West Point 1917
Joseph Sequito * Filipino Inf Regt
Saturnino Serafino Navy Casualty Ship’s Cook 1c from Barrio San Francisco Caridad Cavite
Sotero Serenio born Cebu Philippines; died 3/13/1944 Merchant Marine Casualty; messman ship- H.D. Collier
Pete Serrano Filipino Regt
Gregorio Sese  Cpt 2nd Inf Regt Company commander; Wash D.C. lawyer before war & was assigned to review death sentences of Japanese accused of war crimes @ the end of the war.
Raymundo Seva # born 1921 Philippines Death March U.S. Army 1st Inf Div. Civilian life: became judge in the Philippines; moved to U.S. 1993; a Sacramento California resident
Cresencio Sevilla * Filipino Inf Regt
Sheng # Col. Manila guerrilla
Gualberto Sia # Zambales guerrilla
Leoncio Siapno * Filipino Inf Regt
Thomas Siason Alamo Scouts
Joshua Sibonga * Filipino Inf Regt
Nga Sieng # Maj. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Bonifacio S. Sillesa * casualty died 2/1945; also WW1 veteran Hawaiian Inf Sgt (S.C. Disability)
Vivencio “Benny” Silverio ** 1st Filipino Inf Regt Co F, 1st Signal Corps; dropped behind enemy lines; Civilian life: employed @ Beverly Hills Hotel LA Ca; post-war: worked & retired from Cole Garment Co. of California
Rufino Simbre * Filipino Inf Regt
Marcos Simpao Lt
Tan Kim Sing # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Li Siong # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Felix Skievaski Navy Casualty Chief Radioman from Caridad Cavite
Florence Smith (bio under Florence Ebersole)
Momong Soler Casualty
Ed Soliman Lt.
Marcos G. Soliman # Maj guerrilla leader
Santiago Solis Officer’s Steward 2c from Rosario Cavite
Benito Soliven born 1898; Bataan Death March; POW Capas Tarlac; died 1/10/1943; from after effects; Maj. pre-war: elected to the Philippine National Assembly; Benito Soliven town in Isabela was named in his honor; father of Maximo Soliven, the journalist
Maximo “Max” Villaflor Soliven born 9/4/1929 PGH Manila Philippines; died 11/24/2006 Narita Red Cross Hospital Tokyo Japan cardiac arrest; cremated; buried Libingan ng Mga Bayani Ft Bonifacio Philippines; guerilla Awards: posthumous Order of the Lakandula (Phil);1991 National Order of Merit Chevalier; 2006 Officer of the French Legion of Honor (Legion d’Honneur); 3/2000 Incomienda de la Orden Isabel a Catolica from Spain; the OZANAM Award from Ateneo; Journalist of the year from National Press Club; post war: journalist during Vietnam War; jailed by Phil Pres Marcos during martial law for 3 months; co-founder of Philippine Star (1986); co-founder Phil Inquirer; Harvard educated; husband of Unesco Ambassador Preciosa Soliven
Ilfedio Solmirin * born 4/25/1925; died 4/22/1991; buried National Memorial Cemetery; Army Sfc
Lim Song # Cpt, “Ampaw” guerrilla unit of Col Chua Sy Tiao Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
R.F. Songco # 1st Lt; arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943; evaded enemy, later killed in 12/1944 Panay Philippines
Dionicio Soniega * Filipino Inf Regt
Alex V. Soriano born 7/5/1906; died 10/6/1999; buried Calverton Nat Cemetery; Navy CK3
Andres Soriano Lt Col
Fred David Soriano # born 5/15/1921 Ilocos Sur, Philippines; died 8/15/1989; buried: SF Ca; Death March, POW Cpl, 57th Inf Regt PS, also serve in Korean War; retired a Major; his brother died in Death March; father of Lt. Gen. Edward Soriano, a three-star general & the highest-ranking Filipino-American in the U.S. Armed Forces
Mermogenes M. Soriano # born 5/28/1902 Philippines; died 11/19/1996 Philippines; buried Villasis Roman Cath Cemetery Alominos, Pangasinan; Pvt Army
Onofre Sayson Soriano # born 7/8/1927; died 11/22/2000; buried San Carlos Cemetery 
Pangasinan Philippines, Navy; also Korean War Veteran (Army)
Ray Sorona Soriano born Philippines; WW11 casualty; Navy; next of kin- Frederico Soriano
Celestino Tandoc Soriano born 4/6/1895; died 11/9/1960; buried Bay Fines National Cemetery Florida; Navy CK1
Federico Lopez Soriano Sr born 7/14/1917 died 2/24/1997; buried Lingayen Municipal Cemetery Philippines, Navy SM3
Florencio Soriano * born 11/7/1905 Philippines; died 4/1942 WW11 Casualty SS# issued Hawaii
 Antonio Suarez # PA, also guerrilla activities in the Tawi Tawi Is.
Tranquilino Sudaria Distinguished Service Cross
Eustaquio Abella Suguitan ** born 09/03/1902; died 08/20/1966; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery Army; Pvt
Gavino Manibog Suguitan ** born 2/19/1915; died 2/6/1979; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Tec 5
Isaac E. Suguitan * born 5/31/1911; died 4/21/2007; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Pfc Army
John F. Suguitan born 6/26/1907; died 7/23/1996; buried Florida National Cemetery; Army Tec 5
Theodore H. Suguitan born 11/9/1910; died 1/25/1975; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Victor L. Sunga # born 8/13/1901; died 5/11/2002; buried Saint Michael Memorial Park Masantol Pampanga, Philippines; Army Pvt
Stanley S. Sunico born 1/28/1914 Philippuines; died 6/22/1999 Kaiser Hospital; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc; retired Hickam Air Force Base
Felipe C. Supnet born 5/24/1920; died 4/12/2000; buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Hayward Ca; Pfc Army
Felipe Collo Supnet born 11/11/1914; died 6/6/2003; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Sgt
Guillermo Supnet born 7/1/1896; died 8/18/1991; buried Calverton (NY) National Cemetery; Navy SDC, survivor of USS West Virginia (Pearl Harbor 12/7/1941) w/ rank of O.C.3c;  also WW1 veteran
Mariano C. Supnet born 5/10/1909; died 7/22/1985; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Pfc
Resty Supnet born 5/17/1927; died 11/1/2004; buried El Camino Memorial Park & Mortuary San Diego California
Alejandro M. Suyat born 2/11/1911; died 3/29/1984; buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific; Army Tec4
Alfonso M. Suyat born 8/1/1906; died 11/10/1999; buried San Nicolas (Pangasinan) Municipal Cemetery; Navy F1
Chua Sy # Ltc   “Ampaw” guerrilla unit of Col Chua Sy Tiao 
Natalio Dahab Tabaco # born 7/27/1918 Taloto Tagbilaran Bohol; died 12/8/2007 Long Island New York; buried Pinelawn Memorial Park; drafted 1941; father of Joseph”Joey” Tabaco 
Leon Tabaniag * born 1924 Philippines
Agapito Saragella Tabenera born Bato Leyte Philippines; died 11/2/1942 Merchant Marine Casualty; cook ship-Swiftsure/Zaandam
Valentin Nacion Tabios born 12/15/1918 Philippines; died 5/6/2004; buried Ilagan Isabela Cemetery Philippines, Army Pvt
Filomeno B. Tadena born 1916; died 1962; hero of Besang Pass; post-war: Mayor of Santo Domingo Ilocos Sur 1948-1962; father of Mayor Floro “Butch” Tadena
Felomino Taduran born 1942 Philippines; died 4/20/1942; Merchant Marine Casualty O.S. ship-Chenango
Mamerto Tagana * born 5/28/1902; died 2/1945; Navy Casualty; Cook 3c of #2226 Harran, Interior 25, Paco, Manila
Elpidio Tagatac Navy Casualty Steward 1c#2 P. Gomez St. Laoag Ilocos Norte
Eutiquiano P. Taguba # 12/8/1906 Philippines-9/8/1997 Hawaii, Sgt 45th Inf PS Death March POW; released from Camp O’Donnell 6/6/1942; Awards: Bronze Star, POW Medal
Hermojeno Taguba CPL 26th Cavalry Death March POW Camp O’Donnell; released 6/6/1942
Tomas Taguba # born in Cagayan; Battle of Bataan; Death March; MIA 45th Inf PS father of General Antonio Taguba, author of the famous Iraq War’s Taguba Report.
Vincent Tagupa * born 3/23/1921; died 3/3/2000; buried Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Army Pfc
John Tagupa * born 1/17/1927; died 4/20/2001 El Paso Tx; Army Sgt
Victor Javier Talam Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from 1340 Gov Forbes Sampaloc Manila
Teodoro M. Taluban # Tayum Abra Philippines; TSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Chiat Bee Tan, # also known as Lian Lay Tan, died 4/4/1945 Casualty battle of Ipo Dam Rizal Philippines; a Chinese national Lt 1st Regt  of the “U.S. Chinese Volunteers in the Philippines, guerrilla organization recognized by the U.S. Army” Source:  Philippine Supreme Court G.R. No. L-12944 3/30/1959 Maria Natividad Vda. De Tan vs. Veterans Backpay Commission “That on February 13, 1957, the respondent Veterans Back Pay Commission, through its Secretary & Chief of Office Staff, made a formal reply to the aforesaid claim of the herein petitioner denying her request on the ground that aliens are not entitled to back pay” “The decision appealed from should be, and hereby is, affirmed.”
(Notes by M. E. Embry- a very interesting case; also check Col Chua Sy Tiao & Vicente Lopez)
Clinton C. Tan # Maj Executive Officer“Ampaw” guerrilla unit of Col Chua Sy Tiao
Fernando Tan # died 1942; KIA Casualty Distinguished Service Cross
Leoncio Tan
Marcelino Tan Cpt
Ramon Taniega Navy Casualty MIA 3/1/1942 Cook 2c from 47 G. Mascardo St. Cavite
Miguel Taoy Filipino Regt
Francisco Tapia Navy Casualty 4/15/1942 MIA; NSEA from Tayabas Philippines
Luis Poblete Taruc born 6/21/1913 San Luis, Pampanga, Philippines; died 5/4/2005 of heart attack St Luke’s Hospital Q.C. Philippines; led the Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Mga Hapon/Hukbalahap (People’s Army Against the Japanese) in fierce guerrilla operations against the Japanese; prewar:1935 member of the Communist Party of the Philippines; postwar led the Hukbalahaps in resisting Pres. Manuel Roxas’s government; elected to the House of Representatives, but not allowed to take seat; opposed U.S. parity rights in the Philippines; surrendered in 1954 thru Ninoy Aquino’s negotiations; sentenced to 12 yrs in prison; continued to work for agrarian reforms after prison release until his death in 2005; (father of Dr. Romeo B. Taruc member Board of Directors Land Bank of the Phil)
Joe Taton, Sr 57th Inf (PS) Hq Co
Cheng Te # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Ng Tee # Capt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
One Lian Tee # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Alfredo Santos Tejada * born 11/14/1909; died 5/20/1989; buried Golden Gate National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Bonifacio Basilio Tejada born 7/4/1907 Philippines; died 6/17/1983; buried Riverside (Ca) National Cemetery; Army Pfc
Joaquin Tejada born 1927 Philippines
Jose Padilla Tejada born 11/25/1924; died 11/30/1197; buried Tayug Pangasinan Municipal Cemetery; Navy
Moses Tejada * Filipino Inf Regt; police Cpt
Rosendo Tejada * Filipino Inf Regt
John Terredanio * enlistment
Melecio Teres born Philippines; died 6/17/1944; buried Florence National Cemetery South Carolina; Merchant Marine Casualty
Silvino Testa born Philippines POW died 1942; buried Philippines; Navy Mess Attendant 1c of Macato Capiz
Tan Tiam # Col. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Chua Tian # Sgt.  “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Chua Sy Tiao # also known as Tomas Commanding Officer of the “Ampaw” Unit A Pilipino Chinese guerrilla underground group posing as ampaw (puffed rice) vendors credited for gathering intelligence & collecting food & supplies to aid the group known as the Marking (Col Agustin Marking)  guerrilla fighters operating in Manila, Rizal & Laguna; the Ampaw group was later attached to the US 43rd Inf Div.; Col (Ret) Frank B. Quesada wrote abt their deeds Source: also check Vicente Lopez & Chiat Bee Tan
Crescencio V. “Chris” Tibus born 4/19/1919 Philippines; died 1/24/1998 Mystic Connecticut recruited for the Navy in 1944 w/ 4 other guerrillas
Robert Tiongson # Major “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group
Loserio Tiro * Filipino Inf Regt
Tom Tirona
Sidney J. Tison Alamo Scouts
Eleuterio Titular Navy Casualty Seaman 1c from 1201 Narra St Tondo Manila
Rufino Tobosa * Filipino Inf Regt
Pacita “Pacing” Todtod (Bobadilla) **CIVILIAN Casualty born 1920 Philippines; Miss Philippines 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition; Pres. Filipino Community of Santa Clara County, 1942  who lead the Pilipino community in 1942 sending a  letter to Henry Stimson U.S. Secretary of  War  to allow Pilipinos to serve in WW11 U.S. military. This led to the formation of the 1st & 2nd Fil Inf. Post war: Holywood actress; wife of Epifanio “Robert” C. Bobadilla Notes: although she did not serve in the military, the list of Filipino Regt personnel is incomplete without Pacita Todtod’s name in our website
Cenon B.  Togade ** born 4/12/1913 Philippines; died 5/4/1991; enlistment 4/7/1942 LA Ca
Jimmy Togadi * Filipino Inf Regt
Cipriano Toledo * enlistment
Manuel Tolentino * Filipino Inf Regt
Aniano F. Tondag born 1922 Philippines; enlisted 10/17/1944
Chang Too # Sgt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Florentino Toribio* Filipino Inf Regt 
Isabelo Torio, M.D. 26th Calvalry (PS)
Victorino Torrate * Filipino Inf Regt
Ricardo Hojilla Torrecarion # born 9/23/1923 Philippines; died 9/23/1997; buried Ft Rosecrans (San Diego Ca) National Cemetery; recruited for the Navy in 1944 w/ 4 other guerrillas; also Korean & Vietnam Wars veteran post-war Navy retiree
Sofronio O. Torrefiel # born 3/11/1916; died 4/18/2004; buried San Joaquin Valley Nat. Cemetery; 2LT Philippine Army 
Terry Trocio Sgt 1st Reconn Bn
H.B. Tuazon #
Galo Drilon Tubac born 10/16/1916 Negros Oriental Philippines; died 4/3/2006 Colorado Springs Colorado; Defense of Corregidor; PS POW (5/7/1942-12/9/1942); also Korean & VietnamWars veteran; retired as MSgt. Awards: Bronze Stars (3), Distinguished Unit Badge, WW11 Victory Medal, Philippine Independence Medal, Korean Service, Korean Defense Medal, UN Service Medal for Korea, Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal & Army Good Conduct Medal
Vicente Tubao Navy Casualty Steward 2c from 1045 M. Hizon Santa Cruz Manila
Benjamin Tubig PS
Tugab # 26th Cavalry Troop C wounded 12/1942
Valeriano Wenceslao Tullo Navy Casualty Machinist’s Mate from Imus Cavite
Yu Yi Tung CIVILIAN Casualty 4/15/1941 publisher of Chinese Commercial News after he refused the demand that his newspaper become the propaganda tool for the Japanese invaders
Lorenzo Tupas Navy Casualty Officer’s Cook 3c from 285 P. Burgos Caloocan Rizal
Manuel Turingan Col.
Zacarias M. Umagat ** born 9/12/1912 Philippines; died 5/25/1997; buried Queen of Heaven Salinas Ca; Army Sgt 
Vincente Umali guerrilla Tiaong, Tayabas mayor
Untalan # guerrilla
Amadeo Urbano
George Urbano Alamo Scouts
Froilan Urmeneta * Filipino Inf Regt
Pacifico Valdevarona 45th Inf (PS) H Co
Basilio Valdez # Maj. Gen. Chief Staff Philippine Army
Celestino Valdez # Batac Ilocos Sur Sgt 1st Reconn Bn
Dominador Valdez #
Pablo S. Valdez SSgt 1st & 2nd Filipino Inf Regt, father of Sgt (Ret.) Pelagio A. Valdez
Armando V. Valencia Cpl Cav USAFFE Distinguished Service Cross
Macario Valencia Navy Casualty Mess Attendant 1c from San Roque Cavite
Silvestre Valencia * Sgt, also a WW1 veteran, Pvt Hawaiian Inf
Placido D. Valenciano born 1917 Philippines; enlistment 6/1/1944
Orlando Valentin * Filipino Inf Regt
Daniel Valenzuela * Filipino Inf Regt
Valera # Guerrilla
Herminio Vargas 45th Inf (PS)
Jesus Vargas
Benito Vasquez Navy Casualty Officer’s Cook 2c from Pilar Bataan
Cruz C. Vega Alamo Scouts
Nick Velarde

Andres Lumicao Velasco Sgt.

Braulio M. Velasco Officer’s Steward 2c Coast Guard Casualty from Ansingan Pangasinan
Jacob Velasco served 1942-1946
Prescillano Velasco # died 1942 KIA Casualty Distinguished Service Cross
Roque R.Velasco # Sta Cruz Ilocos Sur TSgt 1st Reconn Bn
Buny Velayo Cpl 1st Reconn Bn
Mariano Vellarama * Navy SDS; also WW1 veteran Hawaiian Inf
Melandio V. Veloria Filipino Inf Regt
Ildefonso Veloso Navy Casualty Officer’s Steward 1c from Hinundayan Leyte
Marcelo Vendiola * 1st Filipino Inf Regt
Antonio Ventura * Filipino Inf Regt
Domingo Ventura * Filipino Inf Regt
Hilarion Ventura * born 10/21/1907 Philippines; died 1942 Casualty Navy Cook 1c; resident of 10 Deleon St Caridad Cavite; SS# issued Hawaii
Manuel Luna Veorpus 1st Filipino Regt
Miguel “Mike” Ver KIA 7/4/1942 Sierra Madre Mtns; founded Terry's Hunters Guerrillas in Manila; PMA & ROTC cadets
Lorenzo Verano Navy Casualty Cook 3c from 48 P. Gomez St. Batangas Batangas
Bonifacio Verdadero * Filipino Inf Regt
Cipriano Vergara * born 9/20/1894Philippines; died 5/1942 Casualty; Navy Mess Attendant 1c; resident of 1618 Int 4 Dominga St. Singalong Manila; SS# issued Hawaii
Edilberto Vergara Sfc 86th Field Artillery (PS)
Mauro Vertido * born 1/15/1897 Philippines; died 1/1945 Casualty Navy Cook 3c; resident of Badoc Ilocos Norte; SS# issued Hawaii
Teopilo Vidad * Filipino Inf Regt
Buenaventura Videna Navy Casualty Seaman 2c from Silang Cavite
Alfredo Villa born 1922 Cpt.
Isabelo Villa ** born 1911 Philippines; Army; resident of SF California; immigrated to U.S. 1930’s
S. Villa #
Eustaquio Edmund Villador # Sgt 45th Inf PS
Raymundo Villador
Romulo Villaflor
Pedro O. “Pete” Villafuerte * born 1920 Philippines enlisted 8/17/1944 1st Filipino Inf Regt
Albert Villamor Navy Casualty Machinist’s Mate 2c from Plaridel St. San Roque Cavite
Jesus Antonio Villamor # born Philippines; buried Libingan Ng Mga Bayani, Taguig MM Philippines; Maj. Philippine Army Air Corps, 6th Pursuit Squadron 1st Filipino Ace in U.S. Air Force; Awards: Distinguished Service Cross (twice) Oak Leaf Cluster; Silver Star; Philippines Medal of Valor (highest Phil military award) Manila’s Villamor Air Base was named in his honor.
Adriano Claro Villan Navy Casualty Electrician’s Mate 2c from 219 Jaena Caridad Cavite 
Albert Villanueva * Filipino Inf Regt
Angelo F. Villanueva SSgt 1st Recon Bn from Calibo Capiz Philippines
Antonio Villanueva * Filipino Inf Regt 
Esperanza Villanueva guerrilla spy  
Eufracio Villanueva Col.
Faustina Trespeces Villanueva, nurse treated soldiers
Esteban Villardo POW Merchant Marine
Villareal Gen. commanding 31st Philippine Army Artillery Division 
L. Villareal
Johnny Villaro * Filipino Inf Regt
Rodrigo Villaroman * enlistment
Alfred Arro Villarosa * Filipino Inf Regt
Francisco Villegas Navy Casualty Seaman 1c from 812 Vito Cruz Manila
Pedro Villegas # (also known as Carlos Hassim) Laguna Hukbalahap guerrilla
Casimero Viniegas Navy Casualty Mess Attendant 1c from Binalonan Pangasinan
Andres Vinluan Filipino Inf Regt
Antonio Vinluan
Demetrio Arong Vios ** born 7/15/1903 Philippines; died 6/26/1951; buried Golden Gate Nat Cemetery
John P. Vios born 5/6/1895 Philippines; died 12/1981 LA Ca; post war: AA Degree LA City College; meat packer Hormel Meat Packing Co. Source: research by Maria Elizabeth Embry & Shirley Akiaten Chrisman e-mail 10/8/2007
Braulio Viray TSgt 26th Cavalry
Narciso C. Viray MIA Troop A 26th Cavalry Regt (PS) Award: Purple Heart, Silver Star; from Pampanga
Rodolfo Viray 12th Medical (PS)
Doroteo Viloria Vite born 2/6/1912; died 12/6/1990; buried Golden Gate Nat. Cem Army Tec Sgt; went back from U.S. to establish guerrilla operations in Southern Philippines
Pedro B Visaya**, 1st Filipino Inf Regiment Pfc, born April 14 1908, died June 13 1968; buried Oak Hill Memorial San Jose, California
Ramon Vitorio # T/5 PRS Army arr. Mindoro, Philippines via submarine USS Narwhal on 10/23/1943
Davit T. Vivit 1st Lt 
Robert C. Wabinga * Filipino Inf Regt
Juan Wakalina * Filipino Inf Regt
Dickilon Wayas * Filipino Inf Regt
Alfred Yadao * Filipino Inf Regt
Frederico Yalca  * Filipino Inf Regt
Tura Luna Pascual Yamaguchi ** (CIVILIAN) Pilipino-Japanese descent; Manzanar California internee with her family born 7/10/1935 Hokkaido, Japan; postwar: family relocated to Chicago after Manzanar; an actress
Elias Yanoc
Pedro M. Yap Lt
Felix Yapit 
Salvador Yaris * Filipino Inf Regt
Marne Ranada Yasay born 1921 Philippines; two brothers were war casualties; post war: founded w/ Azucena, his wife The War Veterans Families and Friends 1995; writer & speaker advocate for WW11 Filipino U.S. veterans’ Equity Rights; resident of Vallejo California
Wong Si Yew # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Co Tan Yian # Lt. “Ampaw” Unit Col. Chua Sy Tiao guerrilla group 
Simplicio Yoma
Graciano Ymas * also WW1 veteran Hawaiian Inf
Joseph Rivera Young # 26th Cavalry (PS) Troop C, his father was a WW11 POW @UST and was with the 9th Cavalry that went to the Philippines in 1898 during Spanish American War; Pilipina mother from Pangasinan
Roman Rivera Young, Jr # born 1922 Philippines Hdqtrs. Battery 86th Field Artillery
his father was a WW11 POW @UST and was with the 9th Cavalry that went to the Philippines in 1898 during Spanish American War; Pilipina mother from Pangasinan; post-war resident of Suisun California
Johnny Ysmael guerrilla, son-in-law of Sen Claro M. Recto
Delfin Cortez Yujico # 2nd Lt. 2nd in command Villamor (PRS) Philippine Regional Section; 1st Reconn Bn
Moses Yuson * Filipino Inf Regt
Evelio G. Zaldivar # Army from Iloilo Philippines
Silfide Perez Zaldivar Pototan, Iloilo chapter WAS
Jose A. Zapanta #Army from Polangui Albay Philippines
Amado O. Zaporteza Sr # Army from Lucena Quezon Philippines
Joseph V. Zemola from Santa Lucia Ilocos Sur; Navy
Jose Zulueta Lt